Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 11

Whilst a half-naked Akidzuki practises with his ‘sword’, the troupe arrives in Tokyo. Kotoha is there to meet him.

Kotoha: Welcome to Tokyo, named characters.

Shiranui: Tayu, did you come to offer me BI?

Kotoha: Yes, Soutetsu asked me to give you all Tokyo-brand BI to help you settle in.

Shiranui: Soutetsu- don’t tell me that he’s your lover too?

Kotoha: Well, he is exceptionally skilled in that department.

Kotoha introduces the man with her, Shinmon Tatsubou.

Shinmon: And if anyone fancies an older partner, I’m your man.

Zagashira: Really? I may have to take you up on that offer.

Kakunojo: Anyway, where is Soutetsu?

Kotoha: To be honest, I don’t know. He must be involved in plot-related events again.

Shiranui: But the script for the next few episodes isn’t done yet- what should we do?

Zagashira: If the worst comes to the worst, they’ll just show reruns until the new episodes are ready.

Shiranui: What if it never gets done? I sensed a vibe between him and Akidzuki- what if they get so preoccupied Pleasuring each other that they forget all about this series?

Kakunojo: To be honest, I’m afraid. One of them is BI, the other HARD GAY- what will happen when their ideologies clash?

The troupe heads off to build a structure out of WOOD for the play with the help of generics and some energy producing BI.

Man: All right, get those Liangs up two at a time!

Meanwhile, Soutetsu goes to visit new villain Enomoto aboard his ship. Enomoto has his ‘sword’ on display.

Enomoto: Ah, Soutetsu, I’m glad you’re here. I’m hoping there is much you can teach me about BI.

Soutetsu: Thank you- I see you have quite an impressive ‘sword’ there.

(Soutetsu: He only has an Ezo, but I must be polite if I am to use him and his men for my own purposes.)

Enomoto: It is rather Zhuge, isn’t it? I can see you have an eye for a good Liang- so much so that you would never refuse to have BI with me.

(Enomoto: I must never openly admit the awful truth- that I have only an Ezo.)

Enomoto takes Soutetsu belowdecks.

Enomoto: Oh, by the way, there’s one more person who wants to join our little session.

Nakaiya is waiting in the cabin, along with Kanna.

Nakaiya: Gwakaka, everyone thought I was dead, but the director renewed my contract to save him hiring another actor!

Soutetsu: I knew you weren’t dead- have you forgotten that I’m the scriptwriter for this series?

Nakaiya: Gwakakakaka!

(Soutetsu: Why is he laughing? That’s so passé.)

Nakaiya: Enomoto, as a fellow villain, I hope you’ll come to me for advice on how to look and act.

Enomoto: That’s good to hear.

Nakaiya: Gwakakakaka!

(Soutetsu: Being associated with these two is doing nothing for my profile.)

At their newly built playhouse, the troupe reads their script.

Shiranui: Wow, everyone is playing themselves- Sensei must really be running out of imagination.

Meanwhile, Akidzuki is still training when a HARD GAY fog warrior appears. He tries to attack it, but everything except its blades are intangible.

(Akidzuki: I hope this is a cut scene battle, or it might really be game over for me.)

More HARD GAY warriors appear. Akidzuki tries to attack them all.

(Akidzuki: All my attacks are doing zero damage! Should I equip a rock instead?)

The HARD GAY warriors use their next few turns to move in and attack, only to vanish at the critical moment.

(Akidzuki: That was convenient.)

After quick BI, Enomoto’s fleet prepares to set sail.

Enomoto: My men are certainly efficient at servicing me, but it’s you I’m most interested in, Soutetsu.

Soutetsu: Now really, what interest could a Zhuge Lianged man like you have in one such as me?

Enomoto: Let’s stop beating about the bush- we both know that I only have an Ezo, and that you would never sleep with me unless it was to your advantage. Still, even knowing that, I look forward to our BI.

Akidzuki is sitting outside when he overhears two women talking.

Woman: I hear the Yuuyama troupe is going to get a lot of screen time soon.

Woman #2: Yes, I hear they’re doing a play about HARD GAY vs. BI.

(Akidzuki:It was almost as if I was meant to hear the conversation of these random women.)

Akidzuki makes his way to the cliff above the playhouse, where his gaydar starts tingling.

(Akidzuki: What is this? I thought there would only be BI down there.)

The playhouse fills with fog, and HARD GAY warriors appear.

Zagashira: HARD GAY phantoms! We must fight for the honour of BI!

Unfortunately, once again all but the blades are intangible. Things go badly until Akidzuki arrives with a flaming torch.

Akidzuki: Everyone change your equipment- they’re weak against Fire elemental attacks!

After equipping torches, the HARD GAY warriors are all killed in a single hit.

To be continued…

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