Winter Cicada 3 [end]: It started out like Romeo and Juliet, but it ended up in tragedy (part I)

Now the Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Meiji government, Kusaka keeps Akizuki as his secret lover in a guest house at the bottom of the garden, but poor Akizuki no longer feels up to servicing him. Can their love possibly survive, or, as we suspected, was it all doomed from the start?

Several years have passed, and HORSE has become increasingly popular.

Some people have now gone almost two years without HARD GAY.

In fact, in these new times BI has started to become the Pleasure of choice for most.

Even so, a few stubborn souls still cling to the ways of HARD GAY.

What’s this? Has even Kusaka given in to BI and hired maids?

Ah wait, they are just cross dressing men.

Happy endings just don’t have titles like this.

“Who is that secret lover he keeps in the guest house?”

“You are just a generic- do not question the ways of the main character!”

“He claimed to have given up HARD GAY and embraced the BI of the new era.”

“Even so, only I, the old housekeeper, have been allowed to service him.”

“Yet during those sessions, he seems to hardly be enjoying the BI at all!”

“I cannot help but wonder if he still yearns for HARD GAY.”

Naturally, Kusaka’s hidden HARD GAY lover is none other than Akizuki.

Sadly, he has become generally silent and motionless.

“…since we haven’t lit the fires of passion in a while.”

“Firewood is so expensive these days.”

“He might get hurt- and then what would I do for HARD GAY?”

“Can he really hate being trapped as my love slave that much?”

“Just shout if you want HARD GAY.”

Akizuki remains silent and unmoving.

And lo and behold, the next morning he is in the same position.

“Only HARD GAY can warm up us in these conditions!”

“Or maybe we should have a fun manservice episode!”

“These generic character designs, this low budget animation- I can’t take it anymore!”

“Who cares about that as long as we can have HARD GAY?”

“Maybe if I rape you, you’ll understand that sex with me is worth staying alive for!”

“You are the only HARD GAY partner I can depend on!”

“I won’t go back to that lonely life of Hyper Self Pleasure!”

“Are they tears of Pain or Pleasure?”

“Don’t you remember the great HARD GAY we had in episodes one and two?”

“If not, then I have no choice but to remind you!”

“Let’s move onto full hard yaoi!”

“Isn’t a Liang like mine worth living for?”

“How can I tell him that I do not feel worthy of his Liang anymore?”

Meanwhile, Aizawa is impatiently waiting for his own HARD GAY from Kusaka.

“He’s having sex with his secret lover in the back garden, if you must know.”

“My Liang grows impatient!”

“Then go and find another partner!”

Aizawa enters a still Flashback Mode to explain how his girlfriend was killed, causing him to turn to HARD GAY for comfort.

“Maybe I can get some inside.”

“Oh wait- they’re already at it.”

“I can’t believe it! Not only does Kusaka have another lover, but he didn’t even invite me for a threesome!”

(“Oh great; this maid hasn’t come to give me BI, has she?”)

“Please don’t take offence at this, but I prefer it when Kusaka gives me Pleasure.”

“Sorry, but he has another partner to service today.”

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2 Responses to Winter Cicada 3 [end]: It started out like Romeo and Juliet, but it ended up in tragedy (part I)

  1. Okinneko says:

    Can you tell me the ending? Did they get together? Feel sad if they go separate ways.. they seems to love each other and war changes everything and everyone.

    I have watched till OVA2 where Akizuki tries to kill himself and ending shown he was staying in his lover’s house.

    Please tell me the ending. Thanks.

  2. Karura says:

    Akizuki is hiding in Kusaka’s guest house because the army is hunting down former members of the bakufu, but his father sends his underling Aizawa to find him. Aizawa visits the house and sees Kusaka and Akizuki having sex, so he comes back later and accuses Akizuki of living dishonourably before leaving a knife and telling him that the right thing for a samurai to do is kill himself (Akizuki previously wanted to kill himself but Kusaka obviously wouldn’t let him).
    The next day, the army comes to search Kusaka’s house, and even though they don’t find anything, Aizawa lets slip that he knows about the man in the guest house. Kusaka immediately runs out to find Akizuki, who has dragged himself out through the snow to a deserted clearing and stabbed himself. By the time Kusaka finds him, Akizuki is already dead, and so he too takes the knife and stabs himself, leaving it to Aizawa to stumble upon their frozen corpses a little while later.
    The tragic irony of it is that if Akizuki had been arrested, he would have been released a year later anyway, and then the couple could have lived together.

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