El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 20

Whilst Nadie finds herself taken away for BI with some generics, LA considers his place in the cast. Is there anyone besides Ellis who can satisfying his raging appetites?

“I just can’t drink from this broken glass!”

“Police here- who wants some Gun?”

“HARD GAY? Don’t mind if I do!”

“We’ll get a nice double bed and practice our BI!”

“We can offer you superior BI at an affordable rate.”

“Aren’t you just generics?”

“…we’ll know you aren’t satisfied, and we’ll give you your money back.”

“What if I refuse your advances?”

“No one’s ever said no to us before.”

“Fine, but make it quick!”

“Okay then- Speed Gun!”

Here we see Nadie, the mighty and accomplished bounty hunter…tripping over a dustbin lid.

“Can you really be that useless?”

“Looks like I’ll be having a full BI session after all.”

“Oh, er, hello Ellis- we’re not stalking you, honest!”

“That BI was very rough!”

“Around these parts, that kind of BI would be considered refined and gentle!”

“…that you got the chance to be with a lover as good as me!”

“I didn’t get turned on at all from watching that BI!”

“I only like it when the Pleasure is intense enough that your partner dies!”

“I’m afraid I prefer to leave them alive.”

“Is it time for us to have some role in the plot this episode?”

“No, not yet- there’s plenty of time left for us to do something.”

“Ellis is entering puberty- she will soon be ready for our HARD YURI.”

“Unlike you, Nadie, I’m actually good at what I do.”

“Don’t you think the foursome of you, me, Ellis and Lirio caters for all tastes?”

“…Is he trying to say he thinks he’s my type?”

“What about me? Don’t I bring a freshly unique perspective to the group?”

“Anyway, I was with this guy, and he was this big- no kidding!”

“To me, that is small.”

“I have to make do with Lirio.”

“He did not pass Go, and he most certainly did not collect £200.”

“Hopefully no one will notice I had the camera upside down when I switched it on.”

“May I have this dance?”

“I shall slice up this bed so that you and Ellis will never be able to have BI on it!”

“I thought you didn’t mind if Ellis and I were together!”

“That’s before I realised you were a useless bounty hunter who attracted partners like Ricardo and Lirio!”

“Equip length of pipe, Streets of Rage style!”

“Damn, who switched breaking weapons on?”

“None of them have the stamina to service me.”

“You’ve given Pleasure to mere humans before!”

“I just gave it a try out of curiosity.”

“You just wanted to practise on lesser lovers to be perfect for Ellis, didn’t you?”

“LA, how many times do I have to do this- I choose Nadie!”

“However, just this once I will show you what it is like to have Pleasure with me.”

“That was just the kind of Pleasure I was looking for!”

“So intense that my crotch even caught fire!”

“Put it out, man, or you’ll lose your Liang!”

“I’m sorry, Nadie, I just wanted to try him- but don’t worry, he’s nowhere near as good as you!”

“I’m not!?”

“…but Nadie knows just how to make a girl feel wanted!”

“I still need the screen time, after all.”

“I’m sorry, we lost our chance to do anything meaningful this episode because the queue for Amigo Tacos was so long.”

“But never fear- we’ll be back next week!”

“All right- time to log onto cybersex.”

“How many times do I have to confirm that I am over 18?”

The happy couple sleeps off another night of wild BI.

Meanwhile, LA has to make do with a cold shower.

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