Romance of the Three Kingdoms 44

When Zhou Yu decides to slip a man into the enemy camp, he has to choose carefully. Eventually, he settles on Huang Gai, a man whose HARD GAY prowess will sure make Cao Cao fall for him straightaway. Unfortunately, in order to pique Cao Cao’s interests, Huang Gai must first master a dangerous type of Rod…

Despite his shifty and uneven eyes, Cao Cao promises HARD GAY to any man who isn’t foiled by the heroes at the end of the episode.

“In the meantime, here’s 500 generics to whet your appetite for a night with yours truly.”

Defecting was so much easier in those days.

No one caption really captures the possibilities of this sentence.

“Of course I do, for I am Zhuge Liang, a GREAT man who knows all.”

“Like I said, I know everything- this water functions as a non villainous magic CCTV.”

“Sorry, but I find this series unintentionally hilarious.”

“Anyway, getting back to the plot, Zhou Yu knows the two defectors are false, but he plans to sleep with them before revealing that fact.”

“We should go and watch their HARD GAY later.”

“…but in the meantime, let’s have a little session of our own.”

Huang Gai is so important that his every HARD GAY session is recorded.

He has a long history of servicing the Sun family.

“The level of the enemy’s HARD GAY continues to increase.”

“Can you think of any techniques we can use to better them?”

“Leave it to me- my HARD GAY skills won’t fail you.”

“If you wish to fool Cao Cao into believing you have discovered a new version of HARD GAY, you must bear the scars to prove it.”

“Even if I die in the throes of passion, I have lived well.”

In the end, Huang Gai is given vicious HARD GAY by way of Rod.

This drawn out scene helps to reduce the total animation needed for the episode.

Huang Gai, as glimpsed in the throes of painful Pleasure.

Zhuge Liang is forced to make do with Fishing Rod.

“I had hoped to join in the Rod.”

“Gwakakaka, Zhuge Liang is nothing compared to me!”

“This intense Rod was all I could offer them.”

“Thank you for your gentler HARD GAY- it helps to ease the pain of Rod.”

“I’m ready for HARD GAY any time.”

“Don’t go over there- this is the best spot for HARD GAY!”

“I’m not in the mood for HARD GAY at this time of night!”

“I thought Cao Cao was serviced by bold lovers at all hours of the day and night!”

“And here I was going to suggest Huang Gai as your next lover.”

“Ah yes, the man who has mastered painful Rod.”

Fei Wong’s Phrasebook saying #153.

Fei Wong’s Phrasebook saying #79.

“Okay, that’s the obligatory phrases out of the way, now let’s discuss matters of HARD GAY.”

“Of course I didn’t undress in front of Cao Cao- my Sword is too small to be seen by his eyes.”

“Huang Gai is truly an accomplished man of HARD GAY.”

“I can’t wait to sleep with him.”

“Is an old man really able to withstand me in the bedroom?”

“The last thing I want is to be foiled again! Just for one episode I’d like to win- or better yet, let’s end the episode here before I risk failure.”

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