Saiunkoku Monogatari II 2

Whilst Eigetsu relates the tale of how he first learned HARD GAY from his “Doushu-sama” Kashin, elsewhere, Kouyuu discovers an increasing in Pillar that threatens to affect his HARD GAY performance. What will Kurou do if Kouyuu cannot provide him with an acceptable level of HARD GAY Pleasure?

Kashin confesses his love for Eigetsu.

Back in the present, Kourin tries to convince Eigetsu to try STRAIGHT.

Ensei steps in to ensure that Eigetsu doesn’t stray from the path of HARD GAY.

“Come on, Eigetsu, time for our HARD GAY.”

“Sounds good to me, Ensei.”

“I first learned HARD GAY from Doushu- ah, I still remember the days when he would show me his Zhuge Liang.”

(“So big!”)

“My Liang is less than half the size of his!”

“…HARD GAY, and his Zhuge Liang.”

“Do you fancy doing it outdoors today?”

“…I can have regular HARD GAY.”

“And it makes me happy just to think how much you must adore me.”

“When I Pleasure others, I feel Pleasure too.”

“And since I’m so handsome, I will always have partners to make me happy.”

“People often stole his Viagra, but he didn’t mind.”

“If it enhances other people’s Pleasure, then it has served its purpose.”

“Yes, I owe all my HARD GAY knowledge to him.”

“In memory of him, I shall always give it my best in the bedroom!”

“It’s almost as if I’m the main character of some anime.”

As is customary, Shouka thanks Ryuuki for some good Imperial HARD GAY.

“HARD GAY is as natural to me as breathing.”

“I’m just thankful for the chance to do it with someone.”

Kijin spellbinds Rin and Yuushun by showing his unmasked face.

“And don’t forget that Kijin is mine!”

“I take it that you’re not into group sessions, then.”

“It’s just that paying so many people for Pleasure sounds rather expensive.”

“That’s true, but it can also be a great earner.”

“I must admit it does sound interesting, but I’m not sure I’m even going to be able to afford it in the first place.”

“I am a professional Pleasure negotiator- should you wish to participate in group Pleasure, I’m sure I could cut you a deal.”

“Hmm, maybe group Pleasure is within our reach after all.”

“What a fine figure of a man!”

“Oh, it’s only Sou Taifu.”

Kouyuu practises his Pillar.

“What are you doing here? You aren’t having Pillar, by any chance?”

“It’s good manners for you to stay here and service me, you know.”

“I hope your ‘resolve’ has improved since our last session.”


“No matter what sort of Pleasure, I require, your Liang should be in good shape.”

“Hmm, I can see that you don’t seem to be in the mood for HARD GAY right now.”

“Nonetheless, do not think you can avoid servicing me forever.”

(“Damn, all I wanted today was some quiet Pillar.”)

“Is it something to do with that Pillar next to you?”

“There is nothing between me and this Pillar!”

(“I am definitely not developing a Pillar fetish! This is just a phase!”)

“Now for a quick spot of Pillar to clear my mind.”

Out in the forest, Kashin ‘communes’ with the animals.

“Bird, meeting you was the best day of my life- I truly believe that the two of us were destined to be together.”

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