Sunday News Bites: July 29th

Interested in yuri manga and other obscure titles? Since I don’t have much to say about the vast majority of the Comic-Con licenses, just make your way over to ANN instead.

This week, we are joined in the newsroom by El Cazador’s LA, who takes time out from talking Ellis to offer his unstable and often quite disturbing opinion on the events of the week.

A fresh taste of Honey and Clover
H&C fans, rejoice, for after months of “have they, haven’t they, when are they going to officially announce it?”, Viz has confirmed that they will be releasing both the manga and anime. Much as I loved H&C at first, the second season caused me to cool on the franchise somewhat, although I will probably at least pick up the manga, since I never did get past around chapter eleven. Other licenses include the Nana anime, Blue Dragon manga, Death Note novel and “How to Read 13” story and bumper three-in-one omnibus volume releases for longer series such as Dragonball, DBZ and Rurouni Kenshin.
LA says:
How can anyone say that Hagu is their favourite loli when dear Ellis exists?

Hero Tales: that chin can crack rocks
Gather round, everyone and feast your eyes on…some character designs and screenshots from Juushin Enbu Hero Tales. Then go away and find something better to look at, because quite frankly, where FMA was able to get away with fairly simplistic designs since they at least looked attractive, this series cannot. Let’s go through the characters from the top down and see why they might just be receiving a caution from the Fashion Police.

Taitou: Pretty generic outfit here, and that face and hairstyle looks similar to numerous other heroes of bygone years. I actually quite like the red tunic, though.

Keirou: Scroll down to the screenshot of him, and you’ll understand why that chin is built to do some serious damage. His outfit is at least detailed, but that is surely a face for radio- I’m guessing he’s the older mentor type with a Hidden Past that explains the scar.

Ryuukou: He does look slightly bishie in close-up, but zoom out and he looks like a workman abruptly cast for a part after the original actor left.

Housei: If you’re going to wear a fur-lined tunic, don’t cut half of it off- it just looks like you can’t afford the fabric. And when you have such a generic face, lose the bandana- it doesn’t do you any favours. Not that yellow and brown is a great colour scheme at the best of times for anyone not trying to camouflage themselves in a wasteland.

Koyou: Jewellery, long hair, a short dressing gown- and a beard? This guy clearly can’t decide whether or not to start cross-dressing, as he’s gone for a sort of halfway effect. He needs to choose between MANLY man and transvestite as soon as possible.

Rinmei: The first and only female on the page, she at least doesn’t look too bad, although most likely that knife is going to be used more on vegetables than bad guys.

Shokaku: There’s an air of calm priest/strategist about him, but overall his design is far too simplistic for its own good.

LA says: Complain all you want about Bee Train, but Ellis and I are far more attractive than these louts- plus I beat they couldn’t beat me in a fight, no matter how destined they are!

The prettiest Death you’ll ever see
I’ve never played Peace@Pieces, but ever since I got my Hikaru figure, I’ve fallen in love with the character designs. Even so, I skipped on the Nagi figure, but will I fall prey to this charming Death-sensei? I have to admit I’m personally undecided on whether to get her with so many “must get” figures already on the list, but even so, she should be a nice addition to anyone’s collection.
LA says: I’m no stranger to death, but she’s never looked quite like that before! Even so, this shinigami will never have the beauty and charm of my Ellis. Oh, Ellis, I will be coming for you soon…

New OSTs out this week
Kajiura and Kanno fans are serviced equally this week, with the release of both El Cazador de la Bruja and Darker than Black OSTs last Tuesday. Whilst neither OST can be said to equal their respective composer’s best work, each contains some worthy tracks and is at least worth a listen. More detailed reviews will follow in future Tuesday Rumbles.
LA says: I still remember the music that played when I first confessed my love to Ellis- ah, good times, good times…

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