Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 14

On the deck of his flagship, Enomoto addresses his men.

Enomoto: Men, you all exist to service to me- your lives and Liangs are in my hands.

Brunet: It’s all very well to say that, but there’s something everyone wants to know- do you have an Ezo?

Enomoto: You will find out the true power of my ‘sword’ once you have BI with me- that is all I can say for now. But I promise you this- it will be the best Pleasure of your lives!

Ebisu’s funeral procession is held.

(Kakashi: Why do I have to carry the body? This discrimination against stoic characters must end!)

(Kakunojo: Poor Ebisu, he never got the character development he deserved- but now he’s gone it means more screen time for me!)

(Zagashira: If Ebisu can die, it means none of us are safe. I’d better check my contract).

(Shiranui: I don’t know who this wailing guy leading the procession is, but I wish he’d shut up.)

Elsewhere, Akidzuki contemplates his recent BI.

(Akidzuki: What was I doing? How could I have lowered myself to BI?)

He angrily slices up the manuscript of Soutetsu’s BI techniques.

At the British Embassy, Parkes talks to the chess piece team.

Parkes: Your Pleasure was most disappointing to me, team.

Kanna arrives and gives everyone Gun.

Kanna: Parkes, how could you? The Lord’s Head is a priceless HARD GAY artefact, and yet you were willing to send both it and me to the bottom of the sea! How could you?

(Parkes: I must never let him know that I am jealous of his good looks and skill in the bedroom.)

Parkes: As you can see, I have four new lovers- I no longer had any need of you. Still, if you want to stay on, I’ll give you one more chance to impress me in the bedroom.

(Kanna: With lovers so thin of the ground, what choice do I have?)

Meanwhile, the troupe are once again packing up to separate.

Shiranui: Well, it looks like we’ve stretched our luck as far as it can go- this could be the end of our screen time.

Elsewhere, Kanna is testing his HARD GAY against the chess piece team’s BI.

Kanna: I’m not interested in BI, but I cannot deny that you are skilled.

Knight: You’re pretty good yourself- but we’ll see how you do on the ‘battlefield’.

Kanna walks away.

Bishop: I’m not impressed- such a puny man could never satisfy me in bed.

Queen: Until he shows an interest in women, he’s of no use to me.

Knight: We’ll see how well he masters using us as his partners.

Rook: Our voracious appetites for Pleasure are what brought us together- but will he be able to handle us?

Knight: Remember, he’s not like us- he still supports HARD GAY.

Kakunojo talks to the other troupe members.

Kakunojo: It’s been fun, but let’s face it- my OP role shows that I’m a much more important character than the lot of you. That’s why I’m off to get a prime role in the next arc- farewell.

On Enomoto’s ship, Brunet and his generics try to give Soutetsu Sword.

Brunet: You’re just a playwright- why do you get so much screen time?

Soutetsu: I am the scriptwriter for this series- kill me and it ends.

Brunet: Okay, but just make sure you write plenty of HARD GAY scenes for me.

(Soutetsu: As if.)

Whilst the chess piece team amuses themselves with rough BI aboard a French ship, Akidzuki continues on his journey to find a HARD GAY partner- only to realise that Kakunojo is following him.

(Akidzuki: Oh great, a woman- will I ever escape BI now?)

To be continued…

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  1. aoboru says:

    Man! I love Akizuki Youjiro very much, but this is too funny… especially the part when Soutetsu was given sword and asked by Brunet and answered.

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