Saiunkoku Monogatari 36

With Shunki by his side, Kokujun has vowed to go STRAIGHT from now on, but Eiki and Shou Taishi are far from convinced. Can Kokujun really put his HARD GAY past behind him, or is it a hopeless endeavour?

Ensei reminds Shuurei that he has many appointments for HARD GAY to fulfil.

RAGING-HARD ON Tower is glimpsed.

“That’s Eigetsu for you, always wanting to keep to a strict schedule of partners, and always ensuring that his HARD GAY is over in ten minutes or less.”

“I refuse to waste time on a tardy lover.”

Shou Taishi is not used to dealing with members of the opposite sex.

“I was always jealous of you, for you were the one who ensnared Enjun with HARD GAY!”

“He spent so little time with me that I was forced to resort to Hyper Self Pleasure and what little HARD YURI I could get from Shunki!”

“I can even remember how he once boasted that he would die in bed after having intense HARD GAY with you!”

“Well, he lived the life of HARD GAY that he wanted- you can’t fault the man for following his desires.”

“It was because he spent so much time having HARD GAY that he was useless when it came to STRAIGHT!”

“I married Enjun because I thought I could change him, but he never let go of HARD GAY!”

Meanwhile, Tei Yuushun relates the details of a particularly rough HARD GAY session he once had.

“Just what sort of HARD GAY were you having?”

“That’s the way our teacher likes it.”

“I was in an unfamiliar hotel, sharing a bed with a man I had never met before!”

These cloned generics are getting more airtime than certain Mai-Otome characters.

Kokujun prepares to try bondage HARD GAY.

Instead, he is told that he must go STRAIGHT from now on.

Shunki will help him adapt to this new orientation.

With Shunki now committed to STRAIGHT, Eiki is forced to invite Shuurei over for HARD YURI.

“…would you mind coming up to my bedroom?”

Kokujun has flashbacks to a night of terrible HARD GAY, and realises that going STRAIGHT may be a good thing.

“Bad experiences and promises to go STRAIGHT won’t help you give up HARD GAY, Kokujun- it is too deeply ingrained in you.”

“It will be STRAIGHT, and not at all chaotic!”

“He attempted all sorts of dangerous HARD GAY.”

“Still, he had skills beyond those of any other man.”

“You see, I would never have been able to become as HARD GAY as him, so I may as well give it up.”

“That’s why I will help you become STRAIGHT.”

“Yes, you already said that earlier.”

Shuurei asks Tei Yuushun to lend her his considerable expertise when it comes to cosplay.

Yuushun relates how he first got into HARD GAY.

“Are you ready for our BI?”

Kourin is looking forward to some HARD YURI with Shuurei.

“Men are so useless- just like Eiki told me!”

Eigetsu promises to make up for his lack of HARD GAY experience by giving every session his all, just as he has up until now.

“Now remember, these BI sessions should only be carried out in private- what with the dressing up, it’s far too kinky to tell anyone else about.”

I’d hate to see what they look like when they’re unhappy.

“Hey, Shou, how’s Kokujun’s HARD GAY?”

“It’s weak, and he says he wants to turn STRAIGHT…”

“…although if you ask me, that isn’t going to happen.”

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5 Responses to Saiunkoku Monogatari 36

  1. angelicka says:

    just curious…. are any of these bishies actually bi or gay? is there any love between any of them? oh and ofcourse ur parodies r awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. Karura says:

    Early on, Ryuuki claims to be gay but that’s actually a front; he later says he ‘swings both ways’ but by that point he’s pretty devoted to Shuurei. As for the others, technically they’re STRAIGHT and this is all a joke, but you do have to wonder sometimes…

  3. angelicka says:

    hmmm yea u do have to wonder sometimes lol… In most of the anime ive watched the characters always have someone who is most important to them (not just romantically). I was wondering to Ryuuki’s brother, is Ryuuki the most important or the girl or maybe someone else??I don’t remember his name, the one with the light purple hair, I think that is his older brother.

  4. Karura says:

    Seiran is his name…Ryuuki was definitely the most important person to him when they were together at the palace but with everything that’s happened since (his exile, then getting taken in by Shuurei’s family), I would say it’s Shuurei now. There’s still a strong bond between the brothers, but Seiran has effectively acknowledged that Ryuuki has grown up and is capable of standing on his own now, freeing Seiran up to follow his heart and devote himself to protecting and supporting Shuurei (and to some extent repaying the debt he feels he owes to her father for taking him in).

  5. angelicka says:


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