Pumpkin Scissors parody 9 part II

“It’s about time he gave me some BI to make up for yesterday!”

“Sorry, I’ve already booked Oreld for today.”

“It’s been almost twenty-four hours since we last had BI- I’m starting get withdrawal symptoms.”

“In fact, we should just do it here and now- I guarantee that having Pleasure out in the open enhances the experience.”

“I’ve been having BI here ever since I was just a boy.”

“Hey, maybe a touch of wine would help you relax and get in the mood.”

“Hang on a sec, my zipper seems to be stuck.”

“Why do have this fascination with having BI with me?”

“I could see that STRAIGHT was making you miserable, and I wanted you to see that Pleasure can be enjoyable too.”

“Just forget your tragic back story and join my harem!”

“I can’t just forget it when it’s an integral part of my character development!”

“My boyfriend will return, and we’ll have STRAIGHT together!”

“I should have known you were just using me for quick BI! That’s all I am to you, isn’t it?”

“Damn, that evil goatee guy is back.”

“Hey buddy, how about you leave her alone and have HARD GAY with me instead?”

“Oreld, you know this is a STRAIGHT or BI establishment only!”

“You must be that guy who’s always having BI, right?”

“Don’t worry, Hannah, I won’t let him taint you with BI.”

An enraged Oreld starts having violent HARD GAY with Mr Goatee.

“What hideous HARD GAY!”

“If you’re so desperate for HARD GAY, why don’t you let us service you?”

“Those burly men give really painful HARD GAY.”

“Where did you find guys like that?”

“Unfortunately, there are more than a few people who try to relieve their pent up frustrations with HARD GAY.”

“I keep them on hand to put such people off of HARD GAY for a while.”

“I just wanted to make Hannah happy by giving her some good Pleasure.”

“You may be a named character, but do you really think that makes you good enough to cure everyone’s misery with your Pleasure?”

“Trust me, boy, you can’t do it.”

“No one person has the skill or stamina to Pleasure everyone successfully.”

“Hannah wants STRAIGHT with her boyfriend, and not even the best BI in the world can compare in her mind.”

“What a shame he’s only good for CORPSE.”

“Naturally, she still believes that people with tragic back stories are somehow qualified for happy endings.”

“So even while she was waiting for him, he died in the throes of HARD GAY?”

“Exactly- cruel world, isn’t it?”

“Just leave her alone from now on, and stop encouraging her hopes with screen time.”

“Hey, Randel, mind if I stop by for some quick exposition?”

“I can’t understand any woman so hung up on STRAIGHT with one particular guy that she’d rather have CORPSE with him than BI with me.”

“Even so, I feel like this is a challenge I can’t back away from.”

“Well, you know, the episode isn’t over yet, so who knows what will happen next?”

“I used to think that CORPSE was all that was left for me too- after all, I have a tendency to kill my lovers.”

“But now, I think I’ve finally come to realise that I can have Pleasure with the living too.”

“Section III is full of named characters who can withstand the intensity of my Pleasure.”

“If there’s still hope, I should look in this book for new techniques that might win her over.”

“Time for Round Two of Operation Seduce Hannah.”

“No matter how many times you ask me for BI, I can’t keep betraying my boyfriend!”

“Stop clinging onto a CORPSE! You need to move on!”

“And surely you realise he joined the army because he wanted HARD GAY?”

“He liked other men, so it’s okay for you to do the same.”

“His company chose to have HARD GAY in the trenches.”

“It was an exhausting group session that killed half of them.”

“Even so, their HARD GAY was too important to give up.”

“The situation was grim, and their Liangs became limp and useless.”

“Most of them were completely incapacitated.”

“In the end, they chose to go out in one final burst of Pleasure.”

“Now that I realise my boyfriend died in the throes of HARD GAY, I can magically get over my heartbreak and move on.”

“She was just a one shot character! What would I get upset about?”

“I just wanted to teach her about BI.”

“Didn’t you have feelings for her?”

“Eh, she was just another conquest to increase the numbers, you know?”

“Okay, everyone, it’s time for today’s BI!”

(“No one must know of my embarrassing failure to add her to my regular harem.”)

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