El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 3

All Nadie wants is the time to enjoy HARD YURI with Ellis, but with so many different people after them, can that ever happen? From cross dressing BI bounty hunters and detectives with lolis to a young man with a taste for stalking, it seems as Nadie and Ellis will never get the quiet girl-to-girl time they need.

“Maybe it was in the OP…”

Nadie is already trying to make money by hiring out Elli to have BI with generics.

Unfortunately, Ellis does not seem to have much grasp of anything beyond basic HARD YURI.

And matters only get worse when customers start demanding bondage sessions.

(“Ellis is too innocent- this money making scheme isn’t going to work.”)

Elsewhere, the evil megane scientist has to make do with phone sex.

“All right, let’s practise some advanced HARD YURI techniques.”

“That’s not where you’re supposed to touch me!”

“Er, I was wondering if we could try LIZARD next time…”

“You have to be joking.”

“This outdoor session isn’t going anywhere- let’s try inside.”

“Oh great, someone’s left CORPSE for us.”

“Come on, Ellis, there’s no time to waste- we need to have HARD YURI before the end of the night.”

“First, you ask your partner if they would like HARD YURI- you already know she does, but it’s only polite.”

“Then, you confirm how many times you would like to do it with her.”

“Excuse me, but can we include LIZARD?”

“…or maybe CORPSE?”

“I wanted you to learn more exotic techniques, but this is just ridiculous.”

How cheerful.

“Anyway, come on, let’s have HARD YURI!”


“Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten what it is.”

“Of course not- let’s do it.”

“Was that good for you?”

“Hmm, your HARD YURI isn’t like anyone else’s, but it’s not unpleasant.”

“Hey, could you teach me your techniques?”

“All right- let’s do it.”

I had hoped that these cross dressers were one shot characters, but here they are again.

“Hey, I thought you gave up the lolis a while back.”

“Eh, you know how it is.”

“You’re just renting her, aren’t you?”

No, it’s a Japanese girls with guns show.

“I am Generic Sentai!”

“Anyway, getting back to my loli, she’s only trained in the basics right now, so it’s not as bad as it looks.”

“Just give up the loli before you get arrested.”

“I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing.”

“Let’s incorporate it into our sessions from now on.”

“You’re always tasty, Ellis.”

“Who wants some Axe?”

“Don’t interfere with our Gun-play!”

“Hey Nadie, when will I be ready to have Gun with you?”

“Gun is for experts only.”

“I don’t want you touching it until our relationship has developed a little more.”

Only moments after Nadie the trained bounty hunter confirms that no one is around… “he’s behind you!”

“Ellis, I am here to teach you the ways of STRAIGHT.”

“I have no need of STRAIGHT- I’ve already got Nadie.”

“Who are you, anyway?”

“I am… a stalker!”

“I get a kick out of watching these videos- and I’ve learned a few things about Pleasure, too.”

“Don’t worry about me- I’m an expert when it comes to HARD YURI.”

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  1. activecore says:

    Simple, low brow and very funny. Keep up the dirty work.

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