Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 4: Balls part I

The sports festival is here, and whilst it may not be as bizarre as Hanadera’s recent event, it still differs quite a bit from your normal sports day. But whilst the girls plan new and exciting forms of both HARD YURI and ball games, Yumi must decide whether or not to take Kanako as a partner.

Yoshino tries to arrange a group HARD YURI session.

“Should I sleep with her or not?”

“We also need to arrange relay HARD YURI, an intense session where partners are constantly swapped in and out.”

“Who would like to take part?”

“This sounds like a job for me, character of the episode!”

“This is the perfect chance for Yoshino and I to have HARD YURI!”

“I like the sound of that.”

“Even so, I’m not familiar with this type of group session, so I may not offer good Pleasure.”

“It’s enough just to have had HARD YURI with you, no matter what the quality.”

You go, girls!

“Yumi, I understand you’re still interested in Kanako as a partner.”

“I have realised that if I want you to become a better partner, I have to stop being so possessive and let you have experience with other lovers.”

“And once you have learned all that she can teach, return to me and warm my bed.”

“Okay, I’m off for HARD YURI with Kanako!”

“Damn, I wanted a quick session before she left.”

“Kanako, I know we broke up last episode, but I’ve had a change of heart…”

“As an obsessive stalker, you must have some feelings for me.”

“Stalking you is so last episode!”

“Anyway, one day you were a kind, gentle and friendly personality, and the next you completely changed into a kind, gentle and friendly personality!”

This is a realistic series indeed.

“If we take this plausible situation as reality, we can start the stalker-victim relationship all over again!”

“The viewers aren’t going to swallow that, and neither will I!”

“Having HARD YURI with you would now be more painful than pleasurable to me.”

“Then let’s have an S&M session.”

“Let me just think of all the things Sachiko did to me.”

“We can participate in the group HARD YURI then.”

“If we do this, I want the chance to be dominant for at least part of the session.”

“Very well; I’m used to being the submissive one, so I’ll do anything you want.”

“Within certain restrictive parameters, of course.”

Kanako reveals that she is suffering from thin leg syndrome.

“Did you take on a new lover, Yumi? You seem to have a kind of glow.”

“Now is not the time to be admiring each other’s love lives!”

What happened to having different classes compete against each other at the sports festival?

“Anyway, here are our prospective partners for the group session.”

Ten minutes in, and we finally get to the actual festival.

“…but I need urgent HARD YURI!”

“You’ve been sleeping with Kanako, haven’t you?”

“What do you need her for when I’m all ready to play dominant to your submissive?”

“Kanako is an unstable stalker with a bipolar personality and family issues- so of course I’m attracted to her!”

“You always know how to service my needs, Yumi.”

“I’ve never had such passionate HARD YURI from her this early in the day.”

All of a sudden there are six seemingly randomly picked teams, not just the three mentioned earlier.

Who is this guy? Could a man possibly be on the Lillian faculty?

Ball-rolling, a well known Olympic sport.

Is it me, or is this race a little bizarre, and even laughable?

Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t just about rolling small white balls- it also involves tennis balls and basketballs. It’s a wild crazy world out there!

Then we have these ‘big balls’ of indeterminate purpose. Are they used to drive away men from the school?

Cross-dressing, back by popular demand.

“I didn’t used to care for cross-dressing.”

“…but after the events of last episode, I’ve got into it in a big way.”

“Every episode could just be about me staring at Sachiko with undisguised lust.”

We’ve had ball rolling, so what comes next? Ball throwing, of course!

And then ball basketing…what happened to the hundred metres and the long jump?

Let the ball throwing commence.

Well, you wouldn’t expect to find balls at an all-girls school, would you?

Next up- tossing balls into a stationary basket.

“Hey, did you know that as a third year the demands on your Pleasure time get more intense?”

“The nuns teach you all kinds of advanced techniques.”

“No wonder they’re always exhausted.”

Verily, I am most vexed about the situation.

A non-ball event is mentioned, even if it is equally bizarre.

The only thing I have to say about the next few images is- “isn’t this meant to be a sports festival, not a cosplay competition?”

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  1. me says:

    where can i find the 4th ova without downloading it?

  2. Necromancer says:

    “where can i find the 4th ova without downloading it?”

    Many online shops will probably have the OVA, without subtitles of course *starts talking to myself about why that question sounds so stupid*

  3. Jen says:

    I love reading your parodies; this website is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I remember the first time I saw Maria-sama, the whole slice of life, over the top melodrama was just begging to be parodied, and now it has. Although I tend to think of Strawberry Panic as a parody, but I like your take on Maria-sama better. I look forward to any and all future updates.

  4. Karura says:

    Thanks, Jen, nice to know I have another convert to the ways of parody 😉

  5. Nana says:

    this is soo funny!

    Where can I FIND THE SUBTITLES!? I need to see this one! ^_^

  6. Neo Horizon says:

    >> Kanako reveals that she is suffering from thin leg syndrome.

    Bwahahahaha. That line made me laugh so hard. XDDD Awesome job!

  7. MichelleLiZ says:

    Kanako’s leg!!! BWAHAHAHA! good one..
    you can watch it on without downloading it..

  8. V says:

    “Kanako reveals that she is suffering from thin leg syndrome.”

    Can’t stop laughing after reading this lol. 😀

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