Pumpkin Scissors parody 8 part I

The team has been tasked with delivering important HARD GAY equipment to a distant village, but if it all goes smoothly, the episode will take less than twenty-five minutes! What obstacles can they find to extend the mission?

Part 1

“We must get this case of HARD GAY techniques to safety.”

“All right, lets give them a taste of Snowboard Rifle!”

“All we need to do is get them into a corner and have our way with them!”

“What do you think of our Rifles, eh? Pretty Zhuge, if I say so myself.”

“We’re not prepared for HARD GAY out in the snow! Evade them!”

“All right, keep up the pace.”

“Okay men, this is how you conclude HARD GAY.”

“Unexpected Rifle is pretty exhausting.”

“Why are we falling- aren’t we main characters?”

“I hate it when your partner runs out on you before the end of a date.”

Part 2

“This case contains important updates on HARD GAY techniques that distant villages have not yet heard about.”

“This is a particularly frigid town, so our work is vital.”

“Is this really a task worthy of main characters, though?”

Part 3

Machs admits that he is having difficulty giving Randel HARD GAY in the cold.

“Why do you think Anton never spoke in Harvest Moon- he didn’t want to use stamina needed for farming!”

“But I even let Randel hurt me during HARD GAY.”

“Just stop having HARD GAY until we get home, then.”

“I don’t know if that will be possible- those bandits will still want more HARD GAY.”

“If you ask me, having HARD GAY out in the cold has been a failure.”

“Heh, we’ll soon warm ourselves up when we get up close and personal with those guys.”

“I can’t sleep with a tin can, but real flesh is another matter.”

“I’ve got a good feeling there are some Zhuge Liangs among that lot.”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

“HARD GAY for us! HARD GAY for us!”

Part 4

Now that they are out of the cold, Randel and Machs have another go at HARD GAY.

“All I need is rest, and my Liang will be as good as ever.”

“The trouble is that we’re not prepared for winter HARD GAY.”

“If push comes to shove, we can always have basic Rifle.”

“As soldiers, we should always be thinking about HARD GAY.”

“And no matter how cold it gets, no one should hide their Liang!”

“All right, I’ll go first! Get ready for some Dagger!”

“Randel, can you take the Dagger for me? I’m not quite ready.”

“Very well, then.”

“Stay out of this, Randel- I’m trying to give Oreld some Dagger!”

“I don’t like S&M sessions!”

“Look, if you want proper Dagger, we should get our strength up first.”

“We may have to resort to shared bodily warmth.”

“Even though I don’t like the thought of getting intimate in this hut, it’s better than freezing to death.”

Meanwhile, the bandits are looking forward to some intense action.

Part 5

“I can’t say I’m getting in the mood.”

“It’s worse for those of us who have Liangs- they’re too cold to handle!”

“One is HARD GAY, and the other is BI.”

“We can’t have HARD GAY whilst the lieutenant is here.”

“She is too young to watch us have it.”

“If you feel that way, then we must have BI.”

“Although on second thought, this low temperature BI would surely be too risky- what if your Liang freezes?”

“I’ll risk it.”


“So, I’ll be having BI with the lieutenant, then.”

“Not so fast, buster- this is going to be a group session.”

“Did you think you would get her to yourself?”

“Sorry, of course it should be a group session.”

“I can’t guarantee that I can hold back and be gentle.”

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