Pumpkin Scissors parody 5 part II

“We, er, thought a bit of HARD GAY might help him recuperate.”

“That’s why we’re off to see him.”

“Oh, how’s the bell working for you?”

“I don’t really care about the cows and sheep, but I can’t seem to get my HARD GAY partner to come to me with this.”

“The situation is getting bad- I haven’t had any HARD GAY since noon!”

“You mean you can’t even go without it for a few hours?”

“I can’t believe you have such demanding appetites.”

“Could this be evidence of Hyper Self Pleasure?”

“Are you telling me he chose Hyper Self Pleasure over me?”

“Randel, we’re here for some HARD GAY!”

“Are you guys all so desperate for HARD GAY that you can’t even wait until the morning?”

“I’m sorry everyone, but after I realised how small I was in comparison to Randel, there didn’t seem to be any point in living any more.”

“It doesn’t matter what size you are- I still want HARD GAY with you!”

“How can you say that? After twenty years of faithful HARD GAY at work, I’ve already been fired for taking one week off!”

“I would have HARD GAY both night and day, with anyone who wanted it!”

“I never took issue with how much I was paid, even if it was a pittance for my services.”

“But in the one week I took off, my clients all found other lovers!”

“I’d love to have HARD times, but they will never come again!”

To be changed to “Darn you to heck” in the edited version.

“If I don’t sell my HARD GAY, how exactly can I earn money? With a Liang this small, I can’t even hope to start over from the beginning!”

“How am I even going to find a single partner again?”

“Wantz, I already said I’d give you HARD GAY if you wanted it, and I mean it.”

“Stay out of this Randel- you can me HARD GAY for a day, but you can’t give me a living!”

“Listen- you may have doubts, but don’t you think we all do?”

“When I have my blue-light district lantern on, my HARD GAY is so intense that I kill my partner.”

“But when it switches off, I’m weak and ineffectual in the bedroom. That’s what I always thought, anyway.”

“But when you slept with me this morning, I realised that I’m not that awful after all.”

“It’s amazing- we’ve only just met, and yet somehow it feels like we’re in a full-fledged relationship.”

“Maybe you have a point- maybe there is still HARD GAY out there for me after all.”

Lovers reunited.

“I’ll never let you go!”

“Wait- I’m not ready for that sort of intimacy out in the middle of the roof!”

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold in my need for HARD GAY any longer! Sergeant Majors, if Wantz won’t service me right now, will one of you do it?”

“This is hardly the time or place for a group session! Take us one at a time or not at all!”

Machs goes first, but he is still having problems with Randel’s Zhuge Liang.

“Come on, Machs, you can do better than that!”

“Forget what I said just now- this looks interesting enough that I just have to join in.”

“Hurry up and reach a climax- this isn’t the most comfortable of positions, you know!”

“My Liang needs release!”

“Okay, let’s make this the best BI ever!”

“Can you actually add a woman to this sort of thing?”

“I’ve tried basic BI, but never this sort!”

“Let’s give it a try anyway and see what happens.”

The deed over, everyone rests in post-coital exhaustion.

“Was that good for you?”

“Yeah, not bad.”

“What just happened?”

“Did they have BI without me?”

“Hey, I got a large GLASS- shall we have another go?”

“Er, I have to admit I don’t really want GLASS…”

“Just try it- I’m sure you’ll like it.”

“Uh, my Liang and I just aren’t in the mood.”

“What are you doing? Don’t touch me there!”


“The GLASS can’t take it! Do you have to be so intense?”

“Sorry- I guess I’m not cut out for GLASS after all.”

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  1. machan says:

    ha ha ha I’m debating whether the parody or the original episode had more of the liang jokes XD

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