Pumpkin Scissors parody 9 part I

When Oreld decides to have BI with a new woman, he is surprised to find that she doesn’t seem turned on by his Pleasure. Can he show her the marvels of BI, or is she too hung up on STRAIGHT with her absent boyfriend?

Oreld contemplates his lover of the previous night.

“He actually thought I was giving him Sword, when really it was only Dagger.”

“Ah, who could this hooded unknown be- my next conquest, perhaps?”

“A woman? Time to switch to BI mode.”

Add just one more kanji and the episode becomes 朝霧の巫女, which we know in English as Shrine of the Morning Mist.

In order to prevent strain on the field members of Section III, each person is only allowed BI once.

“BI is his specialty, and with so many people queued up, we could use his help servicing them.”

“Sorry, I thought that if I worked over here I could exclusively service all the most attractive clients and leave the ugliest generics to the rest of you.”

“I’ve had enough HARD GAY lately, so it’s women only for me today, I’m afraid.”

“I’m only allowed to give you BI once today, but feel to come to my house later for an extra session!”

“Hey, could it be that Morning Mist woman again?”

“Damn, just a deliberately misleading generic; who would have thought more than one person wore a hooded cloak in this town?”

“Now to take my mind off it by having BI with the next person in line…here, madam, if you wouldn’t mind holding my Liang…”

“What the hell is this!? I said attractive women only!”

“Oreld, I thought I made it clear that BI sessions are only to last two hours, or the girls will be too tired to give me HARD YURI!”

As well as BI, ‘sausage’ can be bought in this establishment.

No one should leave without trying the ‘sausage’.

“It’s that woman again! Could this be the working of the plot?”

“By the power of this magic lamp, skip forward to the next evening!”

“That guy has a moustache and goatee- he must be evil!”

“And yet all I can do is watch him whilst I audition for a role in Bartender.”

“What can I say- I have a healthy appetite for Pleasure.”

“What a shame the usual girls aren’t around to give you BI, then.”

“I’m happy to take you as a partner- what do you say to that?”

“You’re a hundred years too early to sleep with me, my boy!”

“Now, let’s talk about the Girl of the Week, Hannah, who has been giving BI since she was seventeen.”

“She has a typically tragic backstory.”

“BI is very stressful on the body at that age.”

“Oh, but there’s more to her tragic backstory.”

“Sorry, I’m not very up on current events- what war are we talking about here?”

“Poor boy, seduced by the HARD GAY of the army.”

“Oreld, you’re being asked for BI.”

“BI? Why didn’t you say so sooner?”

“Oh, you meant BI with Alice- how boring.”

“I’m your superior officer! When I ask for BI, you’re supposed to hop to it!”

Once again, the lamp swiftly moves events forward to the evening.

“Since I never heard back about that role in Bartender, now I’m working as a food critic.”

“Anyway, it’s amazing what you learn as a food critic- for example, had you ever heard of cutlery before?”

“You know, I can’t help feeling this BI wasn’t entirely successful.”

“Trust me, I’m just happy for the screen time.”

Oreld catches Randel having CAT- his secret shame.

“You didn’t see me having CAT, did you?”

“Oh, in that case, welcome to my humble abode.”

“How about some dinner? I have all flavours of cat food.”

Here’s some gratuitous catservice.

“You know, I thought I was having a bad episode, but compared to a man who has to resort to CAT, I guess I’m pretty well off.”

“And that’s saying something when my last encounter felt just like CORPSE.”

“Poor guy, CAT is a lot better than CORPSE.”

“Oreld’s been having CORPSE! I never thought that he of all people would be that desperate.”

“I can’t believe he kept this from us.”

“Instead of confronting him about this, let’s just stand behind him and whisper loudly.”

“I need to pay for Pleasure.”

“We must follow him and find out if he is really having CORPSE.”

“Well, he seems to be going into a BI establishment after all.”

“And he’s found a living partner.”

“Was the BI better this time?”

“Let’s have another session!”

Oreld tries to get Hannah to enjoy the BI experience more by including a motorcycle.

“It wasn’t CORPSE after all! He was just trying to teach BI to a prostitute who usually gives STRAIGHT!”

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