Pumpkin Scissors parody 5 part I

Randel is stuck in the hospital without any hope of HARD GAY- at least until he gets a new partner in the next bed. Meanwhile, Oreld and Machs plot to have some threesome action just as soon as they can get their hands on Randel’s Zhuge Liang again.

Randel is caught sneaking out of the hospital for some back street HARD GAY.

Alice is so annoyed that she refuses to have Sword with him for a while.

“Damn, I guess I’ll have to go without BI for a bit.”

“Sorry, Liang, but we’ll have to stay celibate for the time being.”

In order to further wind him up, Oreld begins boasting about a recent group session they participated in during Randel’s absence.

Upon realising how desperate Randel was for HARD GAY, the nurse promises to make sure that he always has another man in the same room.

“As payment for the HARD GAY you may have to give him, here’s a bell I bought from Harvest Moon’s Mineral Town. If you ring it, cows and sheep will gather at your current location.”

“Make sure he’s robust enough for some HARD GAY with me by the time you let him out, okay?”

“I’d rather get the other kind of sample, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m a supporter of HARD GAY!”

Wantz is jealous of Randel’s partners.

“I’ve been deprived of HARD GAY ever since I got in here.”

“Once I get out of here, I intend to make up for lost time, though.”

“Excuse me, but before we go any further, I should tell you that the only woman I’m interested in is Alice- unless of course you happen to be a trap.”

“Sorry, I just wanted to assess your suitability for GLASS, but it looks like you might be too big.”

“Don’t worry about relieving my frustrations with GLASS, I’ll just go and have a bit of Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“Put the, ahem, ‘residue’ in one of those.”

Whilst Randel is out of the room, Wantz’s boss arrives for some quick HARD GAY.

“I didn’t know if you’d still be up to the games we used to play.”

Unfortunately, after a week without HARD GAY, Wantz has trouble getting in the mood.

“Don’t apologise, it’s my job to Pleasure you.”

“At least your Zhuge Liang wasn’t injured.”

Oreld catches Machs researching advanced HARD GAY techniques in the library.

“I’m not looking up these techniques for your benefit, you know.”

“That’s not a very pleasant way to treat your trusted co-worker.”

“If it’s not for me, I guess you want to use these techniques on Randel.”

“I saw the way you were looking at him at the hospital.”

“I didn’t think much of his HARD GAY at first, but it’s become a bit of an acquired taste for me.”

“So now I need to research advanced techniques in order to match him in the bedroom.”

“Speaking of which, just how far have you gone with him anyway?”

“A man shouldn’t kiss and tell.”

“Is that so? What say we test that assumption?”

Oreld tells everyone in the library about the HARD GAY history he shares with Machs.

“Even so, back when we were young, he dared to call my Zhuge Liang a mere worm!”

“If you don’t want me to reveal any more about our past exploits, you have to include me in your HARD GAY with Randel from now on.”

Despite his interest in HARD GAY, Oreld cannot disguise his BI leanings.

“There you were berating me for sleeping with Randel, and you’ve been experimenting with women again!”

“Fine, then let me make it up to you with some HARD GAY and ROSE.”

“What, here?”

“Someone might see us!”

“I promise I’ll be quick.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t just do it in the corridor!”

“Excuse me, but my friend is about shy about having HARD GAY out in the open- could you let us do it in here?”

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t possibly allow you to do that.”

“We’ll just have a quiet encounter in the back- I promise no one else will know you let us do it in here.”

“It’s against protocol!”

“Oh well, I guess I can’t persuade you.”

“It’s a real shame, though- if you’d said yes, you could have joined in with one of our bondage games.”

“But since you’re not interested, what can I do?”

“Wait a minute!”

“I guess if you make it quick, you guys can have your HARD GAY in here.”

“I thought we were having SPEED GAY, but now he’s keeping me waiting.”

“My Liang is getting impatient.”

“Hey Oreld, if that’s the fastest you can manage in the bedroom, you’d be better off not sleeping with Randel.”

“I’m sorry, but I had to fit in a bondage game with Mireille as well.”

“You know, I like bondage games too.”

“Then let’s go to the hospital and have one with Randel right now.”

“You’re not sneaking off for some Sword without me, are you?”

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