Winter Cicada 1: My Liang is bigger than your Ezo (part II)

“Hmm, we’d better learn each other’s name before we embark on an intimate relationship, don’t you think?”

New methods of HARD GAY are detailed in the latest papers.

Unfortunately, if you want to know how to perform them safely, you must actually buy the paper.

“No, I just got here.”

“I have to admit I’m a little scared…I’m out of practise with HARD GAY.”

“I can’t say how the session will turn out, but the first thing to do is get your Liang out.”

“Next, you use the superlative to praise your partner; for example, ‘Your Liang is the biggest I’ve ever seen!’”

“Now, take a look at these diagrams- this is the position I want to try.”

This is code for “have you ever had HARD GAY at a brothel?”

“I’ve always wanted to have HARD GAY like this!”

“You’ve never had HARD GAY before?”

“Of course I have!”

“I just meant that this was the first time I’d had this particular type of HARD GAY.”

“What are you waiting for? Stick it in again!”

“YES! That feels good!”


“I love our HARD GAY sessions.”

“So do I.”

“By the way, I think we should try having HARD GAY somewhere else next time.”

“I can’t really get in the mood when other people are watching.”

“It’s not that I’m ashamed to be HARD GAY, you understand…”

“I see your point- we probably shouldn’t have people spreading rumours about our relationship.”

“Anyway, I already know a good place where we can have HARD GAY in private.”

“See you there?”

“Yes, I call it my erogenous zone.”

“We can have uninterrupted HARD GAY here in the long grass.”

“Okay then, take your clothes off and we’ll begin.”

(“Better look up today’s technique before we get started.”)

“…to have as much HARD GAY as possible.”

“We tried all sorts of HARD GAY techniques.”

“It was as if we were the destined lovers of some anime OP.”

“Are you waiting for HARD GAY?”

“Hmm, I think the question is- where and when have you been having HARD GAY.”

“It’s almost as if you have a new lover that you haven’t told any of us about.”

“…or maybe you’ve just been reading pornographic novels again.”

“I bet that’s another erotic novel you’ve got in your hand, isn’t it?”

“Nobody understands me and my needs!”

“If I catch you bringing those trashy porno novels in here again, I’ll just have to borrow them from you!”

“Where’s Akizuki? He didn’t stand me up, did he?”

“Oh, he’s just sleeping after Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“Should I kiss him whilst he’s sleeping?”

“We can’t have HARD GAY at this distance!”

“I had to stop myself from violating you whilst you slept.”

“When I think of HARD GAY, my world feels complete.”

“We can have as much HARD GAY as we want here.”


“What sort of HARD GAY do they practice in foreign lands?”

“You’ll have to try it yourself one day- it is truly a fulfilling experience.”

“Oh, by the way, I hope there’s no one else that you call Big Guy and Sexy Legs.”

“Of course not- they’re my pet nicknames for you.”

(“My love for him can only grow.”)

“Even though this is an anime spin-off from a yaoi game.”

“You’ve taught me so much about HARD GAY- is there anything I can do in return?”

“What’s with the formality? We’ve seen each other’s Liangs, so it’s okay to use intimate language.”

“All I’ve really done is shown a HARD GAY man how to fulfil his potential.”

“Please let me service you in some new way!”

“I’m happy with the HARD GAY we already have, but if you really want to try something new, then how can I refuse?”

“Okay, what technique would you like me to give you?”

“Hmm, what say we have a group session at the amusement district.”

“I thought you’d want something more advanced.”

“Very well- your wish is my command.”

“Last time we had HARD GAY…”

“…you said it was your first time having that sort of HARD GAY.”

“Did you mean that was the first time you had HARD GAY at a brothel?”

“I’d always wanted to go to a HARD GAY brothel ever since I was a boy.”

“I wanted a group session in the blue-light district, but I never had the opportunity to do it before.”

Say hello to Mr. Elephant.

“Do they really sell porn here?”

“Sure, look inside one of these books.”

“All the content here is rated 18+.”

“What is this!?”

“Did he see a new technique we can try?”

“Oh, it’s just STRAIGHT.”

“I wonder if Akizuki even knew about STRAIGHT before now.”

“Kusaka, you are serious about me, aren’t you? I’m not just your bit on the side, am I?”

Never before has eating with chopsticks seemed so suggestive.

“Oh, Akizuki, you are the only man for me!”

“Yes, I am truly in love with you.”

“Is this your lover, Kusaka?”

“Uh no, he is not my one true love…in fact, he’s just some guy I’ve never met before!”

“Really? I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before- maybe it was in the OP.”

“What if these idyllic days don’t last forever? What if there is an inevitable tragedy to heighten the drama?”

“My only wish is to have HARD GAY with you.”

Not to be confused with Record of Lodoss War.

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  1. lady_black_cat says:

    /“Did he see a new technique we can try?”/

    /“Oh, it’s just STRAIGHT.”/

    Bahahahahahaaa!! I couldn’t help but laugh at that!

  2. goose says:

    This the only video of what i have seen on utube that break my heart i would like to by this dvd and the novel by Youka Nitta, do you know where? thanks good thoughts

  3. lay says:

    i love Yaoi!!!! huhuhuhuhu! but it’s just sad that the ending have to be that way….T.T

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