El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 2

When Nadie and Ellis find a diner in the middle of nowhere, it seems like the perfect place to have some HARD YURI- but will the spectre of STRAIGHT ruin their fun?

“If you’re feeling frustrated, perhaps we should have some HARD YURI.”

“Oh, you mean we should be having HARD YURI?”

“It helps keep the bodily juices flowing.”

“What say we use that technique?”

(“Only by testing her in the bedroom can I learn the limit of her skills.”)

Rather different from ‘Holding Woman’, isn’t it?

“We want HARD YURI!”

“…asking me for HARD YURI?”

“I guess you have your own reasons for wanting a new partner, right?”

“You know how it is on the road- you get bored with sleeping with the same person all the time.”

“Are there any HARD YURI techniques you don’t like?”

“Nothing too kinky or exotic, if you know what I mean.”

“While we’re talking HARD YURI, I have to say that the two of you don’t look compatible to me. You should break up before it’s too late.”

“Don’t tell me who to go out with!”

“Fine, then we’ll just keep it strictly business- what say I give you HARD YURI, and you work for me in return?”

“Ah, maid cosplay- this will bring the customers in to this diner in the middle of nowhere.”

“See- we have one already. I hope you don’t mind giving STRAIGHT.”

“STRAIGHT? I just got here!”

Killing people twice used to be common in anime, but now it’s a thing of the past.

How quickly fashions change these days.

“Sorry, I can’t give anyone STRAIGHT today- I hope you didn’t get your hopes up.”

“What? Could you forget you ever saw me naked, then?”

“You don’t want to have hairy legs, after all.”

“I hope our late night HARD YURI in the back of this van has improved our relationship.”

“I love a bit of COYOTE in the evening.”

“This porn magazine bores me- I’ve seen it so many times.”

“I need some new erotic images to get the motor running!”

“Why do I have to order him more erotic material? Now everyone’s going to think they’re for me!”

“Gwakaka, laugh while you can, for your downfall is near!”

“Stop messing around with me- I need quality time with my loli!”

“Are your eyes actually blue?”

(“What’s this- an unattended loli?”)

(“Can I get away with some quick HARD YURI with her?”)

“Hey little girl, I’ll give you this chocolate if you give me something special.”

“Back off- she’s mine.”

“Time to take some more adult videos!”

“Since Nadie isn’t here, I’ll have to resort to Hyper Self Pleasure!”

“That’s it- this will get my personal webpage many hits.”

“Here it comes!”

“I really get off on watching other people’s Hyper Self Pleasure!”

“Yes- that feels good!”

“I think I’ll help myself to some STRAIGHT!”

“Now time for some bondage games.”

“A generic like you can’t have STRAIGHT with a main character!”

Say hello to pointless camera angles.

“He wants to join our group session, so let’s get going whilst the audience watches the ED.”

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  1. activecore says:

    Haha, great stuff.
    It seems few people can take this show seriously.

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