Saiunkoku Monogatari II 4

It is a little known fact that oranges can improve HARD GAY performance, and so when they start showing up in Kiyou, questions must be asked- is this a subtle hint that the Kou men aren’t performing up to scratch?

Yuushun and Ryuuki prepare to have HARD GAY.

“…for the Pleasure.”

“Your HARD GAY is top notch, worthy of a leader.”

“Thank you for the praise, but I was hoping for a little S&M.”

“Never fear, there will be many S&M sessions in the future.”

“I hope you’ll have the whip and chains ready for that time.”

“Ah, I see here that you would like my permission to have HARD GAY with me anytime.”

“I don’t care if you have to fake it because you’re not in the mood, just let me relieve my needs whenever I want to.”

“Very well- I will always be available to you.”

“Kijin and Reishin are always together, and I never get any from them.”

“There’s a trick to getting those two into bed.”

“You must tell me right after our next HARD GAY session!”

“Now, get your Liang out at once!”

“So soon after our last session?”

Kurou visits Shouka’s house for some brotherly HARD GAY.

(“He was clearly looking forward to HARD GAY.”)

“Only the two of us would like some alone time, if you know what I mean.”

“Here are some oranges to keep you company.”

“Ah, I still remember the good old days when we all ate oranges together.”

“Poor Reishin never joined in, and became Vitamin C deficient.”

(“Come to think of it, a lack of oranges in his diet must have affected his HARD GAY too.”)

“Now, let us quit tarrying and get straight to the bedroom!”

“Now, I hear you’ve had HARD GAY with Reishin, so I must take you as quickly as possible to reassert my hold on you!”

“But don’t you usually like to take your time with HARD GAY? We need to eat these oranges first in order to strengthen our Liangs.”

“Besides, Reishin and I just had basic HARD GAY, nothing more.”

“You should put your Liang away until I’m ready, okay?”

“…about our brotherly HARD GAY, does she?”

“There are some things she doesn’t need to be privy to.”

“Besides, if I show her your Liang, she will surely reject all our ideas for Pleasure.”

“More importantly, I believe we need new partners to keep our HARD GAY fresh and exciting.”

“Reishin and I tried out some virile young men, but I don’t think any of them were up to your standards.”

“It will be hard to find you new partners, but we will keep trying.”

“Now here, strengthen your Liang with some Vitamin C.”

(“Is he saying my performance isn’t up to scratch?”)

“Are you trying to insinuate that my Liang is in need of some assistance?”

“Well, it will need to be strong keep up with my ‘resolve’ in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.”

“Shouka, the last thing I need is you taking charge of this HARD GAY- I’m used to being on top!”

“Anyway, I have arranged for Kouyuu to be my lover, and thus he must marry Shuurei so that no one suspects a thing.”

“Are you saying you already asked Kouyuu to be your full time lover?”

“And that you want him just for the sex?”

“Isn’t that what HARD GAY is all about?”

(“I know Kurou wouldn’t force Kouyuu into bed, but he’s probably putting pressure on him to perform.”)

“Ryuuren, if you promise not to play the flute, I’ll give you this orange!”

“Receiving an orange makes me so happy that I simply must play the flute!”

“It truly is the most intelligent fruit I have met!”

“…a technique for BI which requires a man!”

“I’ll find Yuushun so that we can try out this new technique!”

“What’s this- am I finally getting a cameo?”

“Stay out this, minor character!”

“Oh no, an orange has been damaged!”

“Am I really less important than an orange?”

“Well, yes- er, I mean no, of course not!”

“Does that mean you don’t want Pleasure with me?”

“Of course I do!”

“…as long as I can be on top.”

“So anyway, I say his Liang, and it was this big!”

“Zhuge Liangs aren’t that amazing; I have one myself.”

(“I hate it when they talk about HARD GAY.”)

They do say no good comes of eavesdropping.

“Kurou, on the other hand, is a great person.”

“I’ll show them all who’s better!”

“Hmm, I see you have a new BI technique to try.”

“I’d like to try it, really I would, but I already have a partner booked for tonight.”

(“Ryuuren was supposed to be servicing me tonight, but he must have found another man.”)

“I’m sure he’ll be back for more Flute one day.”

“In the meantime, perhaps you men would like some strengthening oranges?”

(“Is she trying to insult our Liangs?”)

Reishin’s partners are tired out after a night of Pleasure with the master.

“I am supposed to have insatiable appetites.”

“He must need them for his Liang.”

“I didn’t know he relied on them.”

(“Ah, I haven’t felt this good in a long time!”)

“We’d better take some oranges ourselves if we want to keep up with him.”

“Cower in the face of my bishiness!”

Bishounen vs. bishoujo- who will win?

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