Busou Renkin 23: For you, I would go STRAIGHT

Despite Tokiko’s repeated efforts to turn him BI, Kazuki cannot help but be swayed by good old HARD GAY- and now she has had enough. Can she get Kazuki to forsake HARD GAY completely and turn STRAIGHT for her sake, or will HARD GAY keep getting in the way of their love?

What’s up with these Gainax-esque text screens? Budget-saving, perchance?

Okakura and the others are upset when their summer of offscreen HARD GAY finally comes to an end.

Nonetheless, they cheer up when they realise their favourite partners are back in town.

The guys indulge in a quick size comparison session, much to Tokiko’s annoyance.

“How did you know about me and Gouta?”

“Aagh, a girl- run away!”

“I thought you guys were turning BI! Come here and I’ll show you what women can do!”

“He’s HARD GAY, Victor’s HARD GAY- you get the picture.”

Mahiro is happy to have her HARD YURI partner back.

Okakura is eager to arrange a date with Kazuki.

Hiwatari is less than impressed when Shuusui comes onto him.

“Very well- I’ll save my HARD GAY for Victor.”

“But don’t think I’ve ruled you out as my next partner.”

What’s this? No one to compare sizes with?

Ah, that’s better…Gouta tries to explain the difference between ‘small’ and ‘far away’.

“Kazuki, I want you to know that I’ve thought it over, and I’ve decided to become your love slave.”

Papillon doesn’t understand the attraction of women.

“If you are, it had better be about me.”

“My Zhuge Liang is ready to go any time.”

Back in those days, Kazuki was still STRAIGHT, and thus liked melons.

From an early age, Mahiro realised that she too was attracted to melons.

In this scene they both rock back and forth on the spot.

After talking about herself for two sentences, Tokiko realises that she shouldn’t steal too much character development time.

“Tokiko, I’ve been thinking about turning STRAIGHT.”

“You’d do that for me?”

It all depends on the context.

Okakura is drained when both Daihama and Rokumasu take HARD GAY from him.

You have to laugh at how this car racing scene is told entirely in still. Isn’t the whole point of racing supposed to be that you’re actually moving?

Okakura promises a night of karaoke and HARD GAY.

Rokumasu has brought along adequate protection.

Tokiko is dragged away for HARD YURI.

“But since it’s you, I guess you can touch it.”

“Look! A UFO!”

“I want to be STRAIGHT with you, Tokiko.”

“But I’m scared of giving up HARD GAY.”

“It’s okay, I’ll help you to forget about men.”

“Now let’s have kinky outdoors sex.”

Elsewhere, Victor redefines the scale of RAGING HARD-ON.

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  1. Hinano says:

    ROFLMAO Raging Hard-ON XD

  2. Jesterman says:

    Man this post made me laugh so much… great stuff. Since I have seen this ep before reading this post I never saw the funny takes that you grabbed. Again, sweet post!

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