Pumpkin Scissors parody 12 part II

“How dare you accuse me of such things?”

“I’m sorry, but that guy’s a master of seduction! He gave Bruno and Rick ‘flute lessons’, if you know what I mean- I couldn’t help but think he’d gotten to you too.”

“I always knew those two would sell their bodies for money.”

“Pleasure should never be about the money!”

“All I wanted was to stop the masses getting inferior Ezo!”

Elsewhere, Rick receives some fatal Gun.

“You’re just lying in the dirt for fun, right?”

Bruno is given deadly Gun shortly afterwards.

“Nothing beats the satisfaction of giving Gun to generics.”

We interrupt this scheduled broadcast to bring you a brand new ad for The Adventures of Mercury!

Run, Mer-kun, run! Coming soon to a channel near you.

“One minute BI, the next HARD GAY- how quickly my underlings changed.”

“Some people will give any type of Pleasure for food.”

“We’ll squeeze his Liang until he complies with us!”

“I feel like our HARD YURI has created a bond between us.”

“That was just a one night stand!”

“…it was something far more meaningful.”

“You were clearly someone with a healthy appetite for Pleasure.”

“…especially as that plot line went nowhere.”

“It was so insignificant that I already forgot about it.”

“Oh by the way, I’ve just had HARD GAY with Dalton.”

“Hey Cecile, sorry about before…would you be interested in giving me BI right now?”

“You’re asking for more Pleasure? Didn’t you get enough last night?”

“You can’t just go around sleeping with whoever you like.”

“Anyway, we must discuss the Ezo situation, and how to break it to the public.”

“Surely you must realise that once the public learn of the Ezos, Lianged men such as myself will be able to get more HARD GAY.”

“Don’t you realise that the enemy will also move in for HARD GAY.”

“In the end, it is the people who suffer as they wait for HARD GAY and BI to be given to them.”

“When the plot wills it, the time to reveal the truth about the Ezos will arrive.”

“Please don’t mess up the story before then.”

“But now is the time to reveal the existence of Ezos!”

Dalton is given unexpected Gun.

“If you want Gun, I’ll be your partner!”

“I have to warn you, though, I get violent during Pleasure!”

“So do I.”

“If you’re a master of Knife, I think we should make this session BI!”

An intense Knife session begins.

“Hey, I thought this was going to be a threesome!”

“Ah yes, this feels great!”

“You like Gun, eh? Prepare to take mine!”

Intense Pleasure commences.

“He killed his partner and injured himself in the throes of HARD GAY again.”

“Don’t worry about me- I have main character immunity.”

“Everyone will become disillusioned with this Ezo-filled world!”

“We have to get to a newspaper office- and fast!”

“Our mobile BI service came to fulfil this request for Pleasure.”

“Unfortunately, it seems that we didn’t make it in time.”

“You see, the client’s Liang disappeared before we could service it.”

“How can a Liang just disappear?”

“Look, I can’t believe that your Liang just went missing- it has to be around here somewhere.”

“We have searched for it, of course…”

“…but I just don’t know where I left it.”

“I guess this means you are another of the Ezo owners who doesn’t want the truth of their situation known.”

“Gwakaka, I must randomly appear and sip wine evilly.”

“I feel that the people are ready for our advanced HARD GAY techniques.”

“I agree, for I am also an evil wine sipper.”

“We must not get aroused yet, for there is still wine to sip before we actually do anything.”

“I’m afraid we’ve lost your BI partners.”

“It seems they’re only good for CORPSE now.”


“I’ve lost my brother, my Pleasure partners, and the Ezo manuscript…”

“It may be all over for you, but I’m the main character, and I’m not going to give up!”

“Alice, even a main character can’t hope to give everyone in the country Pleasure.”

“And now my plot time is over, so I must leave.”

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