Busou Renkin 24: The Ultimate HARD GAY machine

Tokiko may have begun the process of turning Kazuki STRAIGHT, but can she really hope to erase all those years of HARD GAY in the space of an episode? Under normal circumstances, she might have had a chance, but with Papillon and Victor around, it seems as if her attempts may be futile…

“You’re turning STRAIGHT?”

“Well, I considered all my options and I really thought this was the way to go.”

“It will be difficult at first, but we’ll get used to it.”

“Even so, since it’s you, I can offer you one last HARD GAY session under circumstances of your choice.”

“Not a bad offer, if I do say so myself, especially when you look at the size of Zhuge Liang.”

“Don’t get it out in here!”

“The only thing you need to screw is me.”

Tokiko is already becoming a possessive lover.

Even though he has promised to go STRAIGHT for Tokiko’s sake, Kazuki persuades her to let him have HARD GAY once a year.

“If you feel bad about it, why not relax with some STRAIGHT right now?”

“How can you just calmly suggest we do it outside?”

“I like it when I unzip my trousers and you give me ‘courage’, no matter where we are at the time.”

“By the way, you haven’t started feeling sick in the mornings, have you?”

“Well, I’m not sure- it might just be a cold.”

“Now then, as I was saying, let’s have some STRAIGHT outside.”

“Slowly now…”

“Kissing in 10, 9, 8…”

“7, 6, 5…”

“Rats, interrupted.”

“Tokiko, have you given up HARD YURI?”

“Of course not- I was just practising for a play!”

“It’s good to get experience with the opposite sex from time to time.”

(“He’d better not break the heart of my HARD YURI partner!”)

“If you do, you will observe that even Bravo has turned STRAIGHT.”

“Our HARD GAY days are over now, Kazuki.”

“Then I should prepare to go STRAIGHT to.”

Meanwhile, Victor continues to have ARMOUR.

The ambient HARD GAY is so great that even onlookers can feel Pleasure.

He may not look like much, but when the lights are off, you can expect an intense experience.

“I’ve never seen such levels of HARD GAY before!”

“It’s because he’s having FISH!”

Laws of physics be damned, I say!

“FISH feels good!”

“Look at his Zhuge Liang!”

“Let’s equip Sword so we can get a piece of the action!”

“ARMOUR can combine with anything to form new hybrid types of HARD GAY.”

Sakaguchi praises Shuusui’s HARD GAY.

“Why thank you- my sword is at your disposal.”

“Then let’s begin.”

“This could be the best HARD GAY of the year! Let’s get our share of it too!”

Sometimes, special attacks just get a bit too stupid.


“Stray Shinma, return to the dark!”

“Well, that’s the end of that. Shall we have a Beach OVA for episodes 25-26?”

“Haha, your attack triggered my trap card! I’m still in this duel!”

“So, have any of you got the stamina to satisfy me?”

Never fear, Pappi’s here!

“Here, I made that giant Zhuge Liang you requested.”

“This looks good- I can’t wait to try it.”

“…hasn’t given up HARD GAY after all?”

“Speaking of which, Kazuki, don’t forget you promised me some HARD GAY.”

“As if I would forget.”

“If I fall asleep after we do it, wake me up- I don’t want to waste a minute with you.”

“I won’t let Kazuki permanently revert to HARD GAY!”

“Kazuki, let me touch your lance and remind you why you chose STRAIGHT!”

“Or, I as like to say, ‘Die, Alchemic Warriors!’”

“All I have is my Zhuge Liang, which I have nicknamed Wrath!”

“STRAIGHT is the best!”

Tokiko and Kazuki try some extreme STRAIGHT.

“Amazing- we’ve never seen STRAIGHT before!”

“Is this STRAIGHT enough to counter Victor’s HARD GAY?”

“I’m too HARD GAY to turn back now.”

“Don’t give up, Kazuki, our STRAIGHT can win out!”

“I know I said I would go STRAIGHT, but I just can’t pass up this opportunity to try HARD GAY with Victor!”

Everyone says Kazuki, part one

Kazuki initiates HARD GAY with Victor.

Everyone says Kazuki, part two

Victor praises Kazuki’s HARD GAY- after all, how many men can make the earth move to such an extent that they end up on the moon?

“We cannot use special techniques here, so it all comes down to skill in the bedroom.”

Everyone says Kazuki, part three

“Who’s going to call me Sexy Beast now?”

Everyone says Kazuki, part four

Next episode…

All of the diverse things that Earth has to offer are nothing compared to having STRAIGHT with Kazuki.

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  2. jpmeyer says:

    Before this show came out, I joked and called it “Busou Miso Renkin Technique”, but the massive level of homoeroticism in the show has actually made it an appropriate nickname.

  3. Natalie says:

    Lol that was great!!!! You rock!!! lol im sorry tokiko but it looks like kazuki cant give up being hard gay after all lol

  4. Houthalen says:

    May I suggest for you to pay a visit to the mental institution around the corner? They might have some free beds.

    sick person, you

  5. Karura says:

    I don’t think my neighbour will take kindly to her house being called a mental institution. Perhaps you should meet her before you start insulting her.

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