El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 23

Whilst LA must discover what sort of Pleasure is available to a man without a Liang, Nadie and Ellis face yet another threat to their relationship- for having exhausted the possibilities of HARD YURI with her nameless underlings, Blue-Eyes is ready for Ellis to show her the ropes of BI. Can their relationship weather yet another week of ups and downs?

L.A. is reduced to mere PILLAR.

“He told me it was normal not to have a Liang!”

“Why? Why is there nothing down there?”

“There must be ways even someone like me can have Pleasure!”

“Stop forcing me to have cyber-Pleasure with you, Rosenberg!”

“Was my Pleasure really intense enough to do this to Nadie?”

“You are most skilled at both HARD YURI and BI.”

“What’s this? The minute we leave the room, they start having Pleasure again?”

“…have more BI with you, Ellis?”

“Of course!”

“You know, Blue-Eyes, I never realised how attractive you were before- and as for those melons, well, compared to mine they’re damn impressive.”

“Stop, you’re embarrassing me!”

“And before you ask, these are my natural melons- no artificial enhancements.”

(“Yeah, right.”)

“Oh by the way, I have decided to turn BI as well.”

“And here I thought you were committed to HARD YURI.”

“I have tried all the HARD YURI techniques in an effort to revitalise my flagging love life.”

“But in the end, it just doesn’t excite me anymore.”

“Instead, I found myself increasingly impressed by the ways of BI.”

“I can no longer deny my need for BI.”

“…and I know that if I have BI with Ellis, I will revitalise my libido!”

“Blue-Eyes, I think you came on a little too strong.”

“She is not yet ready for the raunchy things I have in mind.”

“I know what you mean- I’m waiting for the day when she wants to become more ambitious in the bedroom.”

“I guess when you come down to it, we’re both attracted to Ellis.”

“…but we must leave it to her to decide who she wants to go out with.”

A new low is reached in the form of a random old generic talking about the weather.

“I am a registered exposition NPC!”

“Then can you help me? I’m worried that the intensity of my BI will damage my partners.”

“The only way to become a good Pleasure partner is to practise.”

A member of the production staff is carelessly caught on camera.

(“I hope no one spotted me running off with this stolen tablecloth.”

“Nadie, I see now that you are useless and that I might as well continue by myself.”

“You can’t do this to me- I’m in the OP!”

“She has clearly rejected you in favour of my charms.”

“I love her!”

“Up until now, I have always been single.”

“You, with your many lovers, must think that the single life is a blast.”

“…that you get so insanely jealous of couples!”

“I need a partner too!”

“Instead, we must interest them in a foursome.”

Ellis randomly runs into LA and decides she is ready for BI with him.

Let it never be said that tacos took a backseat in this production.

“Of course it is- it’s an Amigo Taco! Tacos, tacos, tacos….”

Amigo Tacos- for a taco you can rely on.

I know not everyone is comfortable with the telephone, but this is taking it a bit too far.

“He wants more phone sex!”

“Sorry, but I can’t possibly stay with someone who has telephone sex!”

“Even POLE is more acceptable!”

“Ellis, you’re mine- and don’t ever forget it!”

“I thought we discussed this- you’re useless!”

“I am not useless!”

“I know you’ve been thinking about BI and Liangs…”

“…but you are destined to be mine!”

“This Spidey-sense thing is overrated- I can’t seem to get it to work.”

“Oh, hello girls.”

“Using the magic of teleport, I have got here ahead of you.”

“Sorry, are you important to the series at all?”

“Sadly, I believe he is.”

“Director, the zoom function on the camera’s gone weird again.”

Next episode

Nadie puzzles over the purpose of a spoon.

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