Sunday News Bites: July 22nd

Welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week we are joined in the news room by Laharl of Disgaea, specifically here to comment on our first story.

Disgaea 3…for PS3
First it was Laharl, then Adell- but now Disgaea fans can look forward a whole new adventure with the announcement of the third instalment in Nippon Ichi’s popular SRPG series. The only blot on the horizon for some of us is that the new game is coming out on a new console- the Playstation 3. Given that the series will be maintaining the same graphical style as the first two, there hardly seems any point putting it on a console whose processing power it doesn’t even need, but no matter how it pans out, I must play this game no matter what measures need to be taken (here’s at least hoping for a PSP version). For those who like their announcements official, here’s Nippon Ichi’s pdf on the matter; just don’t ask me what Prism Red is doing as a homeroom teacher.
Laharl says: A-hahahahaha! They’d give me a cameo in this series- or better yet, make all the new characters my vassals!

Maria-sama is still watching you…
Fans of Lillian Girls’ School, rejoice- once the current OVA series finishes its run, a fourth season will be making its way to you. Currently it is unknown as to whether this will be another OVA or a TV series, but it seems like the animated adaptation of the series is determined to cover as many of the 20+ original novels as it can. Whilst I found the two TV series to be enjoyable, this latest OVA and its fifty-minute HARD YURI episodes about strange school events hasn’t really done much for me, but even so, I feel like I must stick with the series just to see where the characters end up (and of course to find out who gets to be Yumi’s petite soeur).
Laharl says: Girls in love with other girls- boring! They need some demons there to liven things up a bit, a-hahahahaha!

ADV chooses MANLINESS, thievery and chibi-HiME
Or, to put it less cryptically, ADV have announced licenses for testosterone-filled space series Moonlight Mile, alongside Venus Versus Virus and the King of Bandit Jing OVA. Despite the lacklustre nature of the Jing TV series, I was actually planning to watch the OVA one day, although it’s certainly more of a rent once than buy title. Moonlight Mile, meanwhile, is something I stopped at the first episode with- not because I hated it, but because the projected MANLINESS and Zhuge Liangs scared me.
Laharl says: Nothing here worth waking up from a two-year nap from.

FUNimation licenses Ouran
Meanwhile, FUNiMation has its own licenses to announce, with popular high school comedy Ouran High School Host Club topping the list, alongside Tenchi spin-off Sasami Mahou Shoujo Club and Baldr Force EXE Resolution. Whilst the latter two titles hold no interest for me, I did enjoy Ouran, and will probably pick it up after I’ve caught up with everything else I’d eventually like to buy.
Laharl says: Call that flowery gender-bender series comedy? The real comedy starts in the Netherworld!

Bandai supports Pizza Hut
Bandai too have some licenses to announce, in the form of Code Geass, Mai-Otome Zwei, Ayakashi Ayashi and Toward the Terra. The former two are no surprise, but overall this line-up holds little interest for me (then again, I’ve yet to try Terra, so if I’m not too put off by the Towards the Eighties feel, I may enjoy it).
Laharl says: I don’t know why, but when people mention Code Geass to me, I start fancying that Pizza Shack Teriyaki Pizza that Gordon’s always going on about. Hey Etna, go and get me some pizza!

And finally…one for the Polyphonica fans
Ever since I first saw her character design, I knew I wanted a Corti figure, but sadly this wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Aside from the hair colour, nothing from this figure really grabs me, but hopefully a captivating figure of her adult form will appear someday soon.
Adult form!? Are you kidding me!? I hate sexy bodies!

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6 Responses to Sunday News Bites: July 22nd

  1. Owen S says:

    ANN finally confirmed in the Code Geass licensing announcement that the Pizza Hut placements were ads, which was nice to know.

  2. Sasa says:

    Damn, I have already spoiled myself, so I know already who is going to be Yumi’s petite soeur. Argh. Aside from that, I disliked the OVAs too and didn’t even watch the third one – I want to see Ciao Sorella though. Actually I hope that the novel line will finish quite soon so that this series would finally reach a conclusion.

    Ouran is easily the second-best shoujo adaptation I have ever seen. Arr! I want a second 26 episode season.

  3. manga says:

    Since the game graphics are in HD more processing power is needed. And with the Omega and Terra versions of the spells I think I would love to get my hands on this as early as possible.

    For release in Japan this winter if I have understood everything correct. Hopefully that means it will hit the US in August next year 🙂

    And Disgaea for PSP is happening, it´s soon to be released, at least in Japan.

  4. Necromancer says:

    The 1st Disgaea PSP game is just a port of the 1st Disgaea game for PS2, not a new original game so it’s kinda pointless unless you want to do lots of leveling up on the go.

  5. Karura says:

    Owen: Maybe they’ll win a product placement award, like Freedom did with their Cup Noodle ads.

    Sasa: Surely the novels have to end when Yumi graduates (if she hasn’t already)…I almost spoiled myself, but avoided it for now.

    manga: Complex spell effect scare me; they make me think my characters are about to suffer massive damage ;p

    Necromancer: As I understand it, Nippon Ichi will be getting us to buy the game again by including a story mode where you play as Etna…although a) I don’t have a PSP and b) there’s other stuff I want more, as usual.

  6. Hysterical Woman says:

    I wish FUNimation hadn’t licensed Ouran. They suck.

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