Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 8

Thanks to Nakaiya, the meeting of historical figures has been engulfed in the HARD GAY aura of the Lord’s Head.

Nakaiya: That’s it, come, come, come! Let the Lord’s Head take you to new heights of Pleasure!

The troupe decides to pay a visit and neutralise the deadly HARD GAY with the power of their BI.

(Akidzuki: I might as well come along too- although I’d rather join in with the HARD GAY than neutralise it.)

Whilst the troupe administers BI to various generic guards, Soutetsu decides to try POT.

(Soutetsu: I always hated pots before, but this one is different- and I’m sure that POT is what I need to enhance my BI skills.)

Meanwhile, the HARD GAY aura is causing Saigou and Katsu to completely lose their inhibitions.

Katsu: It’s been so long since I’ve had decent HARD GAY; the damn city is filled with newcomers these days, and none of them has more than an Ezo!

Saigou: I’m always being promised HARD GAY and then told to wait- it’s not fair!

Nakaiya: Gwakaka, under the influence of the Lord’s Head, all the HARD GAY they had before seems pathetic and meaningless!

Elsewhere in the mansion, Kanna confronts Akidzuki.

(Kanna: Group HARD GAY is all very well, but it seems that only Akidzuki can satisfy my cravings.)

Akidzuki starts giving Kanna sword.

Akidzuki: Troupe, get out of here! This is a HARD GAY matter- we have no need for BI!

The troupe continues through the mansion, but they just can’t seem to get to the action.

Shiranui: Damn, this is worse than those castle levels in Samurai Warriors!

Shinza and Souten get their obligatory scene. Shinza picks up his sword.

Souten: Shinza, I told you to leave all that main character stuff to Akidzuki! You might be stronger than he is, but that’s beside the point.

Shinza: But sir, all I’ve ever wanted is to become the main character!

Souten: Forget it- you just don’t have the looks or personality for it. Besides, I need you to give me HARD GAY- if you won’t service me, I’ll just have to Pleasure myself.

(Shinza: Damn, I guess I’d better stay and see to the old man.)

Meanwhile, Akidzuki is busy snuffing out candles with his sword.

(Akidzuki: Candles are easy EXP- they don’t even fight back.)

(Kanna: Look at all those defeated candles! This is truly a worthy adversary.)

Whilst Akidzuki and Kanna continue their HARD GAY, Saigou and Katsu are also getting their ‘swords’ out.

Nakaiya: Gwakaka! Watching others have Pleasure whilst laughing evilly and talking about chaos and destruction is almost as good as doing it oneself!

Just as the climax is about to be reached, however, Soutetsu uses Confine to trap the Lord’s Head in his pot, and the session abruptly ends.

Nakaiya: What happened? I didn’t get to see the best part.

Katsu: What are we doing with our ‘swords’ out? We didn’t just try to sleep together, did we?

Old Mage: This is a bad! It means we’re not the final villains!

Nakaiya and Old Mage step outside, only to be confronted by Soutetsu and the troupe.

Kakunojo: Nakaiya, you are just an arc one boss!

Nakaiya: Gwakakaka, how can I be when I have a laugh like this?

Soutetsu: Kakunojo, it’s time to give Nakaiya the one thing he hates the most- BI!

As the troupe get their swords out, Soutetsu has fatal BI with Nakaiya’s generic guards and Old Mage.

(Soutetsu: I see no reason not to satisfy my own desires as well. Now I’d better run- I still haven’t finished the script for next episode.)

Everyone stabs Nakaiya, but as Kakunojo goes to give the finishing blow, Kanna shoots her sword out of her hand.

Kanna: Sorry, but after the HARD GAY I’ve shared with him I can’t bear to see him brought low by the forces of BI.

Kakunojo: Oh well, we seem to have killed him anyway. There’s no way he can magically come back to life this time- no way at all.

As an alert is sounded, the named characters flee. Meanwhile, Akidzuki confronts Soutetsu as he gets into his boat.

Akidzuki: Give me the head- it should not be used for something as unnatural as BI.

Soutetsu: I cannot let you seal the head now when there are still eighteen episodes to go; therefore I must show you the special attack I can use when it is equipped- HARD GAY Phantoms.

Soutetsu summons some ghostlike HARD GAY warriors to distract Akidzuki whilst he makes his escape.

In the aftermath of their HARD GAY, Saigou and Katsu have a talk with each other.

Katsu: It’s quite a chilling thought to realise that you had your Liang inside of me without my consent.

Saigou: It was the same for me.

Katsu: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want HARD GAY, but I think it’s best to stay away from intense and painful methods like that.

Katsu rubs his backside.

Katsu: …although I wouldn’t mind trying something a little gentler with you.

The two men nod and smile at each other.

To be continued…

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