Romeo X Juliet parody episode 19

Romeo shows Juliet his masterwork, the Harvest Moon village.

Romeo: As you can see, it isn’t perfect- this one tiny field that holds all my livestock isn’t ideal, and my great plans to have everyone live here one day might be a teensy bit ambitious.

Juliet: I think it’s wonderful- although not as wonderful as you.

Romeo: Your lips are so soft!

Juliet: And your hands are so strong!

Romeo and Juliet have a Romantic Moment.

Juliet: I wish I could do this all episode, but apparently that would bore the audience senseless, so I have to go and do some plot-related things.

Romeo: There’s a plot?

Juliet and Curio prepare to leave on HORSE, but Curio grabs Romeo’s shirt.

Curio: Romeo, I had planned to punch you in the face for taking away my chance of becoming the main character, but now that I have found true love with Francisco, I no longer care.

Romeo: Good luck in overthrowing my father- I’ll just stay here and farm.

Juliet returns to participate in the play, which begins after Shakespeare has a spot of HARD GAY behind the curtain.

Francisco: Curio, let’s slip round the back and have HARD GAY while the play is on.

Whilst they do, a play that basically echoes the plot of the series with slightly changed names.

(Shakespeare: Some would say I have no imagination, but this is actually a cleverly disguised and subtle commentary about contemporary society.)

Francisco: Instead of raising an army, this play will help rouse generics to overthrow the country for us.

When it is Juliet’s turn to come onstage, she breaks from the script to enter as the Red Whirlwind.

(Juliet: This costume is symbolic of how far we’ve come since the early episodes.)

Juliet: In early episodes, I was weak and useless, but from now on, I will be a weak and useless figurehead for a revolution! Even the sword I carry is not for killing, but for a +5 SPD bonus for equipping it!

Generics: Hooray! We will become cannon fodder and follow you until the end!

After the play, Juliet talks to her named allies.

Juliet: I’ve decided on my course in life- I must overthrow Montague!

(Conrad: Took you long enough.)

Conrad: A worthy decision- I can see you’ve thought long and hard about this.

The next day, everyone gets HORSES from nowhere and flies off in battle garb. At the Keep, Montague is given a report.

Tubal: Sir, we hear that the grape supporters are making their move.

Montague: Gwakaka, I shall crush them all…like grapes!

Outside, generics throw roses at the soldiers.

Soldier: Not the roses- anything but that!

That evening, Francisco and Curio launch an attack on Montague’s hidden fortress.

Guard: How has this happened?

Francisco: It is the power of named characters!

Juliet’s party of unknown HORSE riders rides towards the walls of Neo Verona. The sight of her causes the generic townspeople to start throwing rocks.

Tubal: First roses and now rocks- these generics are formidable indeed!

The soldiers try to give ARROW to the HORSES, but they easily evade. Juliet and her allies comically kick the soldiers off the walls with their HORSES.

(Juliet: This will prevent needless killing.)

Juliet: Dramatic Entrance! Generics of Neo Verona, after this there are only six episodes left! We must get on with overthrowing Montague before the autumn season begins!

Tubal: Damn it! Soldier, shoot him!

Antonio: Juliet, look out!

The soldier fires an arrow straight at Juliet- does it hit her? Does Antonio take the arrow himself? No, it just harmlessly pierces her hat!

(Montague: Damn you, lover of grapes! I shall not be defeated!)

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  1. kiseki gurl says:

    Well at least Shakespeare looks happy. If not a little too happy o.O.

  2. TokiDoki says:

    wow only six episodes left, I would have liked this series to have been longer to do the original story justice but I guess if it was dragged out for too long there could be problems.

  3. alice says:

    And now I suddenly wish that somebody had gotten hit with that arrow….

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