El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 11

Whilst attending a cosplay convention at the latest village of generics, Nadie discovers a woman who is making a living by selling BI to the other villagers. It seems a simple enough arrangement, but what will happen when the villagers decide they want HARD GAY instead?

Nadie tosses a coin to establish who will be dominant in the evening’s HARD YURI.

“I can’t believe I lost.”

And now for a word from our sponsors, Amigo Tacos- the best tacos money can buy.

From out of nowhere, a narrator appears.

The writers had finally started coming up with some kind of a plot.

An evil organisation is revealed- you can tell their lack of benevolence thanks to the hoods and the secret plotting.

“Is it just me, or is it hard to see with these hoods on?”

“And now for the report from Stellar Cartography.”

“The viewers are getting bored, and they want you to stop this journey.”

“It’s filled with generics and their generic problems, which you’ll probably have to solve.”

“It’ll inject a bit of action into the show.”

“Hey Nadie, should we give up HARD YURI and try STRAIGHT?”

“Asking for STRAIGHT is most certainly not recommended.”

“Welcome to Skullman village.”

“Or as you may call it, a cosplay convention.”

“Sadly, our costume making skills are rather limited, so you can either dress as a relative of Skullman, or just don a pair of cat ears.”

Who remembers the Cat Ear Party from Kino’s Journey?

“HARD GAY is evil and wrong- see how I bend this sword to symbolise my desire to destroy it!”

“We object- my boyfriend and I have the right to express our love through HARD GAY!”

“Why should we have to pay you for BI every time we want Pleasure?”

“Stop complaining- she seems to be enjoying the Pleasure I have to offer.”

“I must find a way to get myself back into the story.”

“Ellis, don’t contaminate yourself with Sword!”

“We could have gotten straight down to some HARD YURI!”

Coming soon to Sky One- When Fat Cats Go Wrong.

“Even if my HARD YURI is not up to your standards, could you just tell the villagers it was good anyway? I make my living from having BI with them, so any complaints could be damaging.”

Having already mastered the use of forks some weeks ago, Ellis decides to start focusing on the spoon.

“We are evil, and so we must plot in doorways, with the light placed to cast a sinister shadow.”

“Instead, one should have Pleasure with them.”

“Where did my lovers go? Don’t tell me they skipped out on me in the middle of the night!”

“This is going to totally ruin my reputation.”

The grave of a fat cat who died last year…wait a minute, was the series so boring that I fell asleep and missed the whole of 2008?

Natalia finally gets the opportunity to have Pleasure with Ellis.

“I thought I could live a STRAIGHT life, but then I learned that I preferred BI and HARD YURI.”

“Ellis, please stay here and become my live-in lover!”

“If you want other partners, I can pay for them!”

Having been left out of the Pleasure, Nadie is forced to have LANTERN instead.

“Earlier this evening we believed in you strongly enough to cosplay, but a sentence or two from some fellow generics has convinced us that you are a fraud!”

For her next Pleasure, Nadie tries a spot of TAPESTRY.

Meanwhile, Ellis and Natalia experience the flames of passion.

“…if you know what I mean.”

Anyone can just randomly phone the White House.

“…I want us to star in our own spin-off show, an X-rated HARD YURI series.”

Sadly, Natalia is consumed by the raging inferno of her unfulfilled desires.

“Excuse us, are we too late for .hack//Roots?”

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