El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 19

Now Ricardo has shown Nadie that men aren’t so bad, she and Ellis have decided to put aside their differences and commit to BI instead of HARD YURI or STRAIGHT. Unfortunately, now that she is more accepting of men, Nadie seems inclined to have another Pleasure session with Ricardo- will Ellis ever be able to get Nadie all to herself again?

Blue-Eyes enjoys a bondage group session with the members of the Dark Assembly.

“Not now that she and Nadie have begun exploring BI.”

“For no apparent reason, we have made a complete U-turn on our approach to Ellis.”

In case you had forgotten all about those delicious tacos.

“Hello, it’s us again…er, would you mind giving us a lift?”

“We offer bed and breakfast while you wait for your car to be repaired!”

Bee Train’s specialty- distance shots with minimal character intrusion.

“All mechanics say that.”

“Would you like to stay at our B&B in the meantime?”

“…if we like B&B.”

“Well then, maybe you’d like to try a hotel.”

“After all, a married couple like you must want a nice room to have STRAIGHT in, right?”

“Hey, I only had STRAIGHT with him once!”

“This woman is a bit too old for me- I usually prefer them young.”

“…just casual, one-off lovers!”

“…with a connecting door, of course.”

“…then we have to admit to the poorly scripted ‘coincidences’ that result in our meeting every episode.”

“…and ever since then, these restaurant tickets I bought on the day she died have been going to waste.”

“Trust me, mate, this is the way to get good STRAIGHT out of your wife.”

“I don’t need a generic giving me advice on my love life!”

“Engaged again…when are we ever going to get through to the director and learn what our names are?”

“Perfect for us to try out BI!”

“Let’s get started straightaway!”

“We should wash before Pleasure- I thought you knew that by now.”

“Damn, they’ve seated us separately- what if Ricardo and Nadie start having Pleasure without us?”

“See, didn’t I tell you this costume was the greatest? It’s practical and comfortable!”

“What a fine looking figure of a man, if I do say so myself!”

“Although with nothing to do in the plot, I’m thinking of auditioning for the next season of Bartender.”

(“I thought things would improve when Nadie discovered BI, but instead it’s backfired!”)

It’s actually a generic from the next table saying this line, but let’s take it out of context.

“I hear you’ve been selling Pleasure for money.”

“It’s the only way I can raise money to buy delicious tacos for me and Ellis!”

“I don’t even know why you’re with Ellis when you’re so useless.”

“My presence is for the good of the plot! You can’t just write me out now!”

“Hey, who turned out the lights?”

“Quick, Lirio, give me Pleasure while the lights are off! Oh damn, they came back too soon.”

“Will you sell yourself for Pleasure again?”

“Or would you do your actual job, even though you’re useless at it?”

“Well, I have to admit that bounty hunting isn’t working out as a career for me, so I’d probably just get a job at Amigo Tacos.”

“And Ellis doesn’t like it when I sell her body for Pleasure, so that’s out.”

“It’s hard selling yourself and your ‘Gun’ for Pleasure- I should know.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any skills or qualifications, so I’m stuck doing it.”

“Oh great, not another power cut!”

“Caught red-handed again!”

(“Ricardo keeps having quick Pleasure with Lirio, but Nadie never comes over to take me!”)

“He’s going to convert all the girls to BI or STRAIGHT at this rate!”

“It doesn’t matter, just as long as he doesn’t contaminate our Ellis.”

“That way Papa doesn’t need to keep getting up to service you.”

“Oh good, the lights are off again- come here quickly, Lirio!”

“You don’t suppose this was all an obvious ploy to kidnap Ellis, do you?”

“Can you be quiet? I’m having quality time with Lirio here!”

“Play close attention, everyone, because I’m about to have an action scene!”

“Everything’s going far too smoothly for episode nineteen.”

“Don’t take my Ellis away to the realms of HARD YURI!”

“Stay back, you STRAIGHT freak!”

“That was a bit anticlimactic.”

“Your Gadgetron personal bracelet would like to remind you that you are overdue for your next insulin injection.”

“Help me- my blood sugar is going through the roof!”

“Time for another GTA-style driving level, I guess.”

“We’ve just got our relationship back on track! I can’t lose her now!”

“Forget it- we need her for HARD YURI!”

“I’ve asked you nicely, and now you leave me no choice- but to ask you nicely again!”

“What’s happening? Ellis’ Pleasure powers are going out of control!”

“Return Spell on- bring Ellis to me!”

Nadie and Ellis have quick BI in the back of the car.

“Nadie, you were able to perform after all.”

“Did you think I would ever be unable to do it for you, Ellis?”

“At least get a room if you’re not going to invite me to join you, girls.”

“Insulin injection complete.”

“Ah, that’s better- now where was I?”

“They said it’s what all mechanics do- you go in for a burnt out spark plug and they convince you to replace the whole engine!”

“Come on, Nadie, we’re going off for some alone time.”

“That way, Ricardo and Lirio can get on with it uninterrupted.”

“Mmm, this feels good.”

“Nadie, now that you’ve discovered BI, I only want to be with you.”

“Ellis, you’re taking this a little too far.”

(“I guess Nadie isn’t willing to commit to me just yet.”)

“Ellis is mine!”

“Did you think I was going to leave you? After all I’ve done to keep us together?”

(“I should stop worrying and work on strengthening our relationship with some wild Pleasure!”)

Next episode

LA discovers the dangers of intense Hyper Self Pleasure.

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