El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 22

Nadie and Ellis are ready to try out some kinky new BI techniques, but first they have to find someone to teach them; meanwhile, anyone and everyone isout for screen time, but which non-plotline will be worthy of the most attention?

“I shall give myself Gun!”

(“Oh no, she caught me about to have Hyper Self Pleasure!”)

“Oh, so you do have a Gun after all- I thought maybe the reason you were into cybersex was because you weren’t able to have the real thing.”

“Would you like to give me Pleasure?”

“Women can’t give Gun.”

“They can’t? I can see I have been grossly misinformed.”

Ellis is once again interested in Kokopelli’s “pipe”.

Meanwhile, Nadie decides to enquire about new forms of BI.

“I’m a newcomer to the BI scene, so I don’t really know about the kinkier stuff.”

“There’s this old guy who’s been around the block a few times- he probably knows all sorts of techniques.”

“Now, which Pipe will offer the best experience?”

“Yeah, I know one or two things about Pleasure you young ‘uns won’t have experienced.”

“Tell me everything you know about BI!”

The threat of another bus arc is never far away.

“Am I perhaps ready for Double Pipe?”

“Hey Ellis, could you pick out one of those pipes for me? It turns out I don’t have one of my own.”

“You what?”

“Yes, she was truly blessed with unique powers…wait a minute, anyone can do those things!”

“Ah, sitting in the background and listening in on the plot- is there any finer use of my time?”

“I wonder, were the witches of HARD YURI corrupted by the Liangs of men?”

“Anyway, only try those advanced techniques I told you if you’re truly serious about BI.”

Oh god no- it took twenty-two episodes to get here, and now you’re suggesting going back?

“Nadie, did you find out about any good BI techniques?”

“I can’t wait for BI!”

“I feel like an idiot in this costume- and I still can’t cast Omega Star.”

“So much for all those Amigo Tacos employment promises.”

“El Cazador Card Battles!”

“It’s us…again.”

“Group Pleasure!”

“Would you like to join in?”

“Sorry, but I’ve decided not to sell my body anymore- Ellis is the only one for me.”

“Well, how about we catch this puma instead? Given the events of last episode, it should be right up your street.”

“Haven’t you heard of the feline mafia?”

“Oh great, I’ve woken up in the middle of nowhere again.”

“I really have to cut back on the alcohol.”

“It’s almost like the writers don’t even care anymore.”

“Even the fork was better.”

“Ellis, watch out! Dangerous barrel up ahead!”

“That’s a mean one, all right.”

“Oh wait, Lirio has already disarmed the barrel- stand down.”

(“I wonder if anyone can spot me behind this barrel?”)

“I found out the hard way that CAT isn’t for me.”

According to the rules of El Cazador: the RPG, Lirio’s attack doubles when Ricardo is downed.

Unfortunately, 2×0 is still 0.

“I may be useless, but at least I have main character power!”

“You’re nothing without me, Nadie!”

“Hmm, good point.”

“Activate weird camera controls!”

“Hey, what happened to the camera?”

“My internet may have been cut off, but I’ll just leech off someone else’s wireless connection!”

“Now to log onto cybersex- let’s see who’s online.”

“Oh, it’s just LA- he doesn’t even have a Liang.”

“Help me- a paw is reaching through a small hole!”

“Don’t worry, Nadie- I’ll protect you!”

“Man, do I feel useless…”

Poor cat, it never wanted to be part of El Cazador.

“Activate laser defence system!”

“Pleasure Field on!”

“What’s happening? I’m feeling strangely aroused!”

“The intense Pleasure Aura is ripping a hole in the fabric of the universe!”

“Take this- Pleasure Zap!”

“She will incinerate you with her new Pleasure powers!”

“This feels…so good…”

“Oh no, we ran out of time on this level of Utawarriors, and boulders have started to fall!”

“Did something just happen?”

“You fool- you just invoked Pleasure power strong enough to seriously injure your partner!”

“Rosenberg, why did you have to leave? Now I will never get any character development!”

“He was sick of waiting for the plot to advance.”

This is the only shot contained in the entire preview.

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  1. Runningkid says:

    “He was sick of waiting for the plot to advance.”

    good job he actually did something… since he’s been sitting there for fair a few episode >.

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