El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 16

Hello and welcome to another episode of Amigo Tacos Uncovered! Today, we spend a day in the lives of two new Amigo Taco workers, Nadie and Ellis, as they undergo basic taco training.

Here are the girls on their first day of work, but what led them to choose this career? Let’s ask them to explain.

“Well, one day, I was just sitting in my car, and I realised that the most interesting thing in my life was this rock.”

“My friend Nadie had been forced to have STRAIGHT to make money, and she wasn’t taking it well.”

“We were down to our last few coins, and it was clear that something needed to be done.”

“Despite being a career bounty hunter, Nadie knew it would strain the budget too much to take on a job.”

“Our first thought was to try our hand at card tricks, a proven and secure earner.”

“Reality turned out to be far harsher.”

“Nadie began babbling about playing Disgaea and reincarnating her characters.”

“Then, as if it was destined, I spotted the recruitment notice for Amigo Tacos, and I knew it was the right way to go.”

“We turned in our CVs, and were rewarded with a prompt interview.”

“I was able to pass the interview by praising the deliciousness of Amigo Tacos.”

“Even though we were just new employees, we were able to gain exclusive information about a modified version of the Amigo Taco sauce.”

“As you can see, each Amigo Taco worker goes above and beyond the call of duty in order to provide the customer with the ultimate taco experience.”

Viewers take note- the secret ingredient in the ultimate taco sauce is honey.

Despite their initial enthusiasm, Nadie and Ellis were soon to discover that working at Amigo Tacos isn’t as easy as its skilled employees make it look.

Even simple tasks such as waiting on tables require intensive training.

“I remember on that first day thinking how easy the experts made it look, but how much I had to learn.”

“For me, the greatest challenge was learning to place a glass of water on a table.”

In short order, Nadie and Ellis find themselves on the job on their very first day of work.

A lusty man provides an immediate difficulty for Ellis.

Nadie decides to show her how to deal with the situation.

Please note: Nadie’s actions do not in way reflect the business practices of Amigo Tacos, and this scene should not be taken to reflect the treatment a customer can expect to receive at our restaurants.

A hard-working pair, Nadie and Ellis decide to pull the night shift as security guards. This is just one example of how Amigo Taco employees gain a broad variety of skills.

Ellis admits that her first day at work has been tiring.

For Nadie, however, it has been an even more exhausting day, and so she immediately falls asleep on the job.

By the next day, Nadie is working like a pro.

What the two girls don’t know is that we have specially arranged some difficult tasks for them to spontaneously cope with- starting with the arrival of two very familiar faces.

Nadie seems to be dealing well with the surprise arrival of Ricardo and Lirio.

Believing the cameras to be off, Nadie and Ricardo strike up an informal conversation.

Amigo Tacos Uncovered will be back after these messages.

Had a hard day playing the stock market?

Then why not relax with a beautiful woman and a generously helping of Amigo Tacos?

Amigo Tacos still use the original taco recipe, formulated by Papa Amigo in 1920.

For a taco you can rely on.

And now back to our scheduled programming.

For her next challenge, Nadie is asked to sing the Amigo Tacos theme whilst handing out flyers.

Meanwhile, for her individual challenge, Ellis is asked to deal with potentially problematic character LA.

Nadie attacks her job with enthusiasm.

Back inside, and the demands are piling up for Ellis.

LA seems to sympathise with her, but is it just a ploy to distract her from work?

Ellis manages to pass the first phase of the challenge by acting in a professional manner.

LA decides to turn up the pressure by making an improper suggestion.

Even in the face of increased tension, Ellis manages to keep her cool.

In fact, she is doing far better than Nadie, who has failed to give away a single flyer thus far.

Things take a turn for the worse for Ellis when she and LA are left alone together.

Due to our policy of non-interference, we were forced to watch as LA warmed himself up with Hyper Self Pleasure.

In an unscripted addition to the challenge, he invites Ellis to join him in a spot of STRAIGHT.

He invites her to take a look at his Zhuge Liang.

Upon remembering Nadie’s advice, Ellis decides to take action- which, in this case, we do recommend.

For his actions, LA receives a well-deserved beating.

With the camera crew unable to take action, it is left to Nadie to stop Ellis.

“I’m too important to the plot to die!”

To prevent bloodshed on screen, Ellis has a change of heart and insists that LA be let go.

When we caught up with him after the show, LA seemed strangely exhilarated by his near-death experience.

Sadly, Nadie and Ellis have come to the end of their Amigo Tacos contract, and so the manager bids them farewell.

To congratulate them on their efforts in dealing with the challenges, they are rewarded with the Amigo Tacos Uncovered special prize- two bottles of Obsession Sauce.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this program, and we invite viewers to tune in to the next exciting episode of Amigo Tacos Uncovered.

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