El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 18

Ellis has done her best to fit in with Nadie’s desire for HARD YURI, even abandoning her own interest in STRAIGHT- but no longer. Nadie’s increasing demands for Pleasure have caused Ellis to once again consider turning STRAIGHT, but how will Nadie react to the renewed possibility of losing her lover?

El Cazador world is so boring that hanging a cap on a stick is considered a hobby.

(“This reminds me of that episode in Skullman Village- ah, good times.”)

“Look out, Ellis- a man is close by!”

“Hey, I’m just a Level One generic!”

“I thought you were a dangerous Level Two enemy!”

Nice going, Nadie.

“How dare you get annoyed just because I broke your most precious item!”

“I didn’t mean to- I’m just naturally clumsy.”

“I thought that man was going to have STRAIGHT with you, and I couldn’t allow that!”

“That guy didn’t even have a Liang.”

“Face it, Nadie, you’re damn useless!”

“B-but- I’m a main character!”

“I’m not being left behind that easily!”

“Men in Black Mode- on!”

“A love motel, or somewhere more upmarket?”

“We can always have Pleasure under the stars…”

“…but we’d probably freeze to death in the act.”

“Why don’t we go to this beach house that was in Noir instead?”

“We should be able to recover our HP and MP here.”

“And based on the name, Pleasure is more than acceptable here.”

“How strange for there to be guests at an inn.”

“I am a master of STRAIGHT, and have had many wives.”

“Sadly, once you get to my age, you have to rely on Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“Hello, it’s us again- but we’re not following you, honest!”

“Oh by the way Nadie, I don’t want to sleep with you tonight.”

(“Is Ellis turning towards STRAIGHT again?”)

“She’s at that rebellious age, I see.”

“That way, I can come and visit you later.”

“Sounds good- you can show me some STRAIGHT techniques.”

(“And just as I thought our HARD YURI relationship was secure!”)

Lirio tries a little Pipe.

“Also known as his Zhuge Liang.”

“I thought you were committed to HARD YURI, and yet you know of this famous Liang.”

“Hmm, let me test out my Pipe technique.”

“You’ll never be any good at STRAIGHT, Ellis.”

“It’s not mere WOOD- this is the genuine article.”

And now on the El Cazador channel, Learn About Llamas!

“Don’t teach her unnecessary things- all she needs to know is how to service me!”

“It’s time for our HARD YURI session!”

“I told you, I don’t want HARD YURI with you!”

“You promised me you’d chosen HARD YURI over STRAIGHT!”

“I know, but that was before I realised you were manipulating me into believing that STRAIGHT was bad!”

“Ah, another named character has appeared- I was warned about this.”

“I’m not here to give you HARD GAY, old man!”

“That’s okay, I’m not into HARD GAY- I prefer STRAIGHT.”

“I would, however, like to partake of Pleasure with Blue Eyes over there.”

“You aren’t even an important character, are you?”

“No, but I am dead, and thus I can give Heavenly Pleasure.”

“Now, Lirio, let me show you techniques your master cannot even dream of.”

“Well, Nadie, looks like it’s you and me tonight.”

“Sorry, Ricardo, but I tried STRAIGHT once when I was a kid, and I wasn’t any good at it- that’s why I turned to HARD YURI.”

“You shouldn’t be so hard on STRAIGHT just because of one bad experience. Here, let me show you how good it can be.”

“Wow, you’ve shown me a whole new perspective on STRAIGHT!”

“Yeah, I actually thought you were only into underage girls.”

“I can see where you got that idea from.”

“I have been with older women.”

“…I’ve even had HARD GAY!”

“Okay Ellis, it’s time for you to experience some Heavenly Pleasure.”

“This time, Nadie, we’re going to have that group session!”

“My room of Infinite Pleasure!”

“We’re here to claim her for the HARD YURI side!”

“Just look at my Liang, girls- can you shoot someone as well-endowed as me?”

“It’s so big!”

“Forget it, Blue Eyes- Ellis and I aren’t interested in your group Pleasure!”

“If Ellis stays with you, she will reject HARD YURI forever!”

“Break up with her now, so that she can learn HARD YURI from the masters.”

“STRAIGHT is Ellis’ true destiny!”

“Take Ellis to Wiñay Marka, and she can have eternal STRAIGHT with me!”

“She must not go! She must follow the path of HARD YURI!”

The clash between HARD YURI and STRAIGHT ignites the flames of passion.

“What do you think of my room of Infinite Pleasure, Ellis? It can recreate any environment.”

“Nadie, with a Pipe in her hands? Is this a message to try the best of both worlds?”

“Ellis, I’m sorry I tried to out you off STRAIGHT so you’d be more inclined to have HARD YURI with me.”

“Women are important to me, Nadie, but now I realise that men are too.”

“I see- so you’re saying that you’re BI, right?”

“So, we’re still lovers, right?”

“Of course we are- does it look like I have anyone else?”

“See you next episode!”

“Help, I’m trapped in a bus arc!”

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