El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 12

When Nadie and Ellis run into the character of the week, a lack of other options force them to contemplate BI with him- but after BI, Ellis begins to consider taking the next step and going all the way to STRAIGHT. Can Nadie be convinced to try this radical type of Pleasure?

“Is it me, or did they use this footage last episode?”

Blue-Eyes waits for a taxi, unaware that the sign actually stands for “Buy your Car Tax Here!”

“Why am I not getting as much screen time as promised?”

“…who’s the main character- deal with it.”

A blurred shot due to motion is such a rarity in a Bee Train series that it must be recorded for posterity.

“All glass must die!”

“The weird outfits are nothing new, but to be actually shooting? Usually we just wave guns around and have a few still shots.”

“Hey, there’s no need to send me a photo of the great BI you’re having right now.”

“I hope you exhaust yourself.”

HARD GAY can be profitable.

Nadie decides to try out the advice given in “How to Break the Ice with a Complete Stranger”.

(“Damn, not a woman- I’m more of a HARD GAY man.”)

(“Then again, she looks hot- I’m turning BI for Ellis!”)

Some people claim that each episode of El Cazador contains gratuitous references to Amigo Tacos, but I don’t know what they’re talking about.

“Taco taco tacos…oishii tacos!”

“Forget that, I prefer the sexy Alias look.”

Ortega tries to impress Ellis into having BI with him by talking about his extensive Gun collection.

“I have a huge collection of guns that I have researched extensively, catalogued on the computer and generally think about all the time, but I wouldn’t really call myself a maniac.”

“I may be an ugly one-shot character, but my goals are noble!”

“Besides, I hear that getting it on with a politician is a good way to get free stuff.”

“Don’t give Ellis any ideas.”

“This type of Gun is most commonly practised in America.”

“Although in more recent times, European HARD GAY has started to gain popularity.”

“Once you get up close and personal, it offers an intense HARD GAY experience.”

“Oh, sorry- women aren’t interested in Guns and HARD GAY, are they?”

“Perhaps I could interest you in a spot of BI, though?”

“BI? With you?”

“Trust me, my Gun is both powerful and accurate.”

“Anyway, a one-shot generic design like me must surely be more skilled than the main character.”

“All I need from you is a phone that I can use to call more partners.”

“Did someone call for Pleasure?”

“Damn, I guess you are the better option after all- let’s have Gun right away!”

“You must get the production staff together and figure out a plot before it’s too late!”

“…and you know what they get up to at night.”

“Are you saying they’re on the Viagra again!?”

“We are not ashamed of it, for it helps us achieve good results.”

“Okay, Ortega, it’s my turn to have Ellis.”

“No way- you get her every episode!”

“Stick with me, and I will show you how intense my BI can be.”

“Fine, just make it a quick session.”

“Activate custom wang upgrade- Silver Wolf!”

“Nadie, in case you hadn’t guessed, you’re going to be having a lot of Gun soon.”

“I know you prefer HARD YURI, but just make do with BI tonight.”

“I can’t take so much BI all in one go!”

“I know that you don’t have to give me any more HARD GAY this week…”

“…but I’m really desperate!”

“Please come over and relieve my needs.”

“Sorry, but my loli is sick, so I can’t service you.”

“Oh well, back to cybersex- oh look, Horny2902 is online!”

“That brainwashing really helped me get over Ellis.”

“Well, that’s the first BI session of the night over with.”

“Nice ass.”

“Keep running- we can still make it to the .hack//Roots auditions!”

“I can also download the latest porn videos.”

“…or maybe not.”

“Now I can’t talk to Rosenberg69 in our special chatroom!”

Come on, who doesn’t feel the same way when their internet is down?

“By the way, I’m impressed at the way your Liang held up in that last session.”

“Was it a custom job, or did you go to New Wang?”

“I did all the work on it myself, using armoured vehicles as a template.”

“Impressive- not many men would tinker with their own Liang to such an extent.”

“I sense that we may have to have STRAIGHT with this man.”

“BI is one thing, but STRAIGHT…?”

“Come on, let’s try it.”

“All right, then, but I won’t go easy on you.”

“Just one STRAIGHT session isn’t going to harm anyone…”

“…Ouch, ouch, ouch! This STRAIGHT business is painful!”

“On second thought, that Liang was all style and no substance.”

“Are you saying I’m a substandard lover?”

“I’ll show you who’s substandard!”

“Is he voluntarily having Pleasure with those black things?”

“No one will dare question my prowess now!”

“Oh look, it’s dawn, and so our pursuers have magically given up- they must not want the daylight to reveal their ugliness.”

“The plot has provided us with a new car.”

“I feel like I should contribute to the repair of your wang.”

“It’s not like anyone will see me again.”

“Anyway, I have my father’s wang in a jar somewhere around here- I can just attach that.”

“Hey Nadie, should we permanently adopt STRAIGHT as our way of life from now on?”

“Hmm, maybe we should.”

“…that STRAIGHT was not for them, nor would it ever be.”

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  1. Krypfto says:

    Wow, that was the best one in a while. I’m still giggling like a slightly insane person. “You must get the production staff together and figure out a plot before it’s too late!” was a stroke of genius.

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