Kanon Harem Diaries Part 22

Even this generic wants to keep up with Yuuichi’s love life.

Where did it all go wrong? As I refer back to the exploits of Shirou and Hakuoro, I see that they had amassed a respectable harem by this point, but all that I am left with is my depressed cousin! In such desperate times, only desperate measures will suffice, and so I must do what I can to restore Ayu somehow. I am sure that randomly wandering around in the forest is the way to do it, even if my Flashback Modes seem depressingly pessimistic about the matter.


What have I done? All this time that I was single-mindedly chasing Yuuichi, I never cared about who I hurt or killed, but now I have dragged my own mother into this- for even as I was planning to get her out of the way with a simple hit-and-run, she somehow got caught up in a far worse accident. This must be my punishment for all the acts I have committed, and I now realise how pointless it all was- for what do I want with Yuuichi? No matter how hard I try, he will never love me, for after all, he has already chosen sick girls and fox spirits over me. And yet, without this goal, what exactly do I have to strive for? What is the point of my existence?

I thought I’d gotten rid of this incriminating bead, but it has returned to taunt me.



Translation: I’m not really supposed to be in this part, but I was low on money and so I begged the producers to give me a well-paid cameo.


I know that some would call the recent events that have befallen both Ayu and Akiko both tragic and upsetting, but I have come to realise they represent an opportunity for me, for if Aizawa becomes too depressed and despondent to be functional, I can become the main character! All I have to do is hover around him and exacerbate the problem by periodically reminding him of his woes. It has to work- and even if I only get to be the main character for a single episode, it will have been worth it.



Translation: At long last, Yuuichi seems to have acknowledged my superiority; he has begun leaving full meals out on the floor for me to eat, and has generally let me have the run of the house. My only lack is a harem of my own- maybe I should find some nice female cats.

Don’t mention it, old chap.

You made me dinner? You shouldn’t have.

Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to clear my plate.

Okay, I admit I was just being polite- cats don’t really eat this sort of thing.

Ah, that’s more like it.

Could you do me some steak tonight?

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3 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 22

  1. Skh says:

    LOL. The part about Piroshki is funny as hell.

  2. dsong says:

    The sad part about all this is that there is better support for a Jun ending than there is for any other girl.

    As for Nayuki… you have to feel for her; not only did Yuuichi reject her years ago, he’s now taking Ayu away from her as well – and trying to stick Kitagawa in as a substitute. Shouldn’t the three strikes law apply here?

  3. Neriya says:

    I fail to see why anyone would regard having Ayu taken away from them as a bad thing.

    Heh, this entry was obviously written before Yuuichi went crazy and thought he’d be able to find a ‘dead’ girl out where he left her seven years ago.

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