Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 9

After some establishing historical events, we return to the troupe.

Zagashira: Well, it looks like our plot time may well be ever.

Kakunojo: It sure looks like it- goodbye screen time.

Zagashira: Sensei and Akidzuki were only here for one thing- Pleasure- and now they’ve both gone off to seek other partners.

Kakunojo: Sensei gave us good BI, and Akidzuki gave us an association with the main character- we can’t complain too much.

Meanwhile, Kakashi has taken a job down at the docks.

(Kakashi: This is it, I’m sure of it! My role in the plot starts here, and after that, maybe even my own spin-off series!)

Elsewhere, historical character Okita Souji is giving ‘sword’ to generic Imperial Guards.

Guard: We may only be generics, but we will surely have your ‘head’!

(Okita: These men are merely to pass the time, whilst I await HARD GAY with a named character.)

Guard: If you’re thinking that there’s better HARD GAY waiting for you elsewhere, you’re mistaken! We already killed your master!

(Okita: This cannot be…)

Okita loses heart and starts coughing up blood. The guards go to finish him off, but Akidzuki shows up just in time to stop them.

Okita: Akidzuki!

Akidzuki: It’s been a while, Okita, but I still remember how worthy your ‘sword’ was back in the dojo.

We enter Flashback Mode and see young Okita and Akidzuki learning the basics of Sword.

Okita: Anyway, how would you like to come over to my place?

(Akidzuki: He looks sick- I’d better get him into bed before it’s too late.)

Akidzuki: I was hoping you’d ask that.

Okita and Akidzuki go home together, but even as they sit by the futon, Okita seems distracted.

Okita: Damn, I just can’t do it- not while that cat is watching!

Okita gets out his ‘sword’ and slashes at a mysterious spirit black cat.

Okita: Thos darker than black cats are always spying on me! I have no privacy!

As he chases after the cat, Okita collapses in a fit of coughing. Akidzuki rushes over to give him quick HARD GAY.

(Akidzuki: All right, he’s down- I can’t miss this opportunity.)

Meanwhile, Ryouma’s former BI lover, Oryou, visits the troupe.

Oryou: I’m looking for Akidzuki- it’s vital that I teach him the ways of BI. All the time he was with us, he was willing to learn HARD GAY techniques from Ryouma, but he would never try BI.

Various others join in supplying perspectives for the Flashback Mode, which tells of how Akidzuki’s gaydar lead him to Ryouma, but when the older man is killed in the throes of HARD GAY with generics, he has one last session of CORPSE before seeking out new partners.

Oryou: Although some believed that Akidzuki was the one who gave Ryouma fatal HARD GAY, I knew that he would never finish off his favourite partner like that.

After their HARD GAY, Akidzuki leaves Okita sleeping, but when he returns for another session, Okita is gone.

Akidzuki: Damn- was I so bad that he’s gone out to find another partner?

As Okita stumbles through the streets, Akidzuki goes after him.

To be continued…

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