Pumpkin Scissors parody 11 part II

“Actually, there’s more to it than that- I just couldn’t fit it all into one photo.”

“Even so, there are some comments here saying it’s still not big enough!”

“Well, to be fair, not everyone here is exactly immensely endowed, are they?”

“It’s quite complimentary that they expect us all to be hung like grunties.”

“…to be able to see such a Zhuge Liang!”

“That’s a head I can really get my teeth into!”

“Why have you randomly showed up? Do you want screen time again?”

“Alice is having a secret affair!”

“She what!?”

Alice’s captor decides on bondage HARD YURI.

“You know, I feel kind of guilty for resorting to Gun, but I just couldn’t hold back my passion.”

“And yet even though my Gun was harsh, you didn’t struggle, you just accepted my HARD YURI.”

“They say you cannot truly know a person until you’ve had HARD YURI with them.”

“But you could easily lose your life if the Pleasure gets too intense.”

“I trust you to hold back.”

“In that case, how about you try some BI with me?”

“I didn’t bring her just so that you could have BI with her!”

“She’s bound to be skilled at BI!”

“Shut up and let’s cut to the back story- you see, my brother discovered that many high ranking army officials have nothing more than Ezos.”

“They were so embarrassed by that fact that they killed him to stop him from telling anyone.”

“This copy of his research includes scale drawings of their Ezos.”

“If you want people to experience real Pleasure, you must first root out all the ineffectual Ezos.”

“They may be Ezos now, but one of our duties is rebuilding them into proper Liangs.”

“Do you think every single Ezo can really be turned into a Liang?”

“Show us proper Liangs!”

“A few shiny upgrades from New Wang can never turn an Ezo into a Liang!”

“Only then will you know how bad the Ezo situation is.”

“Ezos so small they cannot even be seen!”

“No one would want to admit that they are vanishingly small.”

“If Alice is having a secret affair, his network of lovers will surely know about it.”

“Every minute that passes is one in which she could be having all sorts of Pleasure!”

“Why didn’t I just have my way with her when I had the chance?”

Meanwhile, Colt books a woman in order to experiment with STRAIGHT.

“We need to discuss Pleasure.”

“TANK was once considered the most intense form of Pleasure possible.”

“…but now a mere human has proven to be capable of surpassing it.”

“I just wanted to push back the boundaries of Pleasure.”

“It is easy enough to do, if you enhance the key areas.”

“Artificially altering a man’s capabilities in the bedroom is just wrong.”

“Did their skills even contribute much to battle?”

“Who cares about battle- now is the time when Pleasure is more important than ever.”

“And as the ways of Pleasure evolve, this man will keep up with the most cutting edge of techniques.”

“Unfortunately, you were never meant to know about these aspects of Pleasure.”

“And so you must die in the raging flames of passion.”

“Hey, I thought you said you were well endowed!”

“You are so naïve, aren’t you, Alice? If you really want to provide Pleasure to the masses…”

“…then you must learn all the techniques at your disposal.”

“Even ones that leave you feeling dirty and ashamed afterwards…”

“…or ones so intense that you die!”

“That’s the sort of commitment that’s required, isn’t it? And I’m sure you know that men with mere Ezos will never be able to help you in that.”

“Everyone has a right to know that they might be serviced by an Ezo instead of a proper Liang!”

“And if you won’t do anything about this, then your Pleasure is as worthless as theirs!”

“People long for the kind of Pleasure that an Ezo can never give.”

“Sounds to me like you’re just upset because you had a bad experience with an Ezo yourself!”

“Shut up! I guess all you care about is making sure the public never finds out how widespread these Ezos are!”

“You can’t win her over with just talk- you need to show her photographic evidence.”

“They can’t really be that small!”

“They are- and unless you cooperate, your sisters will be the next to have some disappointing Ezo!”

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