Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 7

Soutetsu smashes some pots.

(Soutetsu: Those damn pots, I hate them so much!)

After some reference to historical events, we return to the troupe.

Shiranui: Damn that pistol guy- I was going to have HARD GAY with those enemies!

Zagashira: Now no one is going to care that we named the boss of this arc!

Ebisu has violent Pillar.

(Ebisu: At this rate we’re never going to get any proper BI or screen time- Pillar is all we have left!)

Shiranui: Even Soutetsu is off having BI somewhere without us- and this isn’t the first time, let me tell you.

Kakunojo: Of course he isn’t! Sensei would never have BI without us!

(Akidzuki: Why do I have to listen to their prattling? And where’s my script- I’ve barely had any dialogue in ages.)

Meanwhile, Soutetsu smashes more pots.

Soutetsu: This is highly therapeutic- bring me more pots!

Back at their headquarters, the troupe discusses Soutetsu.

Kakunojo: I’ll never forget how we met Sensei, and just in case anyone else doesn’t remember, let’s have a Flashback Mode about it. Back in those days, we were simple actors who barely knew the basics of BI, but he showed us techniques beyond our imagination.

Shiranui: Of course, once we learned of your BI, Kakashi and I dropped our former lovers in order to join up. Still, I’ll never forget that guy’s Gun- not only was it intense enough to kill his wife, but he had the temerity to blame me for it!

Kakunojo: Ah yes, after that, he almost severed your ‘head’, didn’t he? If that had happened, it would have been the end of BI for you.

As the troupe discusses Kakashi’s back story, Akidzuki gets so bored that he eventually walks out.

(Akidzuki: The main character shouldn’t have to endure this just for screen time.)

After smashing more pots, Soutetsu finally finds one that he likes.

Soutetsu: This pot doesn’t induce the same anger in me that the others do- I’ll take it.

Akidzuki stands on the edge of the cliff when Kakunojo approaches and starts singing.

(Akidzuki: Oh god, why must you torture me so? Should I just jump off the cliff now?)

That evening, Soutetsu decides to have BI with Nakaiya.

Nakaiya: When I heard a BI master would be visiting, I knew it would you. Thank you for showing me your Zhuge Liang.

Soutetsu: I understand you have the Lord’s Head- I’d like to learn how to use it to improve my BI.

Nakaiya: Gwakaka, interesting…I thought I was the main villain of this anime, but perhaps it is you after all.

Out on deck, Kanna shows off his ‘gun’ to generics before thinking back to an earlier conversation Nakaiya.

Nakaiya: Tomorrow night I’d like you to do something with that Liang you’re so proud of.

Back in the present, Kanna checks his watch.

(Kanna: Is it time yet? I can’t wait!)

The watch contains a photo of a woman.

(Kanna: This photo will always remind me of how untrustworthy women are; from now on, I only need men.)

Shouten and Shinza visit the village where Soutetsu was smashing pots for some HARD GAY.

Generic: It’s strange of you to come out here for HARD GAY.

Shouten: I like to do it in the fresh air some times- I’m sure it does me good.

Shouten looks at the fragments of pots.

Shinza: Someone really had a grudge against pots.

Shouten: This isn’t just random pot hating- it has plot significance.

Shinza runs off to confront Soutetsu.

Shinza: You!? What sort of BI are you trying to get from these people?

Soutetsu: I’ve both paid for and received the BI I wanted from this village- sorry if you wanted to join in, but you’re too late.

Shinza: Damn you! Who are you?

Soutetsu: Someone who the audience will remember forever, even as they forget your name five minutes after they hear it.

Shinza: Shut up!

Shinza tries to give Soutetsu sword, but Soutetsu is too much for him to handle. As their encounter ends, Soutetsu magically summons a boat to make a getaway with his pot.

Meanwhile, the troupe have received a letter from Soutetsu, detailing a new type of BI.

Zagashira: This is a splendid idea! I can’t wait to try it for real.

Kakunojo: Yes, we must begin the preparations as soon as possible.

(Akidzuki: BI, BI, BI…when can a man get classic HARD GAY?)

Whilst various historical figures have a mass HARD GAY session, Kanna is sent to crash the party.

(Kanna: This group session is the perfect ending to a night with Nakaiya.)

Kanna has quick HARD GAY with Katsu and the other historical figures before letting Nakaiya and the Lord’s Head in.

(Katsu: Damn, if I’d realised he was this frustrated, I would have given him HARD GAY when I had the chance.)

Thanks to the Lord’s Head, the historical figures become consumed with lust. Meanwhile, Shinza decides to go out and interfere with the plot.

Souten: Not so fast, Shinza. We must leave this to Akidzuki, since he is the main character, after all.

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  1. aoboru says:

    Gyahahaha! Akizuki-as the main character in this Iroha story-is a very calm guy who doesn’t like to talk much. But you make it like he has to do it because of the script. lol

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