El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 10

In the latest dull town, Nadie and Ellis meet a man who claims to have given up HARD GAY for STRAIGHT. When it becomes clear that he still yearns for Pleasure with other men, however, Nadie must decide whether or not to show him that STRAIGHT can be worthy too.

Blue Eyes finally gets a perfect score on her infiltration mission.

“Hmm, maybe this love doll will be useful for practising STRAIGHT.”

In the most exciting scene of the series so far, a cup of coffee is in danger of falling off the bonnet of a car.

Oh my god, it’s moving closer to the edge! Can it be saved?

It’s falling! Someone stop this madness!

Farewell, oh noble cup of coffee.

When in doubt, borrow a joke from Disgaea and subtly disguise it.

“I only asked you for HARD GAY!”

“Anyway, I thought you were coming onto to me!”

“I’m not interested in sleeping with someone as fat and ugly as you!”

“What do you say about some Gun with me, then?”

“Don’t violate me! I’m not interested in women!”

Elsewhere, LA’s naked bondage continues.

He has been forced to provide Rosenberg with HARD GAY night and day.

“…and look at my waiting Liang.”

“Swear allegiance to HARD GAY!”

“Tell me how much you love Zhuge Liangs!”

“…feel attraction to a woman again.”

“…thus rendering my entire brainwashing efforts a pointless waste of time, really.”

“Okay, Señor Sombrero, you can have a go with LA.”

Bee Train denies accusations of receiving secret funding from Amigo Tacos.

“As you can see, I’m well and truly STRAIGHT now- honest!”

“What do you say to joining us for a threesome- it’s all the rage these days?”

“I don’t usually like to service men as well, but for the right price, I’m sure we can come to an arrangement.”

“After Romeo X Juliet ended, I really let myself go.”

“Weren’t we all going to have STRAIGHT?”

“Here, I’ve got the girl all dressed up.”

“I can’t hold back any longer- let’s get to the bedroom!”

“Please don’t encourage Ellis with displays of STRAIGHT.”

“I’m trying to keep her to BI and HARD YURI only.”

“HARD YURI- what’s that?”

“Ellis, don’t force yourself to try STRAIGHT- it’s not worth it.”

“STRAIGHT is a world that has never interested me.”

“Don’t forget your promise to give us STRAIGHT tonight!”

“I’ll get the bed ready.”

“Will we need these for tonight’s Pleasure?”

“Even though you claim to be STRAIGHT, I can see that your hand is more used to holding another man’s Liang.”

“As an expert on Pleasure, I can easily tell a person’s preference.”

“I used to have problems getting my Liang up, and it was only my friend Marcus who could arouse me.”

“…to become his lover, and I agreed.”

“In the end, though, we decided to try STRAIGHT.”

“But it’s difficult, for my Liang just won’t respond to STRAIGHT, and our love life has suffered; that’s why I asked you over to spice up our bedroom sessions.”

“Lirio, can you service me again?”

“Hey Ricardo, it’s been a while since we last had HARD GAY.”

“Is this your loli?”

“Yes she is, and you can’t touch her!”

“Well, LA killed his guard, but at least it looks like he had passionate HARD GAY with him first.”

“I honestly tried to give up HARD GAY!”

“It’s probably better that she doesn’t know about your HARD GAY inclinations.”

When gunfire is seen, Nadie runs inside to avoid a budget-taxing action scene.

“Antonio, come and have HARD GAY with me!”

“If you don’t, I will have to have STRAIGHT with this woman!”

“I don’t want some character of the week having STRAIGHT with her!”

“Stand still and let me give you Gun!”

“Do we need these for the Pleasure?”

“It’s no good, I’ll never understand STRAIGHT.”

“Did you know that he was HARD GAY all along?”

“Why didn’t you say something before- we could have tried a compromise with BI.”

“Okay, I’ve come out of the closet and admitted that I’m still HARD GAY! When do we get down to the Pleasure?”

“Sorry, but I already gave him STRAIGHT.”

“I think I may have overdone it a bit, though.”

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