Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 18

Much to the delight of all the generics waiting for BI, Enomoto comes out onto the deck of his ship.

Generic: It’s Enomoto! He must be planning some special BI!

Samurai Generic: Hmm, let’s not judge his prowess in the bedroom until we see his Liang.

Samurai Generic #2: Yeah, all the rumours say it’s just a Ezo.

Enomoto targets the two samurai with his special move- Evil Stare.

Samurai Generics: Uh, we mean, hooray for BI with Enomoto!

(Enomoto: Those two shall never learn my enhanced BI techniques.)

The chess piece team arrives and gives the sailors a taste of Grenade.

Hijikata: What’s going on- I’ve never seen that sort of BI before.

Soutetsu: Do not concern yourself with the chess piece team- their BI is weak and ineffectual compared to what I can show you.

The chess piece team administers Blade to Enomoto’s underlings, before confronting him. Enomoto counters with Evil Stare.

(Queen: Damn, under the strength of this attack I can barely move!)

Rook: What are we all standing around for? It’s time to show Enomoto just who’s the master of BI around here!

Rook tries to give Enomoto Knife, but when Enomoto turns up the intensity of Evil Stare, he is unable to complete his attack.

(Enomoto: Foolish boy- now I will show you the proper way to give Blade!)

Enomoto tries to give Sword to Rook, but Kanna shows up in one of those convenient boats and interrupts the session with Gun.

(Kanna: BI disgusts me- I must eradicate it.)

The chess piece team takes the opportunity to dive into the water. Kanna and Enomoto’s generics trade Gun.

Enomoto: Cease fire! I refuse to watch you having HARD GAY with that man! Now, Kanna, taste the full force of my Evil Stare!

(Kanna: My god, it truly is evil! I feel like he’s raping me with his eyes!)

(Enomoto: Nothing- not Sword, Spear or even Gun- is a match for my Evil Stare!)

Kanna lowers his Gun, and the team rows away.

Back in his room, Soutetsu watches the end of the BI. Hijikata has left, but he has signed his name on the BI contract.

(Soutetsu: Excellent- another lover for my harem.)

Later, Hijikata visits Enomoto and Soutetsu on the ship.

Enomoto: Ah, Hijikata, I’ve been waiting for you. Feel free to make yourself comfortable- my bed is your bed, as they say.

(Hijikata: I’m still not comfortable about BI, but it seems to be the way of the new world.)

Soutetsu: I hope you will find Enomoto to your liking.

Hijikata: I’m not so sure about him- the rumours say he has merely an Ezo.

Inside the temple, Akidzuki spars with a candle.

(Akidzuki: Okay, candle, this is it- you and your kind have mocked me for long enough!)

Kakunojo enters.

Kakunojo: Akidzuki, I’m still set on having BI with you.

Akidzuki: Show me your Sword.

Kakunojo gets her Sword out.

(Akidzuki: This is not BI- how can it be when there are two Swords involved?)

Kakunojo and Akidzuki have brief Sword.

Akidzuki: Hmm, that wasn’t bad. You can come along with me, as long as you consider yourself an honorary man.

(Kakunojo: The honorary man bit isn’t ideal, but this could be the first step in getting Akidzuki to accept BI.)

Akidzuki and Kakunojo prepare to leave the temple. Kakunojo dresses in men’s clothing.

Man: Leaving already? I was hoping for some quality HARD GAY time with you- and what’s Kakunojo doing in those men’s clothes?

Kakunojo: Don’t worry about me- I’m used to this attire.

(Man: If you ask me, this is a sign that some BI is about to go down.)

On Enomoto’s ship, more soldiers have been recruited.

Soutetsu: After learning they would get the chance to sleep with the great Hijikata, many soldiers joined our cause.

Hijikata: It seems we will never be short of Pleasure partners.

Determined to get in on the Pleasure (and have some additional screen time), Akidzuki and Kakunojo are on one of the boats of generic soldiers about to board Enomoto’s ship.

(Akidzuki: My unique character design surely doesn’t stand out amongst all these generics- it’s the perfect way to sneak in unsuspected!)

(Hijikata: Is that Akidzuki down there?)

The chess piece team steers a British ship over for another round of BI with Enomoto. Enomoto prepares for their arrival with Evil Stare.

Enomoto: Men, give Cannon to that ship!

Despite the Cannon, the two ships collide, and a new BI session begins.

Enomoto: Don’t be afraid! Give them more Pleasure than they can possibly handle!

(Rook: What is this? This Pleasure is more intense than anything I’ve ever had before!)

Rook decides to go after Enomoto, but once again his knife is deflected by Evil Stare. Two generics give him fatal Sword.

Queen: Brother!

Knight: Something’s wrong- our named character immunity just went down!

Kanna: Then we’d better get out of here!

(Kanna: I’ll take any excuse to get away from this hideous BI; I was only using my Gun out of duty, and not because I was enjoying it- yes, I must believe that).

As Kanna and the others escape, Akidzuki and Kakunojo board the ship.

Enomoto: Ah, are you the next one who wants to give me Sword? I really am in demand.

(Akidzuki: I must kill him and put an end to his BI!)

(Enomoto: Time to defend myself with Evil Stare.)

Akidzuki prepares to give Enomoto fatal Sword, but before he can do so, Enomoto’s BI aura causes Kakunojo to give Akidzuki intense Sword.

(Akidzuki: This can’t be happening! I’m the main character…aren’t I?)

Enomoto: BI will always triumph! Gwakakaka! Gwakakaka! Gwakakaka! Gwakakaka!

The injured Akidzuki stumbles away as Kakunojo reverts to normal.

(Kakunojo: What have I done? I wanted BI with Akidzuki, but not like this!)

Soutetsu: Poor Eternal Assassin- if only you had accepted BI instead of trying to cling onto HARD GAY, none of this would have happened.

(Akidzuki: Damn you, BI! Activate Dramatic Slow Motion Mode!)

Akidzuki falls into the water in slow motion.

Enomoto: Men, I am very impressed with your BI! Let us have many more exciting sessions!

The soldiers begin cheering.

Enomoto: Now, we must all gather together in a place where the size of the Liang doesn’t matter, only its prowess- the land of Ezo!

Hijikata: Ezo…so he really does have one.

To be continued…

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