El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 17

When Nadie and Ellis run out of money, Nadie is forced to take the extraordinary and unprecedented action of actually trying to catch a bounty head. But when the mission calls for STRAIGHT, will she be forced to admit that her skills are sorely lacking in that department?

Nadie and Ellis acknowledge that they have to stretch things out some more before getting down to the plot.

The ceremonial burning of ‘sausages’ is re-enacted.

Who knew HARD YURI could beget children?

“Should we take on another job at Amigo Tacos?”

“Not that’s there been any significant evidence of that up to this point.”

(“Should I admit I got my hunter license out of a cereal box?”)

Ellis dons a cunning disguise to render her completely unrecognisable to anyone who may be pursuing her.

“…they actually have bodies! Betcha didn’t know that, did you?”

“Ah, main characters- come this way.”

“All I need to do to take down these targets is point my finger at them like so…”

As you can see, Ellis currently looks nothing like her photo.

“Can you find me a partner who’ll pay a lot for a little Pleasure?”

“We’ve had a request for STRAIGHT from this man.”

(“If it’s for cash, I guess I can manage a bit of STRAIGHT.”)

Whenever you feel down, lift your spirits with a taste of Amigo Tacos- the tacos you can rely on.

Buy our Jumbo Taco and receive a side salad of your choice for free!

Tacos can aid weight loss only as part of a balanced diet. Please check with your doctor before switching to an all-taco diet.

Ricardo and Lirio are given directions for a new type of Pleasure.

“Hmm, so that goes in there…”

“I think we can easily master this technique.”

Somehow, Nadie randomly knows who to approach in order to advance the story.

For a change of pace, the woman gives the gun.

Nadie has group Pleasure in order to familiarise herself with the procedure for STRAIGHT.

“It must never get out that I had STRAIGHT with you two.”

“How do we explain the love bites?”

“Just say you were having HARD GAY.”

Ellis practises her chair crawling in preparation for the Olympics.

“This widescreen monitor gives me a new perspective on my porn videos.”

“Me first!”

“Are you training for the Olympics too?”

“I may not be the main character, but I have the influence to keep showing up.”

“Then I did nothing for sixteen episodes, and here I am.”

“Then let’s do this STRAIGHT between us.”

(“Hmm, fishing is much more interesting than El Cazador de la Bruja.”)

(“Especially as I swiped these Dennou Coil glasses so that I can log onto cybersex remotely.”)

(“Better give her STRAIGHT so that she doesn’t suspect anything.”)

Forget Nut Head- we now have Sack Face, a Star Mage from Disgaea 1.

“Ellis, if I die, you’ll need to go to Wiñay Marka without me, thus negating the entire point of my having accompanied you in the first place.”

“Hello, I’m randomly here too.”

“I’m not about to let you beat me in the Olympic Gun Racing event!”

“Forget that- let’s discuss who gets to be on top for the STRAIGHT.”

“Don’t have HARD GAY with that man! We’ve arranged to have STRAIGHT with him!”

“Don’t sully yourself with him- I’ll satisfy his needs instead.”

“I can’t let you do that- it’ll render Nadie completely useless!”

“No car is a match for me!”

“Oh wait, maybe it is…”

“…the respect it deserves!”

“If you want something done right, leave it to Ricardo.”

Nadie reveals the extent of her professionalism, skill and general usefulness.

“You were useless, but since you’re the main character I can’t exactly let you go away empty-handed.”

“That’ll be next episode, then.”

“Nadie, I know you had a hard time with this STRAIGHT job, so I’ll try not to talk about STRAIGHT anymore.”

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4 Responses to El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 17

  1. Ray says:

    Hahhahahahaha!!! But yeah you hit it on the head – Nadie is useless except as a yuri partner!

  2. Runningkid says:

    Have to agree, Nadie sucks as a bounty hunter. I always wonder where you come up with this stuff =P, good stuff

  3. Karura says:

    It’s all thanks to the thousand monkeys I have chained to a thousand typewriters, coming up with blog posts day and night ;p

  4. Takanu says:

    I have yet to see any yurism in this searies but I don’t really care. Its a good anime.

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