Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 12

After the troupe performs the first night of their play about the Lord’s Head, Akidzuki stands on the edge of a cliff and recalls the night where Ryouma died.

(Akidzuki: If only I hadn’t been out having Hyper Self Pleasure, I could have been there to prevent him getting killed.)

We see how a group of generics gave Ryouma violent and fatal HARD GAY. By the time Akidzuki gets home, they have done the deed.

Ryouma: Damn, they got me…how embarrassing to have been violated by generics.

Akidzuki gives Ryouma final HARD GAY, before staring at his hand.

(Akidzuki: Why did I ever want Hyper Self Pleasure when I had Ryouma?)

Back in the present, Kakunojo relates Oryou’s words to Akidzuki.

Kakunojo: When he was alive, Ryouma admitted to Oryou that his heart wasn’t in BI- HARD GAY was always his first love.

Akidzuki: So he was truly committed to HARD GAY- I was always worried that he preferred BI!

As Kanna wanders around on Enomoto’s ship, he catches the eye of Frenchman Jules Brunet.

(Brunet: Hmm, I like the look of him- I must invite him to my bedchamber to try LE HARD GAY later.)

Brunet goes to see Enomoto and Soutetsu.

Brunet: That blonde guy can’t be trusted! I, er, we should keep him under extremely close supervision, if you know what I mean.

(Soutetsu: Still into HARD GAY, are we? How vulgar.)

Soutetsu: Excuse me, but before we depart, I’d like to go ashore and look for some BI.

Elsewhere, Katsu is still trying to master BI with the aid of Kotoha and Shinmon.

Kotoha: Your technique is getting quite good- I’d like another session tonight.

Katsu: Of course- I can’t wait until you teach me the next few manoeuvres tomorrow.

Shinmon: I can’t wait to see what the climax will be like.

Akidzuki practises with his ‘sword’, and almost has BIRD with a passing seagull.

(Akidzuki: Who am I kidding? My love life has been awful since Ryouma died; surely a main character should be getting it all the time.)

Kakunojo approaches Akidzuki.

(Kakunojo: Poor Akidzuki, it’s only a matter of time before you give in and try BI.)

(Akidzuki: No matter how bad it gets, I must never fall as low as BI.)

As Akidzuki walks away, his gaydar starts tingling.

(Akidzuki: Yes, there’s still hope!)

Meanwhile, Kanna confronts Soutetsu by the shore.

Kanna: I haven’t been getting much HARD GAY lately- I desperately need the Lord’s Head!

Soutetsu remains evasive.

(Kanna: I can’t hold back anymore- I need to give him Gun!)

Kanna gives Soutetsu Gun as Akidzuki arrives.

Akidzuki: My love life is on the rocks- I need the Lord’s Head!

Soutetsu: Hmm, I wasn’t expecting to have a threesome here. Why don’t the two of you solve your problems by having HARD GAY with each other?

Kanna tries to give Akidzuki Gun, but Akidzuki is giving Sword to Soutetsu. Meanwhile, the Lord’s Head starts powering up, and HARD GAY warriors appear.

(Akidzuki: Damn, I forgot to bring any Fire equipment!)

Kakunojo arrives for some reason, and gets cornered by the HARD GAY warriors.

Soutetsu: At last, a woman! Now we can have proper BI!

Kakunojo: What’s going on?

Soutetsu: Special Attack- Flaming Rope!

Soutetsu ignites a rope that magically floats in the air, and the HARD GAY warriors are dispelled.

Soutetsu: Thanks to this pointless encounter, I have become inspired to write a bit more of the script for this series. Farewell.

Soutetsu magically fades away.

To be continued…

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