Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 13

After advertising the upcoming finale of their play, the troupe goes inside to read the script for this episode.

Zagashira: Hmm, it says here that Akidzuki is to be a part of our BI session.

Shiranui: It’s just like Sensei to want Pleasure from Akidzuki- but will a committed HARD GAY man like him turn to BI?

As usual, Akidzuki is out having Hyper Self Pleasure by the sea.

(Akidzuki: The situation may be getting desperate- is it time to give in to BI?)

At the British Embassy, Parkes summons his latest lovers- Knight, Rook, Queen and Bishop.

Parkes: I hope you realise that servicing me is strictly off the record- I don’t want anyone keeping tabs on my love life.

That evening, Enomoto is on the deck of his ship when Soutetsu comes to visit him.

Enomoto: I know what you’re thinking, Soutetsu- you’re wondering why I haven’t come to bed yet. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I’m hesitant; all the men think I have a Zhuge Liang, and so I am scared to expose my inadequate Ezo.

Belowdecks, Nakaiya sits in a chair and practises laughing evilly whilst drinking wine. Kanna indulges in a Flashback Mode about his mother in order to reaffirm why women cannot be trusted.

Meanwhile, Akidzuki talks to Kakunojo.

Kakunojo: What? Are you saying you actually want to join our BI?

Akidzuki: You have to understand that I have no interest in the BI itself; it’s just that I need to relieve my frustrations in order to be able to better concentrate on finding a HARD GAY partner.

Kakunojo: It’s just like Sensei predicted- he knew you would eventually sample BI.

As the play begins, Soutetsu goes to retrieve the Lord’s Head.

(Soutetsu: I must show Akidzuki the heights of BI Pleasure.)

Nakaiya and Kanna approach.

Nakaiya: It’s really unfair, a virile young man like you using the Head. You should hand it over to an older lover, one who needs a little help in getting it up.

Soutetsu: The aphrodisiac powers of the Head would be wasted on one such as you.

Kanna prepares to give Soutetsu Gun.

Soutetsu: Well, it looks like the climax of my foreplay has just begun.

Nakaiya: Climax? I haven’t even got my Liang out yet!

Soutetsu: I don’t even need to see your Liang- more lovers will be along soon.

Kanna: Shut up! Isn’t my Gun good enough for you?

Meanwhile, Akidzuki has joined the onstage BI. He tears down the back screen of the stage to reveal a long pier leading to Soutetsu and the others. As a series of candles along and around the pier light up, Akidzuki runs towards Soutetsu.

(Akidzuki: Look at all those candles! I’ll be levelling up a lot tonight!)

Kanna takes the head from Soutetsu.

Nakaiya: Gwakakaka, looks like I’ll be the one indulging in Pleasure tonight!

Kanna: I don’t think so- you’re just not my type.

Nakaiya: Damn you- is an ugly old man like Parkes really a better option?

As Kanna tries to react, Akidzuki appears and has Sword with him. The force of the encounter knocks both of them and the Lord’s Head into the water.

(Akidzuki: I started the night with BI, but now I can wash it away with true HARD GAY!)

Nakaiya grabs the head and starts paddling his boat away as HARD GAY warriors appear.

Ebisu: Damn, those ghosts are here to ruin the BI again.

The troupe starts fighting the HARD GAY warriors, despite the fact that they should already know that this is ineffectual.

Nakaiya: Gwakaka, time to make my next convenient escape!

Whilst Akidzuki climbs into Nakaiya’s boat, Kakunojo paddles out to catch up with them, and the English chess piece team concludes a vicious HARD GAY session by preparing a spot of Cannon for Nakaiya. The Cannon session destroys Nakaiya’s boat, whilst Akidzuki jumps onto Kakunojo’s boat and Kanna watches from a previously unseen craft of his own.

(Kanna: Such forceful Cannon!)

The smoke clears to reveal Akidzuki on top of Kakunojo.

(Kanna: That traitor- he’s having BI!)

Further Cannon occurs, but Nakaiya and the Lord’s Head have miraculously come through intact.

(Akidzuki: How did I end up having more BI on the water like this? And why does it actually feel good?)

Ebisu jumps over to Nakaiya from yet another boat (where are they all coming from?), and starts giving him violent bondage.

Ebisu: At last I can have some decent Pleasure! All this time my unattractiveness has forced me into a supporting role, and I’m sick of it!

Nakaiya: I won’t die! Like a B-movie villain, I’ll keep coming back! Gwakakaka!

The next round of Cannon hits Nakaiya and Ebisu dead on, killing them with its intense Pleasure.

(Kanna: Whilst all this is happening, I’ll just grab the Lord’s Head and become the most HARD GAY of them all!)

(Akidzuki: While no one’s looking, I might as well get the Lord’s Head and enhance my Pleasure.)

The upshot of their struggle is that the Head is released. It heads for Enomoto’s fleet.

Brunet: Get out of here, Enomoto! The Pleasure Field from that head is too much for supporting characters like us!

Enomoto: What would you know about the pain of living with an Ezo? If I get that Head, I can finally know true Pleasure!

The Head possesses Enomoto, who knocks back Brunet and some generics with the force of his upgraded Pleasure.

Enomoto: I need men! Bring me men!

(Soutetsu: At last he has become a worthy partner.)

Akidzuki stands on his boat, holding his dripping ‘Sword’.

(Akidzuki: What have I done? Everything must have turned out this way because I abandoned HARD GAY and tasted the forbidden fruit of BI.)

To be continued…

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