Chevalier Alternative 24 part II

“See, Robin? This is what a man desperate for HARD GAY will stoop to. Broglie and a diseased king- it’s hard to say which is worse..”

“You can’t think I actually wanted to sleep with them?”

“Excuse us, is the Countdown studio?”

“Personally, I prefer Play Your Cards Right, but you can stay and admire my good looks if you want.”

“All right, let’s get those consonants and vowels out.”

“Enough of this nonsense! Robespierre, you promised me some HARD GAY!”

“My Pistol demands HARD GAY!”

Robin is temporarily sickened by the sight of Broglie’s Cane.

“I’m the main character, so why do I feel as if the focus of attention has shifted away from me?”

“Perhaps you’d like to have a go at the letters game?”

“Or maybe the numbers game- although I do have to warn you that the target for this round is infinity.”

“Words and numbers can even act as a previously untapped source of Pleasure.”

“Do we have to put up with all these delays?”

“Patience, my boy- I will soon show you the best HARD GAY ever.”

“So, it’s WORD you want, is it? Well, as an expert in BOOK, I have to tell you I’m no slouch at this.”

“WORD and Sword, combine for the ultimate experience!”

“What’s this? No one should be better at WORD than I am!”

“Giuseppe, stop making a face like a fish and help me out here!”

“Take the power of our combined WORD!”

As we can see here, the way partners interact for WORD is different to any other type of love.

Robespierre jumps in for some Sword.

“Robespierre, I thought you were going to sleep with me!”

“Just wait your turn, Robin, there’s enough of me to go around.”

“d’Eon, the time has come to see which of us is superior in the bedroom.”

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t grab me down there!”

“Come now, isn’t this better than Broglie?”

“Now, feel my blade!”

“Wait, I’m not ready!”

“Keep up the pace, d’Eon! Show young Robin over there how it’s done!”

“Fine- if you want Blade, I’ll show you Blade!”

“Damn, I forgot I hadn’t finished my WORD session!”

“I’ve always been interested to see if a man could sustain Sword and WORD at once.”

(“This is the most intense bedroom session I’ve ever had! I can’t keep it up!”)

“What’s wrong, d’Eon? You can’t spell Sword without ‘word’!”

“We can even throw in a bit of BOOK too, if you’d like.”

“What’s this!? I didn’t want to be included in the WORD session as well!”

“Okay, let’s take a short break to recover from that WORD.”

“Hey, Robin, how do you fancy joining our group session?”

“I don’t know…I can barely keep up with HARD GAY, BI and STRAIGHT…all this WORD stuff is confusing me.”

“Never fear, Saint-Germain is here!”

“And people say I’m undesirable.”

“Wasn’t he buried under a ton of rubble?”

“What are you doing? This isn’t the time for WORD!”

“HARD GAY…must have… HARD GAY…”

“Tremble at the power of WORD!”

“Ah yes, that feels good!”

“He’s standing up to my most powerful WORD!”

“Oh no, he solved the conundrum! WORD can’t hold him anymore!”

“Okay, it’s my turn! Let’s try to stop him with some regular HARD GAY!”

“Stay back! No one gets between me and the chance to see Carol Vorderman!”

“I should warn you, Giuseppe- I like it rough!”

“Damn, why am I so weak and ineffectual?”

“More HARD GAY…must have more HARD GAY…”

“How distasteful.”

“Stay back, Robespierre- there’s no need for all of us to sully our blades with him.”

“Sword, I must apologise to you once again- hopefully this will over quickly.”

“Before we get down to business, let’s have a shot at the rumba!”

“Come on, side-close-side!”

“Look, if you’re going to mess up your steps I’ll just have to drag you around the dance floor!”

This view of Saint-Germain is most disturbing.

“Louis, you’ll give me HARD GAY, won’t you?”

“At long last, a willing partner has come to me!”

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been watching the others and I thought it might be good to try Sword and WORD combined!”

“Good choice, sir, this feels great!”

“Surely he must have had enough by now.”

“More HARD GAY, I must have more!”

“I know how you feel, so try this Pistol on for size!”

“Pistol isn’t enough! D’Eon, give me some more Sword!”

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4 Responses to Chevalier Alternative 24 part II

  1. ifern says:

    “And people say I’m undesirable.”

    ….I couldn’t stop laughing at this one.
    What a wonderful job you did.

  2. mr says:

    “What’s wrong, d’Eon? You can’t spell Sword without ‘word’!”

    omg D; *laffing HARD*

  3. Dominique says:

    lorentzia’s boobs are going to fall right out of that fifth screencap. yikes.

    i applaud your use of the gargoyle st. germain screencap right out of nowhere.

    SO. FUNNY. i’ll miss these once the series is done. you should do gankutsuou or something.

  4. Karura says:

    The boobs must be held in by magic.
    For parody I’ll be working on Pumpkin Scissors, Deltora Quest and Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto next. Gankutsuou will at least get a mention in HARD GAY corner, though.

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