Busou Renkin 26: All or Nothing [end]

Whilst Tokiko and Papillon fight to decide who is more deserving of Kazuki’s love, the time has come for our hero to choose. Should he stick to the STRAIGHT path with Tokiko, continue to indulge in HARD GAY…or perhaps find a way to have the best of both worlds…

“Kazuki is the only HARD GAY lover for me!”

“Well, he’s the only STRAIGHT lover for me!”

“Whoever is the better lover gets to have exclusive access to Kazuki!”

“Prepare for BI, Sexy Beast!”

“You are not allowed to call me Sexy Beast!”

“Hmm, women seem to be different down below- I can’t identify a Liang.”

“Don’t be so sure! I can still give you Blade!”

“Get ready for the climax!”


“I have to say that I think I’m more deserving of Kazuki’s love.”

Everyone says Kazuki, back by popular demand!

Everyone says Kazuki spin-off “Everyone says that’s…”, part one

Whilst everyone is distracted, Chitose approaches Tokiko for some quick HARD YURI.

Afterwards, they stop off at HQ for a group ARMOUR session.

“When it comes to group ARMOUR, the more, the merrier!”

The fight was too exciting and explosion filled for us to witness it, but rest assured that Kazuki will soon be publishing a book entitled “My Month on the Moon”.

“I’m quite impressed that you’ve lasted a month here, without air or water…in fact, how are we even able to talk?”

“Who cares about the laws of physics- let’s just have more HARD GAY!”

“No matter how many times I sleep with you, it always feels good!”

“Personally, I’m getting quite bored with you.”

“You’re breaking up with me?”

Everyone says that’s, part two

“I somehow magically know this, despite having had no contact with them over this period.”

“Since when have we worried about a little thing like gravity?”

“We’ve always considered gravity- but we also have magical anti-gravity for when it would interfere with the plot. Now, take this and have yourself some Axe on the way back.”

“Why are you giving me Axe? Aren’t you breaking up with me?”

“Shut up and enjoy it.”

“Anyway, I’m only giving it to you for your own Self-Pleasure- I don’t have the energy to actually give you proper Axe.”

“I refuse to have Self Pleasure- give me proper HARD GAY!”

“No matter what happens, I still want you in my life!”

“I’ve finally decided- I won’t choose either HARD GAY or STRAIGHT! I need the best of both worlds- and that means I’m sticking with BI!”

“You hear that? He’s BI- let’s have a bit of ARMOUR with him!”

“ARMOUR in space? I’m not trained in those sorts of manoeuvres!”

“It’s far too risky, and I don’t want to be responsible for killing the main character in the final episode.”

“Hey Tokiko, how’d you like to go out there and have space STRAIGHT with him?”

Everyone says Kazuki and that’s, unimaginative dialogue edition.

“Is this really the best place for a reunion?”

“Haven’t you always wanted to have kinky space STRAIGHT?”

“…are having the ultimate STRAIGHT!”

“Now let’s get dressed and go back- I hope no one was watching.”

“The friction started getting to me by the end, but it was good.”

Everyone says Kazuki, Papillon edition

“I accept that you need STRAIGHT as well, so here’s this white Kakugane to reduce your HARD GAY urges.”

“Don’t forget, though, I still want to sleep with you!”

“Sounds good, just let me get my Lance out.”

“We only just had STRAIGHT, and now you’re onto HARD GAY!”

“Sorry, but I need to do this.”

“Go on, just put it in.”

A few episodes ago, it was said to be impossible to make another white Kakugane, but we’ve had two new ones in this episode.

Having been restored to STRAIGHT status, Victor celebrates by letting his daughter give him Pleasure.

“That way, we can have eternal STRAIGHT.”

“The moon is a plentiful place, filled with nutritious green cheese.”

Kazuki tells Gouta he will never give up HARD GAY.

“Pleased to hear it.”

Papillon tries to land his own spin-off series.

“He’s hung like a grunty!”

Fan support for the new series is high.

Papillon thinks back to how Kazuki broke up with him.

“Goodbye, Sexy Beast.”

“I’ll never forget the good times.”

“Now to find some new lovers.”

Everyone says Papillon, a replacement for the newly axed everyone says Kazuki.

“We’ve been having a lot of STRAIGHT lately- I hope it’s not tiring you out.”

“Don’t worry about me, I can keep up the pace all night.”

“That’s my special place! Touching this scar induces Self Pleasure!

“Why do you always have to touch everything? Remember that incident with that stranger’s Zhuge Liang?”

“I don’t know much about it, but here is how I think you should seduce a woman.”

“Hiwatari always forced me to have HARD GAY, but I’m actually a girl!”

“That’s right, Tokiko, submit to me…a life of BI awaits.”

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  1. Anga says:

    New Papillon spin-off series would be great. Close camera angles about certain places without other characters taking screentime. What else does good anime need?

  2. Syaoran Li says:

    Muahaha Pappillon-sama

  3. zero says:

    I wonder they will ever continue the series. I thought it was really good and answer that were left to question.

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