Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 3: The evils of men part II

“Now stop trying to steal other women’s girlfriends!”

(“I was wrong to try to build a relationship with another woman- Sachiko is all I need.”)

“I’m sure you’ve realised by now that that girl isn’t right for you.”

“I, on the other hand, am all the woman you’ll ever need.”

“It may seem that I am only using you for sex, but there is more to it than that.”

“You and I are destined HARD YURI partners.”

“So don’t ever think that you can escape me.”

“Even faking your death would not be enough.”

“Even if you were to change your identity, I would find you and bring you back to my side.”

The fated day has arrived, and so it is time to venture into a world of men.

It certainly looks like a terrifying place.

Yoshino has been away from men so long that she has trouble identifying them.

Meanwhile, the presence of so much testosterone gives Shimako a headache.

“It’s not pleasant, but you learn to adapt.”

“Go Generic Sentai! And Strange Ball!”

“I’ve told everyone that the punishment for trying to have STRAIGHT with you will be harsh.”

“To be honest, anyone who did have STRAIGHT would probably be too embarrassed to come back to school afterwards.”

In an odd turn of events, Yumi ends up having PANDA.

“Why did he choose me for PANDA?”

“If you don’t want PANDA, let me have it instead.”

“No way! What Panda and I share is something special.”

“Right, next it’s time for cross-dressing.”

“Looking good, Noriko.”

“…and maybe some make-up, then we could have a really kinky cosplay session.”

“Well, we’ll have to make do with dressing you up as your brother.”

Now this is plot development.

The Mystery of the Cardboard Box, coming soon to a cinema near you.

The men crowd around for their first good look at women in ages.

The girls climb to the top of the steps, out of reach of the sex-starved young men.

“Yumi, I know I will be called on for BI in this situation, but I can manage.”

“After your efforts last episode, I’m actually quite interested in trying BI on this scale.”

“You should be able to have quite intense BI without breaking this chair.”

“I’ll stay with Onee-sama and help her with the BI.”

“I’m in trousers, so no one can easily take advantage of me.”

“Aren’t you scared of the sheer volume of men to be serviced?”

Is it me, or is this game rather bizarre?

Desperate for female contact, the men launch themselves upwards.

“I’m scared- they may be too rowdy for me to cope with!”

“You can manage it, Onee-sama, especially if I hold your hand.”

“Forward men, there are females at the top!”

I don’t even know what the point of this exercise is.

“Forward, men! This may be our only chance for STRAIGHT in a long time!”

“They’re happy to be getting their first STRAIGHT in a while.”

Not content with normal STRAIGHT, some of the men decide to try bondage.

“Yumi has been away from me for more than five minutes- it’s possible she has found a new lover.”

“Now obey my orders and go and look for her- I am a more important character than you are, after all.”

Conveniently, Yumi has dropped her lollipop, offering the sort of blatant clue you find in cheap detective novels.

“All right, boys, time for some bondage action!”

“Wait a second, this is a girl! We wanted HARD GAY bondage with Yuuki!”

“To cut a long story short, we honestly thought that taking him against his will was a good way to get recognition and status.”

“You weirdoes don’t deserve screen time! Take me back to Onee-sama now!”

“We can’t let her go now, it will mark us as lower than the average generic!”

“Nice backside.”

“I was just having HARD GAY with these guys to pass the time.”

“Anyway, the important thing is that Yumi is safe, although she has become one with Panda.”

A Twilight Onion is spotted in the crowd.







Sachiko experiences her first PANDA.

“Onee-sama, I had too much PANDA and I actually turned into one!”

“I don’t know if you can still love what I have become.”

“Yumi, I already told you that no matter what form you take, you will always be my sex slave.”

And finally, the ED, a truly subtle piece of animation.

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7 Responses to Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 3: The evils of men part II

  1. Dominique says:

    great parody! i know you said in the week’s recap that you didn’t like the episode, but for me it was so completely ridiculous and over-the-top i couldn’t not enjoy it, even if it was only for WTF-ness.

    …i am guilty for being one of the fangirls who cheered when sei came on screen. *sweatdrop*

  2. Skh says:

    Noriko seems to be the only girl who is not afraid or disgusted by all these manly men…

  3. Kz says:

    “Meanwhile, the presence of so much testosterone gives Shimako a headache.” ROTFLMAO!!! I can’t just get over this one!!

    thanks for the laugh…need it for this afternoon boring siesta!

  4. sunyinyufi says:

    OMG! I was laughing so hard it almost hurt XD Great job! XD

    by the way I’m a proud Sei fan-girl ^_^

  5. Renata says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! THAT WAS SOOO FUNNY!! At first i thought i would hate it since i am such a big fan of this anime… but it really WAS funny! Excellent!

  6. Dana says:

    xDDD You’re hilarious. I love Marimite, but this was too funny to get offended at xDDDD

    GO SEI!

  7. T.S.S Gale says:

    1 word


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