Sunday News Bites: September 9th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! Although it hardly feels like it, it’s now been three months since we started, and this week, we have a special guest to celebrate that fact- Ryuuki from Saiunkoku Monogatari. Read on to find out the Imperial opinion on this week’s breaking news.

Mushi-Uta second season
Fourteen novels, twelve anime episodes- it was always clear that a single season of Mushi-Uta wasn’t going to get very far with the story unless it rushed along at breakneck speed. Since the anime seemed to be doing the exact opposite with regards to pacing, it’s a relief to learn that there will be a second twelve episode season airing sometime after the first. I’ll admit that I didn’t take to Mushi-Uta straightaway, but now that I’m enjoying the series, I’m happy to have more of it forthcoming.
Ryuuki says: Two seasons just to get to twenty-four episodes? Here in the land of Saiunkoku, we can manage three times that number…although we don’t have quite as many novels.

Gundam 00 split down the middle
Like Code Geass before it, Gundam 00 is to be split into two 25 episode seasons with an unspecified break in the middle, ensuring that we won’t see the conclusion until sometime in 2009. Somehow, the thought of committing that much of my life to a mere Gundam series seems like a little too much, especially with the potential for flashback episodes that it raises.
Ryuuki says: Two seasons really do seem to be all the rages these days, but we’d rather spend those two years with Shuurei than watching a Gundam series. Mind you, ruling an empire in space might be an interesting change of pace…

Pizza Hut’s next step to world domination
They had Code Geass by the throat before moving in on Darker than Black, but now Pizza Hut has found its next victim- the Evangelion 1.0 remake movie. Customers ordering a medium sized pizza will get their meal in an Eva-themed pizza box, whilst Pizza Hut Club members (who knew there was such a club?) can also download an Eva wallpaper for their computer. Ordering online also lets customers enter a prize draw to win one of fifty life-size cardboard Rei stand-ups. This represents a major step forward in the Pizza Hut-anime alliance, going from mere animated advertisement to actual physical products. Surely the only way forward is to create a Pizza Hut anime, similar to the Gundam Pizza Hut and Disgaea: Pizza Version I suggested before?
Ryuuki says: This pizza surely cannot be as tasty as Shuurei’s manjuu buns, but if their empire poses a threat to the land of Saiunkoku, we must mount a defence.

Need new SaiMono? Just hang on a bit longer…
The weeks without new episodes of Saiunkoku Monogatari have been difficult to endure, but after a summer hiatus with only recap episodes airing, the second season is set to continue with episode 18 airing on the 15th of September. Thanks to Impz for pointing this out.
Ryuuki says: We hope everyone will enjoy our new arc.

DBZ Live-Action…déjà vu, anyone?
Although the report cannot be confirmed, it seems as if Fox’s long-slumbering DBZ live action project may be alive again. Since rumours of this movie have been flying around for the last four to five years, however, I have little confidence in ever seeing it actually appear, and even if it did, I doubt I would care enough to watch it.
Ryuuki says: Live action could never achieve the beauty and bishiness of our world.

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  1. manga says:

    If the first episodes of Gundam 00 is intresting I will watch the whole show, how long it may take.
    If the first episode sucks then I won´t be spending more time with it.
    So I hope they don´t make the first ep a sort of cliffhanger as they did with Gundam Seed…

    And yes, there will probably be 10 or so eps of flashbacks, which is why you sometime just want to give sunrise/bandai/the producer a call and ask what the hell they are doing!!

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