Saiunkoku Monogatari 35

Seiran and Sakujun have just sat down to a HARD GAY session, but before they get started, Seiran cannot help but boast about the size of his Zhuge Liang. Will they be able to get down to business before the effects of Seiran’s ‘special medicine’ wear off?

“…you must be BI.”

“So, you have discovered my little secret.”

“Let me guess, you got annoyed when Enjun told you to give up on your BI diversions and stick to pure HARD GAY.”

“After that, you tried to get Chuushou to try out more extreme techniques.”

“I’m sure that even you have moved beyond the basic HARD GAY.”

“Let us drink to your HARD GAY experimentation.”

“While we’re throwing accusations around, I must admit that I have discovered your family’s secret incense habit.”

“Some say these incenses improve the HARD GAY experience- at least in the mind of someone so high on the stuff that a Liang looks like a Zhuge Liang to them.”

“As if that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve heard your mother and grandmother used to have HARD YURI together!”

“I bet that you were the one who told about HARD YURI, weren’t you?”

“Your family is so messed up that the only way you’d get HARD GAY was if someone kind gave it to you out of pity!”

Elsewhere, Eigetsu, Ensei and Shou finish up with some late night HARD GAY.

“Nice work, guys.”

Even Sai Shou is impressed by Eigetsu’s performance.

“I still have some BI to attend to.”

“I’ll just nip off and take care of that now.”

“Can she manage BI by herself?”

“Who cares- this gives us time to have some more HARD GAY.”

“Once, I thought Hyper Self Pleasure was all I needed.”

“It was only later that I realised taking others to my bed could be an interesting experience.”

“I know how you feel- back in the old days I only ever had one HARD GAY partner.”

“But now I have many men to pleasure me, and even a woman if I wish to try BI.”

“Just stop boasting, will you?”

“Boasting? I haven’t even mentioned my impressive Zhuge Liang yet. Some men say I’m hung like a grunty.”

“I don’t ask for HARD GAY, I take it.”

“I never choose between partners, I just have them all- and they never say no to me.”

“It’s not just my Zhuge Liang, either- I have the Hands of God.”

“There is such a thing as having too many HARD GAY partners, you know- you’ll end up spread too thinly.”

“A man who has to resort to Hyper Self Pleasure probably doesn’t understand my way of thinking.”

“It’s not about the amount of HARD GAY I give them…”

“…but how satisfied they feel after the session.”

“You’re right; to me such a thing is inconceivable, for I prefer quality over quantity.”

“Are you trying to say my HARD GAY is poor because I have to rely on Viagra to satisfy the demands of my partners?”

“You know, you really should keep quiet about that.”

“Anyway, even I have to admit that there are men out there with Zhuge Liangs larger than mine.”

“But as long as I can sleep with them, I don’t mind being the runner-up in terms of size.”

“Of course, if I’m second, you must be third or below.”

“I really don’t want to hear your opinion on my Zhuge Liang.”

(“Damn, the effects of the Viagra are wearing off! I’d better have HARD GAY while I can.”)

“I know I just said some unflattering things to you, but are you still interested in having HARD GAY with me?”

“You know, if you wanted HARD GAY, you should have said earlier- I was waiting for you to initiate it!”

“That’s all I needed to hear!”

“…as my next HARD GAY conquest!”

“After everything you just said about me and my Zhuge Liang? I don’t think so.”

“Damn you! I’ll just have to relieve my frustrations by having some TABLE instead!”

“I can’t bear to watch a man have TABLE- I guess I’m going to have to get my Sword out.”

“What do you think about my HARD GAY now?”

“Ah, I see, you don’t even respect me enough to give me your most intense Sword.”

“You’re not worth using my best techniques on.”

“Although if you aren’t feeling aroused, it must be because you took something before we began!”

“Of course I didn’t- it’s just that years of Hyper Self Pleasure have made me immune to the effects of weak HARD GAY.”

“How dare you call my HARD GAY weak?”

“Seiran, I am curious about the extent of your HARD GAY ability, but if you won’t show me your best, what else am I supposed to think?”

“Unfortunately, we seem to have run out of time.”

Cloning of generics reaches near perfection.

(“Just where is she putting her hand? I’m still not used to this STRAIGHT business.”)

“After this, I must give up BI!”

“If you don’t, I won’t be able to have good BI with you.”

“I will teach you advanced BI.”

“We’re in the middle of a cold, damp forest- how can you think about BI?”

“…I prefer BI to HARD GAY.”

“If you’re going to say something like that, live long enough to have lots of BI with me!”

Back at the capital, Ryuuki and Ran share some late night HARD GAY.

Ryuuki is quick to confess his feelings after a particularly good session.

“Thank you for the HARD GAY and the compliment, Your Highness.”

“I’d like to know how you rank me as a lover, though.”

“You can’t compare HARD GAY and BI- it’s like apples and oranges.”

“Once, I thought Seiran was the only partner I needed, but times have changed.”

“I have come to realise that saving myself for Seiran deprives others of the chance to sleep with me.”

“Your taste for HARD GAY is as insatiable as your brother’s.”

“I’m the Emperor- I’m allowed as many lovers as I want!”

“Well, I suppose you have held back from jumping into bed with every man in sight in favour of improving your technique with the masters.”

“I’m happy about that, for it lets me sleep with as often as I want.”

“And I’ll always be here for whenever you need me.”

“I’m lucky to have such worthy partners.”

“You don’t call, you never write…even a text message would do!”

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