El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 6

We all know that Nadie is committed to HARD YURI, but was there something in her past that turned her off of men? Find out when she meets up with a face from the past, and experiences a Flashback Mode.

“I can’t believe he died in the very first episode of Gundam Seed!”

“That was awful HARD GAY, Miguel.”

“Isn’t my method better than dull regular HARD GAY?”

“What sort of woman could take on that many lovers? She must be really skilled.”

“I bet those guys were just desperate.”

“Hey Miguel, you want to try BI with us tonight?”

“We’re going to ask her to service us.”

“Hmm, I haven’t had BI in a while.”

“Ellis, don’t get fooled by tales of STRAIGHT- it’s all worthless!”

“Men- who needs them? HARD YURI is everything.”

“Even so, it’s not like we can have HARD YURI on a public bus, so I guess we’ll have to read a book and wait for some Tsubasa characters to appear.”

“Hi, it’s me- the obligatory man from your past!”

“Keep your hideous Y chromosome away from me!”

“Ah, this reminds me of the rough STRAIGHT we used to share.”

Note the oddly drawn dog that appears for no reason.

“HARD YURI is all I’m interested in these days.”

“You aren’t still upset over my Liang, are you?”

“Liang? I didn’t know you had anything more than an Ezo.”

“They do say time distorts the memory, so I can’t blame you for forgetting how Zhuge it really is.”

“Perhaps I’d better show it to you to help you remember.”

“Don’t you dare get your Liang out here!”

We enter Flashback Mode and return to a time when Nadie was employed to give BI and STRAIGHT to generics.

Miguel was just one of many customers.

“You know, I’ve been thinking lately- my Liang just isn’t up to par.”

“How can I ever Pleasure anyone properly with this crappy Liang that nature gave me?”

“If I had the money, I’d go to New Wang and order a deluxe upgrade.”

“Pretty soon my bosses will fire me for not providing good enough HARD GAY.”

“Here, take this money and use it to make your Liang Zhuge.”

“I have so few uses for money that I can just give it away to guys I barely know.”

In the end, however, Miguel cannot resist spending the money on some STRAIGHT.

“Ah, hello Nadie- I know you just saw me spending your hard-earned money on another woman, but what say we have STRAIGHT tonight?”

“I will never have STRAIGHT again!”

“I really do have a Zhuge Liang now!”

“If you want to try it for yourself, come and see me tonight.”

“I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but men are untrustworthy.”

“And what would I do if he tried to have WORD with me?”

“…which is why, in a matter of moments, I will be going out to meet Miguel and get tricked by him again.”

“I can’t believe she passed up a night with Ellis for some one-shot guy.”

“Oh well, time to film some saucy footage.”

“Ah, I see you couldn’t resist the lure of STRAIGHT after all. I completely understand- women don’t have Liangs.”

“If you want to, you can have STRAIGHT with me every night!”

“Why am I even contemplating STRAIGHT? Didn’t I say HARD YURI would be enough for me?”

“This only goes to show how incredibly stupid I am!”

“Miguel’s HARD GAY was awful, so we fired him.”

“He just flits from lover to lover, disappointing them with his Ezo.”

Elsewhere, Ricardo prepares for an evening of fun with his loli.

“Yay- he’s giving me his special tonight!”

“…and then I can get some STRAIGHT!”

“Although while I’m waiting, I might as well sell these guys some HARD GAY for cash.”

“Don’t bother, we’ve already heard about how awful you are at HARD GAY, and how you taint yourself with women of all things!”

“Uh, that wasn’t me- it was my previously unmentioned identical twin brother! His name is, er, Miguel!”

“Who do you think we are- generics without half a brain cell to share between us? Just for that, we’re going to turn you into CORPSE!”

Nadie arrives and instructs Ellis to wait for HARD YURI in the customary fashion.

The complex and developed man that is Miguel breathes his last, and joins his Gundam Seed namesake in anime character heaven.

“Rosenberg, take care on the internet- there could be all kinds of unsavoury types grooming you for unspeakable acts.”

“I prefer to think of the people I meet online as subordinates who service my needs.”

“He’s got no idea about netspeak, has he?”

“All right, time to log on.”

“You are now entering Cybersex Chatroom, Rosenberg10539”

“Ah good, the regulars are online.”

Who doesn’t remember the exciting Tsubasa bus arc? And who isn’t excited about this reprise? So sit back and enjoy El Cazador del Autobus!

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