Chevalier Alternative 24 part III [end]

“I want you to know that this is just pity Sword.”

“Giving Sword to Saint-Germain like that- I wonder if he’s brave or just foolish.”

“Had enough yet?”

“Oh no, he experienced a Pleasure overload and disintegrated!”

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m sick of waiting? I want proper HARD GAY now!”

“If no one else will give it to me, I’ll just have my way with the king!”

“What do you mean, he’s got a nasty infection?”

“Fine, then I won’t sleep with him- but someone had better give me HARD GAY before I start getting cranky.”

“This is Le Chevalier Robin, after all.”

“I don’t recall the title of the show ever being changed.”

“Anyway, enough of that- let’s decide who gets the Sword and who gets BOOK.”

“d’Eon, is it okay if you take the sword- only I need this BOOK in order to teach Robin.”

“Well, I guess I can make do with Sword for now.”

“Wow…d’Eon always told me I wasn’t worthy enough to learn from this BOOK, but I bet he just wanted to keep its secrets to himself.”

“I’m sorry, Robin, but I didn’t think you were ready to learn what the BOOK had to teach.”

“d’Eon, how could you restrict this boy’s HARD GAY and BI development?”

“Think of the threesomes we could have had!”

“I’m sorry, Robespierre, I was just doing what I thought was best.”

Having stood motionless for long enough, Broglie decides to have some Sword with Robespierre.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist the idea of a Sword session with the master of HARD GAY.”

“What have you done? You’ll infect him with your diseases!”

“What!? I haven’t even had HARD GAY with him yet!”

“It’s Broglie’s fault that the King ended up in this state!”

“I don’t care what the others say or think- I just wanted HARD GAY with you.”

“How dare you try to have Sword with me without my consent? I’ll show you pain instead of Pleasure!”

“Damn, I feel so dirty now.”

“How dare you do that to Robespierre?”

“Sorry for interrupting, d’Eon- I’ll leave you to your lovers.”


“Are you ready for HARD GAY with me yet, d’Eon?”

“Now, where was I before that interruption? Ah yes, I was putting the king out of his misery.”

“Please, d’Eon, I’ve been so patient!”

“You can try whatever techniques you want, use me in any way you like- just please let me have HARD GAY with you!”

“I’m sorry, everyone, but now that Broglie has had his way with me, I cannot remain in this world.”

(“Damn, and I was really looking forward to HARD GAY with him.”)

“Robin, I’m sorry I could not show you HARD GAY in the way I intended to, but to sleep with you now would be to pass on Broglie’s infections.”

“Ah, d’Eon, so you managed to escape them, did you?”

“This wouldn’t be a proper farewell scene without the main character.”

“Comrades, I leave you with one parting message- never let noble HARD GAY be tainted by the likes of Broglie!”

“d’Eon, my only regret is that we will never be able to prove which one of us was better in the bedroom.”

“Who cares about that now? All I know is that the world will be a much less HARD GAY place without you.”

The cracked wangs of Versailles react to a sudden drop in the ambient HARD GAY field.

One man, one sword…innumerable satisfied lovers.

“I wonder if I could risk a bit of CORPSE when no one’s looking.”

“Don’t tell anyone, but that wasn’t bad.”

“Well, I may have lost Robespierre, but I still have BOOK.”

“Now to see what’s inside.”

“This is great! The secrets are finally being revealed to me!”

“I never even dreamed about such techniques!”

Robin catches a glimpse of the Hellscape field.

He sees the ultimate spell- the HARD GAY Light of France.

“So much to master!”

“Ah, Robin, there you are. I’m sorry for everything that happened before, but how would you like to join me and experience the ultimate in BI and HARD GAY?”

“Do you really think that line is going to work on me twice?”

“I don’t need you anymore- I have the precious BOOK!”

“Insolent boy- hand that BOOK over right now!”

“Never! I’m off to have HARD GAY so intense that you could barely imagine it!”

“Now to try the first spell I’ve learnt from it- Summon Carriage!”

“Works like a charm! So long, suckers!”

“Well, I guess that’s the end of that.”

“Sister, looks like I’ve lost all my partners.”

“What’s this? Have I unlocked a secret bonus dungeon?”

“Farewell, Lia and Sword…”

“This part of my life is over now- no more HARD GAY and BI.”

d’Eon indulges in one last WORD session to mark the passing of an era.

At the palace, the newly crowned Louis XVI has no idea what horrors await him in the bedroom.

Giuseppe and Lorenza announce the opening of their new game show, “Les Lettres et Les Nombres”.

Under the name Robespierre, Robin and his BOOK start teaching the populace about HARD GAY methods previously reserved for the nobility.

Those resilient crosses finally gets what’s coming to them.

Unfortunately, the techniques in the BOOK are deemed ahead of their time, and the offending document is burned to prevent further deaths due to inexperienced men attempting advanced HARD GAY.

Robin’s life ends after he learns that Guillotine is something not even the most HARD GAY of men can survive.

In Merrie Olde England, Charlotte is delighted to welcome a familiar face.

Having given up HARD GAY and BI, d’Eon is forced to turn to a life of HARD YURI with Charlotte.

Several hundred years later, ancient d’Eon decides to turn his story into an anime.

Unfortunately, they insist on changing the script, but he is at least able to get Azure Flame to tell the real story.

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    Robespierre did the spirit doubling up in one body with Robin?! damn.

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    I’ll miss your real story, really.
    Encore bravo pour ce travail magnifique.

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