Busou Renkin 25: A world of generics

Last time on Busou Renkin, we saw Kazuki and Victor blast off to the moon for a final showdown. In this episode, you, the viewer, get to choose what happens next:

1) An Amazingly Over the Top Super Moon Battle, the Likes of Which You’ve Never Seen Before- complete with explosions and stupid attack names!

2) A Dull and Poorly Animated Episode in which Tokiko and the others mope over Kazuki’s absence.

You have selected Option 2- enjoy!

“Yep, the world is a place where two guys can somehow blast off to the moon.”

“Don’t regret the HARD GAY of the past- merely look ahead to the future.”

“Don’t you think I know that by now?”

“In fact, let’s have HARD GAY right now!”

This is even more hilarious when you can hear the happiness in his voice.

Who needs a plot when we have random generics rocking around on the spot?

“Without Kazuki’s HARD GAY, living seems pointless.”

“Now the world seems almost STRAIGHT- I can’t bear it!”

Sorry, Papillon, but ‘everyone says Kazuki’ was last episode.

“He’s already chosen HARD GAY on the moon- I don’t think he’ll come back to you for STRAIGHT now.”

“Poor Tokiko has lost out on her STRAIGHT partner, but at least we still have twincest.”

Tokiko becomes depressed when she sees the sheer amount of poorly drawn generics in the world.

Everyone says Kazuki: reprise.

“Without Kazuki, all the pairings just fall apart.”

“We don’t even have an inner circle any more.”

“He didn’t just sell HARD GAY for money, he was doing it to save the world!”

Danger: There is a room beyond this door.

The Futakoi Alternative rejects return for no real reason.

Deprived of STRAIGHT, Tokiko turns to Hyper Self Pleasure.

“Too much Hyper Self Pleasure is dangerous.”

“Have you been having virtual sex?”

“I can’t believe you went that far just for Pleasure.”

“If you want STRAIGHT, I’m prepared to give up HARD GAY to do it with you.”

“…no thanks, I’m not that desperate yet.”

“Excuse me, but you could you direct me to the set of Red Garden?”

“I’ve been practising for a cameo in FMA- what do you think?”

“Hmm, what do you think of having a recap episode about now?”

“A recap episode this late in the series- can we even do that?”

“Who cares about that- it’s the only way to save the animation budget for my beach holiday!”

“And it’s not like we can get cameras to the moon to film new footage.”

What can be so hideous that it needs to be censored in a series that includes Papillon in a mankini?

“You need to get out more, perhaps go to a restaurant.”

“All Homunculi wish to fill the hole where their Liang was with a metallic replacement.”

“You are Papillon, the one and only- don’t ever breed.”

You know the writers are running out of ideas when minor underlings from twenty episodes ago suddenly reappear.

“When Kazuki returns, we have to decide which of us gets to be his lover.”

“You and your STRAIGHT disgust me!”

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