Shameless Self Promotion: Azure Flame one year anniversary


In the summer of 2006, the blogging bandwagon was rolling along at full steam, and one particularly dull and boring Friday afternoon, the person who was to come be know as Karura decide to venture over to WordPress and start her own blog. It was an idea that had been considered and discarded many times over the months, but now it could be put off no longer. Ginga Densetsu Weed was being subbed and desperately needed parody, .hack//Roots had just become deathly boring and demanded enlivening in some fashion, and in general various thoughts and opinions just had to be inflicted on the world in general.


From those inauspicious beginnings, the naked, wet and shivering newborn blog went on to slowly learn how to walk and crawl, and seven paragraphs of pretentious story later (skipped for your convenience), it became what you see now. In that time, nearly 700 posts would be written and over 1200 legit comments made, and yet there would still be more to say in the future, from the irrelevant gaming posts that Hung hunts down with intensity to the rants, reviews and parodies that everyone knows and loves  has a vague awareness of and occasionally shows appreciation for.


The powers behind the throne- a handful of acknowledgments



  • Necromancer: this guy is a screencapping machine- without him, parody of .hack//Roots and Pumpkin Scissors would not have been possible, nor would many Tuesday Rumble articles. Here’s to more random conversations and shared fat cat worship.
  • rn

  • Hopeless: My blogging sempai in the beginning, now on indefinite hiatus on his own blog but still able to come up with ideas that can be refined into Tuesday Rumble articles.
  • rn

  • Randall Fitzgerald deserves thanks for offering free hosting to the likes of me out of the kindness of his heart, and putting up with constant requests for WordPress upgrades.
  • rn

  • And to increase the sappiness content, thanks to all readers and non-flaming commenters; now don’t go away or I will have to hunt you down.
  • rn


Promises for the future (may or may not be fulfilled)rnA few planned additions for the blog that may or may not come to pass.rn


  • Tuesday Rumble: Revival of merchandise reviews, chibi Karura and, if I ever get around to actually doing it, a comic strip.
  • rn

  • More Dark Side Gaming Rants, studio reviews, HiME RPG, True Otome, Dicemasters and the last two Those Were the Days? articles.
  • rn

  • Possibly some more Game FAQs for SRPGs and rare games, but only if I have simultaneously have time and can be bothered. I might even get around to finishing Duo Princess
  • rn

  • Updates for some older posts, like the Tsubasa arc summary.
  • rn

  • “Random Generic’s RPG Diary”, an Anton’s Diary-esque piece covering a generic hero’s RPG adventures.
  • rn


Pointless statistics



  • First non “look, I have a blog” post: “Mai-Otome, or how to deface a franchise in 26 easy steps”, the infamous longest rant ever, explaining just why Otome was so awful. The rant and its sequels so thoroughly covered Otome that no rant since has been able to even come close to their level of detail.
  • rn

  • First comment was by nonex on the Utawarriors FAQ. Ah, the good old days of Utawarriors.
  • rn

  • Most enduringly popular posts is surprise, surprise, the Utawarriors guide. The main Uta game, Winter Cicada 2 and September 15th Weekly Round-Up are oddly popular also.
  • rn

  • Most infamous search terms: “you toube” has been enduringly popular over the months, although it seems to be dying out now.
  • rn

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15 Responses to Shameless Self Promotion: Azure Flame one year anniversary

  1. Karry says:

    Woo-hoo! One year worth of dumb Hard Gay “parodies” !
    You will go far, oh yes, very far…

  2. Karura says:

    Why are you still here? I guess dumb things please dumb minds.

  3. hayase says:

    Congrats! 🙂

  4. Danny says:

    lol congrats, ive passed my one year anniversary recently too but still not near your post count ^^;;

  5. Krypfto says:

    “Random Generic’s RPG Diary” sounds like a fantastic idea. Looking forward to it! Also: conga rats!

  6. Necromancer says:

    *finishes burning you 186 eps of anime*

    Happy Blogging Birthday!!!

    *gets back to screencapping more Pumpkin Scissors*

  7. Ravage says:

    Congrats on the 1st anniversary. :p

  8. Sasa says:

    Yay, congrats, Karura!

    Hopefully your great ambitious plans won’t keep you up from posting more HARD YURI.

  9. angelicka says:

    i love your hard gay parodies karura!!! they’re awesome!!! so funny hehe and so very very true at the same time 😀

  10. Hysterical Woman says:

    Go you!

  11. Karura says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Danny: yeah, I probably write too much ;p
    Necromancer: Yay, more anime, luckily I ‘borrowed’ my dad’s CD rack to put it all in.
    Sasa: As long as the MariMite OVA continues, there will be HARD YURI…El Cazador seems to be turning STRAIGHT though.

  12. j.valdez says:

    Wow, a year already. 700 posts! That’s almost 2 posts every 24 hours.

    Your not a blogger. Your some type of super-blogger who doesn’t sleep. Maybe, some type of blogging voomer that genom created.

    Anyway, happy late B-day.

    [Note: Bubblegum crisis reference. ]

  13. kiseki gurl says:

    I’m late but congrats :)! I feel personally indebted to this blog because without it I wouldn’t have been exposed to awesome series such as Saiunkoku Monogatari or Emma ;).

    Oh and I agree with j.valdez. I wish I had your diligence.

  14. Karura says:

    j.valdez: How did you find out my secret? 😉 I never really meant to write so much but I got into the habit of doing one ‘normal’ post and one parody post per day provided I had time/wasn’t too tired.

    kiseki gurl: I’m glad I could introduce you to those great series *makes it a personal mission to convert more people*.

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