El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 7

HARD YURI under the stars may be kinky at first, but sometimes you just want to do it in a nice bed- and when Nadie and Ellis stop off at a hotel, they even get a bonus in the form of loli partner Lirio. Meanwhile, Ricardo is sent to tutor LA in the ways of HARD GAY.

“When did we last have a steamy hot shower together?”

“It’s been so long…”

“…if you know what I mean.”

“Ah, I get your drift, let’s make camp.”

“Do you want to be on top for HARD YURI, or underneath so that you can look up at the stars?”

“Ellis, did I ever tell you how much I’m into you?”

LA samples the local cusine.

“LA is more interested in STRAIGHT than HARD GAY- his thinking must be corrected.”

“Use any techniques at your disposal to demonstrate that HARD GAY is superior.”

“…and make it quick- I want to sleep with him soon.”

Ricardo and Lirio are glimpsed in the aftermath of Pleasure.

Lirio is introduced to her first Practice Pillar.

“Here are the instructions for the newest technique I want to try- please practise it on the Pillar.”

“After I come back, I expect you to be fully proficient in the technique and ready to Pleasure me.”

“Yes sir!”

(“I can’t wait to give this a try!”)

Nadie practises her seduction techniques.

“There’s no way you can have already learned the techniques of advanced seduction.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Kids these days are just so precocious.”

“So anyway, do you want to be on top tonight?”

Nadie and Ellis plan the evening’s HARD YURI.

“I’ll just check this bed’s suitability for HARD YURI.”

“Make sure to take a shower before HARD YURI- if we’re going to use chocolate body paint, your skin needs to be clean.”

“NADIIEEEEEEEE!!! Oh wait, she left already.”

“Like a Phantom Brave terrain, this is a little slippery and very bouncy.”

“The viewers are probably falling asleep right now- I’d better switch on Fanservice Mode.”

“If I want to be a serious stalker, I really need a lock of my target’s hair.”

“This will serve until the day when we can either have STRAIGHT or a Madlax-esque finale.”

“HAIR DOLL is so much better than Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“Have I told you lately how much I love you, little doll?”

“Come over here and have HARD GAY with the real boys.”

“Ah, still looking good.”

Nadie and Ellis relax after the night’s HARD YURI.

“I wonder if she’s into HARD YURI.”

Down at the dating bar, you can pick a partner and have Pleasure with them.

“We can watch the Pleasure, but no joining in.”

“Hmm, maybe we can make an exception for this girl.”

“Oh look, it’s her business card- ‘My name is Lirio and I am skilled in Pleasure’.”

“Hmm, she seems ready to start, but she’s not going any further.”

“Don’t you want Pleasure with us?”

“Curses- how do I get her off standby mode?”

“Damn, now she’s leaving!”

“All right, let’s entice her to our room with chocolate- that’s bound to work.”

“The camera has zoomed in- that must mean it worked.”

“Good HARD YURI, I think you’ll agree.”

“Here’s your payment for the Pleasure- one square of supermarket’s own brand chocolate.”

“Ellis, don’t hog her all to yourself!”

“Excuse me- I’d like to order this type of Pleasure.”

“Sorry, but that sort of Pleasure will cost you extra.”

“It will?”

“I guess we’re stuck with watching others again.”

Falling asleep yet? Wake up with swimsuit fanservice!

“Now for some outdoor HARD YURI.”

“Hey Blue Eyes, I need more cash- the animators say they’ll only give us stills if they don’t get paid!”

“Fine, I’ll send some money, but I expect you to come out and service me this evening.”

Nadie slips out for late night HARD YURI with Blue Eyes.

“I don’t really want to be doing it outdoors in this weather.”

“This is far more interesting than TV!”

LA passes the time with a spot of TOTEM.

“Normal people wouldn’t want TOTEM!”

“Anyone who gets between me and TOTEM has to die!”

“Could you excuse me a moment- I’m about to win an important game of Uno.”

“I’m sorry to cut short our little session, but I have an urgent appointment with STRAIGHT this evening.”

“I told you to wait while I finish this game of Uno!”

“Oh very well, I’ll at least give you a bit of foreplay!”

“Don’t think that your Pleasure would ever be enough to satisfy me, though.”

“If I got hold of your Liang, my intense methods would damage it beyond repair.”

“Why don’t we have some HARD GAY- then you’ll find out how good I am.”

“We can even see who reaches a climax first.”

“Hmm, I guess your HARD GAY isn’t that bad after all.”

“Oh yes! Put it right there!”

LA passes out from the effects of Ricardo’s Pleasure.

“Look at this well concealed money, just lying around in a cardboard box.”

“I had to go without HARD YURI!”

“I definitely wasn’t giving my boss HARD YURI.”

“Hey Ricardo, I mastered that technique!”

“I can see that you girls are in a HARD YURI relationship just from your body language.”

“Now, I really should be capturing you, but since we have nineteen episodes left to fill, I’ll just be on my way.”

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